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124 Tsar Nuke Waterpark vs Minecraft 19K Subs Special Wack

19 Thousand Subscribers special Lord Vertice, could you flick the lever two
more times? No, no! I refuse to take part in this. It’s not safe! No go! I leave! I couldn’t care less. Chillax dude, this is completely safe. No go! You said you wanted a waterpark! Nobody likes to swim in a pool full of nukes! I have better things to do. It’s not safe. Dude be careful, don’t push those boats! I see it with my own red eyes. Noo go! Rodol Phito’s Wack Nukes. Special Edition. No go! You tricked me! You said we were going to a waterpark. What? You wanted a waterpark! Well, heres the waterpark! But what about the nukes?! The nukes are for the celebration! But we took every precaution. I redstoned all the command blocks, we tested
the boats, you found the right slope for the water slide, Yes, but this is a slippery slope… I built the slopes as narrow as possible to
cram lots of boats. You mean nukes. I used world edit mod. Did I mention that I’m very thirsty? Okay, Vertice, lets try this out. I’ll give you a push. Geronimo! Ouch, my head! Weee!!! All set. I’m ready. We’re live! Ready to go! 19K Subs Special Hi guys, I’m Rodol, the creator of Rival Rebels. We are now 19000 strong, thats WACK! That really keeps me going, making more videos,
updates, and the Dark Matter Drive, the new Rival Rebels game! Thank you! Wait, I forgot! So, as usual, we celebrate the new subscribers
with nukes! Lots of them! How many times again? Lord Vertice will flip the lever 4 times to
get 124 nukes. I forgot. I got distracted. Wait! Oh my. That was 5 times! Lag, dude! LAG! 155 nukes! Thats way too many! To get 124 nukes you need to flick the lever
4 times. Go! Drink Lord Vertice Lemonade! Cold as the nuclear winter… I’m very wealthy. Thank you for all the support, comments, and
subscriptions! See you next week, guys! Bye, Rodol out. I’m sooo Rich… We love making videos! Sub dude! Good bye, Toyguy out. Wait! This is not a nice summer day at the waterpark… Rival Rebels

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