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15 New iOS Games of March 2018 | Playscore

15 iOS Games have just received their PlayScores
this March 2018. Let’s check them out right now! InterPlanet A gorgeous strategy game from Thumbage, become
the commander of a fleet of space ships and lead them to interplanetary victory. Choose
between the two opposing factions, Anxos and Humans, and help them earn their place in
a battle for the galaxy. Whether its the Anxos fight for the galaxy’s future, or the human’s
struggle for survival–there lies a story waiting to be told. Playing like Clash of Clans in space, you’ll
have to defend, loot, upgrade your way to galactic supremacy. Take your pick from their
advanced battleships and pit them against space pirates. It’s a beautiful looking strategy
that’s packed with sleek visuals and compelling narratives. It has a Provisional PlayScore
of 5.76. HEIR OF LIGHT An established name in the world of mobile
gaming, Gamevil levels up their social RPG with one of their flashiest titles yet. Boasting
improved, PC-like visuals, it’s quite a leap from their past games and a testament to today’s
technology. Enter real haunted by darkness, and go on a mission to restore light and order
into the world. Play your role in the crusade as you dive into their universe of magic and
fantasy. Similar to their other social RPGs, team up
with friends and other players online and conquer the strange beasts that roam the land.
A visual treat, it receives a Provisional PlayScore of 7.04. Armello Announced back in 2012, Australian studio,
League of Geeks’ RPG strategy has finally hit the shelves. Already released on the PC
and consoles, Armello is making a storm in the mobile market. With an aim to bring tabletop
gaming into the digital sphere, dive into their fantasy world and meet its cast of anthropomorphic
animals. Play with up to three other players and watch
the boardgame come to life. Choose your own heroes, roll the dice, and explore the vast,
procedurally generated world. It’s a lovingly crafted RPG packed with moving soundtracks,
compelling turn-based battles, and a dynamic sandbox world to discover. It has a PlayScore
of 7.24. PUBG Mobile With another game beating them to the battle
royale market on the mobile, it was high time for PUBG to bring the big guns to the table.
An official title made especially for smartphones, it’s all of the PUBG goodness made portable
and free for everyone to play. Partnering up with TenCent games, you can now take their
signature 1v100 action wherever you go. Enter the sprawling multiplayer battlefield
and do what you can to survive it long enough to win ‘er that chicken dinner. A game of
strategy and cunning, gather as much resources as you can, and hope you outloot whoever you
crosses your path. Bringing you the full PUBG experience, it
has a PlayScore of 7.39. Read Only Memories: Type-M Though it took them a while to deliver on
their mobile game promise, this point and click adventure set in a dystopic future was
definitely worth the wait. Having seen releases on almost every other platform, Type-M will
let you play it on the go. Set in the same cyberpunk world of their 2064 title, take
on the shoes of a sapient machine and a struggling journalist as they get embroiled in the dark
underbelly of Neo San Francisco. See through the eyes of the unlikely duo and explore the
neon metropolis in point and click fashion. Heavily inspired by classic 90s tropes, it
captures the atmosphere of the era while delivering a compelling narrative rife with complex interactions
and multiple endings. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.53. The Sims™ Mobile Time to live digital life to the fullest and
create the idyllic Sim life with your new virtual family. As is usual with most Sim
titles, manage a household of quirky personalities, build them the perfect house, and embark on
slice-of-digital-life adventures around the colorful neighborhoods. Expanding the horizons of the mobile Sims
world, it’s now an experience built on stories and socialization. Players will be able to
shape their household’s lifestyles in terms of careers, relationships, and hobbies. While
it’s a bit more limiting for some, it’s a whole new world of connections and fun in
the world of Sims. It has a PlayScore of 7.89 Death Coming Adding even more to their body count, Next
Studio’s deadly puzzler is out to reap more souls on the iOS. Already gaining critical
acclaim on the PC, their pixel-fuelled puzzle game brought the fun to funeral like never
before. Not only does it boast impressive pixel artwork with every stage, but its unique
premise is one that you’ll enjoy for hours on end. Like a less gorey Final Destination
episode, wreak havoc in the world of the living as you work under the watchful eye of the
friendly Grim Reaper. Find the most interesting causes of death and watch out for those pesky
angels looking to spoil your fun. A great balance of cutesy graphics and macabre
themes, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.9. Reed ^_^ In a last ditch effort of a dying supercomputer,
he creates an adorable creature tasked to recover his cubes and save the world from
certain doom. A pixel art platformer from Crescent Moon games, you play as the tiny
Reed, roaming around 50 different levels in search of the world-saving cubes. While pixel
graphics are par for the course in today’s mobile, Reed offers more than just its good
looks. After showing you the ropes, it grows into a uniquely challenging platforming experience
that seamlessly flows with every level. If there’s one thing that’s not to like, it’s
that there’s not enough levels. Cute, and thoroughly addictive, it has a Provisional
PlayScore of 7.91. ChronoBlade Put your fighting gloves on for this epic
sidescrolling RPG brawler from nWay games. Packed with all out action, it’s a whole competitive
arena for you to show your skills. Take a pick from their four unique characters, and
use their punishing air and ground abilities to defeat your enemies. No room for mindless
hack and slash here. Master the art of combat as you dodge, block, and counter attacks. While there’s plenty of bosses to defeat,
the game also has a PvP mode that lets you fight against others players in real time.
