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Stop! Oops! New videos on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays! There is that kind of child who just wants to use the toy because another child is already using it. [look envious] Let me play with this toy. I got here first Let me play now. Stop! It’s my turn Stop this! Now it’s my turn Stop I started to play now Let me play too You must wait your turn! I’m only going to use a little time. Let me play a little Types of child on the beach There is that kind of child who wants to play in the water even when it’s a cold day. Luiza, it’s too cold to stay on the beach today. Let’s go home for a bit. Luiza, the weather is cold! There is that kind of child who likes extreme and wild toys! She is a brave child who likes difficult toys. I’m brave! Let’s see! Wow, this swing is cool! I’ll walk on it standing up! Ah! very very very Very cool! There is that kind of child that is afraid of everything! Can I push you? You can push me, but do not push me too high, okay? Push just a little Do not push hard! Just a little OK? It’s getting too loud! It’s too high! Hey! This swing is very high! Stop! I’m going to fall to the ground! For the love of God! Ohh! Ehh I will fall! I’m going to call my mother! Stop! Stop! MOM! MOM! Stop this! haha [crying] Excuse me AH NOT! NOT! THERE I want to leave! There is that kind of child who wants to walk on toys where their age is not allowed! Even so, they risk and go. Nicole’s a type of these! Careful, Luiza Nicole, you’re too old to walk in this swing! There’s that kind of kid that’s showing off! Without both hands! This toy is harder than a mechanical bull! mom There Ohh Ahh Look how good I am at this. I walk without using my hands! Look I do so, look! Did you see? There is that kind of child that is big, but wants to play in the little ones’ toys. Look at the macaw! Hey, this toy is cool! Does the rubber pop? Uhuu You’re too big to jump there. Now it’s my turn! Ops There is that kind of child that goes to the bottom of the sea, even knowing that it is not allowed Luiza, we’re going to get into the sea, but it’s to stay in the shallow end. Luiza, it’s already deep down there. Come back! Come back here! There it is very deep! I like swimming in the background Now I’m going to show a clumsy child! Wow, this toy is cool! I’ll try to balance myself! People think I can not balance, but I can! ops I go again Ah There! I’m not going to ride this toy anymore! It’s the hardest thing in the world! I’ve already tried! But this is cool Oh, my finger! There is that kind of child who is afraid to go into the sea. Luiza, come and bathe in the sea with me. It’s good to get into the water. You do not need to be afraid. Come on! There! Luiza, come here! There is that kind of child who has the courage to ride zip-lines. Guys, I do not like ziplines. I can not even think about it. listen to me If I see a zipline, I faint! I do not like ziplines. I do not like ziplines at all! Is it because you’re afraid? yea I have the courage to go zip-lining So go! Another day I’ll go zip-lining If you want me to ride ziplines, put a red heart in the comments Who does not want you to go, put a heart … Puts a like if you do not want me to go I think that girl is going down now because she’s already tied. Dad, look how long the zip line is. I’m watching the zip line They wanted to go zip-lining together There is that kind of child who does not want to get dirty and lives by washing their hands in the sea. [sea noise] Oh no, I’ve been restrained again! I can not stand the dirt of this sand I had an idea I’ll wash my hands in the sea again [sound of the waves of the sea] I do not like the sand on the beach. The sand gets us dirty! there is that child who looks like an athlete! Very well! ops Now it’s my turn eats haha ha haha ha You’re jumping wrong. Your sneakers went off foot Nicole, it’s your turn. Nicole, skip polish Do it with your feet she still can not Try one more time Do it AH! There is that kind of child who likes to look for shells on the beach, but is afraid of crabs I really wanted to find a shell But I’m afraid the crab will nip my fingers But I’ll go look for them There! This is a shell. Hey! I found a little shell! There Wow Oh, a crab! I found a half of a shell Oh, that’s a crab leg! There is that kind of child who wants to buy everything that is for sale on the beach. Come here, Mother. Luiza, what happened? I wanted you to buy a board there! Come mom mom mom Did you see the price? It’s cheap. But do we already have so many planks in the house? I just want one more board, Mom. We already have four boards Let’s see something else. We’re not going to buy this time. Let’s play shell-hunting But, Mom … So, I’m going to want to buy a bucket of sand Look saw? It’s very cheap! It costs five reais But you want another bucket of sand? We brought four buckets to this beach. But I want I want to! Before I was on the beach, but now I’m in the park. So come on? Enjoy now to sign up for my channel and my sister Nicole! my sister Nicole Subscribe my channel!

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