Train your skills and timing and become the best fighter around. It has a Provisional
PlayScore of 8.03. The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands Another port from the PC. A game from the
indie studio, Xigma Games, it’s a minimalistic hybrid of simulation, strategy, and survival.
In it, you’re tasked to manage a small encampment in the wintry medieval land. Build new structures
to fortify your camp, protect them from the hostile creatures of the night, and explore
the world around. Created with minimalism in mind, Forsaken Lands has an almost zen-like
atmosphere. While a little slow for most, there’s plenty of surprises in between. A simple yet artistic title to sit back and
relax to, it has a PlayScore of 8.06. .projekt A casual puzzler to tickle your spatial reasoning
lobe. Following up on the success of Evo Explores, Kuzyk newest minimalist puzzle game takes
the genre to the next level. will test you in 3 dimensions. Testing you in three dimensions,
the goal is to match up your 3D masterpiece with each given 2D silhouettes. There’s 60
mind blowing levels to go through, all at your own pace. A casual game that opens your
imagination, it has a PlayScore of 8.39. Lichtspeer It’s no secret that we’ve loved everything
from Noodlecake Studios. This month, they’ve conquered both past and future with this throwing
simulator in an ancient germanic future. Packed with funky 80s aesthetics, take on the role
of an ancient champion as he roams around a colorful world filled with Penguin Vikings,
Wurst Zombies, and Hipster Ice Giants. Take off your lederhosens and embrace the strudel-flavored
future of Lichtspeer. It has a PlayScore of 8.53. Car vs Cops Not exactly Need for Speed, but one of Ketchapp’s
latest titles can definitely scratch that car chase itch. It turns the traditional highway
heists into an endless arcade racer. It comes complete with an infinite grid for infinite
possibilities and the blocky visuals that’s reminiscent of arcade era. Dive into action
with your chosen fugitive car, and watch the fireworks as cop cars, helicopters and tanks
dive in to bring you to justice. Spin around the endless expanse and gain points
with each cop car crash. It gets even more hectic with an increasing number of vehicles
in pursuit. Conquer a slew of challenges, collect daily rewards, and all while jamming
to game’s funky soundtrack. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.79 Will Hero A wacky action platformer that takes you up
on your knightly duties to save the land’s beautiful princess. Maneuver carefully around
a colorful world of squares, and avoid the many traps sprinkled within. Take up arms
against angry villains using bombs, throwing knives, axes and more. Collect their variety
of hats, and impress the princess with the best-looking helms. It’s an action filled
RPG platformer rolled into a finger-friendly title. Playable without internet connection,
it has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.8. Shadowgun Legends From the folks at Madfinger Games, Shadowgun
Legends is a sort of landmark for the genre. Not only does it have console-like graphics,
it also has a persistent world to explore. Combining coop, competitive multiplayer, and
exciting story campaigns–it’s the whole first-person shooter shebang rolled into one. Within its narrative-based campaigns, put
yourself in the shoes of the eponymous task force and rid the futuristic world of a deadly
alien threat. It’s not the most original storyline, but it packs a mean punch in terms of RPG
elements, customizations, and cool-looking bosses. One of today’s best mobile RPGs, it
has a PlayScore of 8.97

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