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12 Min Beginner HIIT Workout without Equipment at Home – Easy Beginners Workout Routine Exercises

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and i’m claudia and this is a beginner workout for fat loss this is a great routine if you’re just
getting started on your fitness journey i’m gonna do beginner movements and
Claudia is going to do some of the ultra beginner movements so you decide along
the way which moves are right for you there’s no equipment required for this
workout but you’ll see i’m gonna use a couple of light
hand weights to add a little bit of resistance totally optional you could even grab
a couple of cans or your water bottles it works just the same on the only thing
that you’re gonna need for this workout is either a chair bench a couch something just that you can place your
hands on,you’ll see I’m using the bench but something in your living room will
probably work just the same alright so we’re gonna get this thing started
we’re gonna get a lot done in a short period of time yes let’s get it moving let’s go
i’m gonna start with a hot feet typewriter Claudia is just going to start with hot feet so throughout this workout you’re gonna choose
between the two of our movements which one is going to be right
for you i’m staying on the balls of my feet
bringing my knees up making light contact with the ground and I’m just stationary staying in one spot and as the name implies it’s hot feet,so
you’re moving your feet as fast as you can hot feet,hot feet either side to side
or just standing in place but either way making sure to breathe
along the way and again for this movement also
even I’m staying here I’m still on the balls of my feet
just like Coach Kozak so you’re trying your best to keep
those heels off of the ground yep good keep it up you guys almost there let’s go for 10 more seconds
on this one and five four three two one nice ok so next we have a push-up oops
don’t let that over ok next we have to have a push-up
variation I’m gonna do it from the bench
an inverter push up Claudia is just doing from her knees yes we’re going to push up+arm raised and then push up raise your opposite arm so push up coming down to both
elbows are at a 90-degree angle and then arm raised up overhead
and back down you’re keeping your core tight and
straight back flat no matter which one you choose today and you guys if the arm raised
from your knees is too difficult just stick with the regular push-up also true so how it would be the next
variation, would just be to do a traditional push up
and skip the arm raise today again really wanna encourage you
just to make this work out your own we’re not counting any reps
just getting as many in as we can in a lot of time period try to keep your shoulders Square
to the ground and we got five more
seconds on this one almost there,common fighting through
that burn guys and..3..2.. one and done okay,going back
to the lower body try not to knock this over again
well I’m gonna do a sumo deadlift touch the ground weight back on my hips,feet are wide
and reaching overhead for Claudia go ahead,i’m just gonna
do the posterior swing so she’s putting her weight back in her hips
swinging her arms between her legs and then reaching up,.this is not a squat
guys I’m just gonna show you what
I’m doing just breaking at the hips during the posterior swing coming
right back up on the balls of my feet so every time you’re reaching up or
coming up,using those calves to.. drive yourself up reach up
towards the sky reach up,good both of these movements are great for
your legs but especially for hamstrings your glutes posterior chain good you should definitely feel the
stretch back here in your hamstrings we gotta 10 more seconds on this one
come on guys fighting through keep moving don’t slow down we’re going hard and fast today so
don’t hold anything back give it everything you got and 3,2,1,0 okay good! next we’re moving on to a high plank row either from the knees or from uptop so I’m coming up into a high plank
on the balls of your feet and i’m going to pull back at my
elbow alternating rowing on each side,so pulling back from the elbow
keeping your core tight and as you’re rowing try your best to
keep your shoulders Square.. and parallel to the ground,so
you’re not twisting, twist but trying your best always the analogy coach Kozak uses
is pretending someone’s got a string.. on the back of your elbows just lifting it
up towards the sky you know and that’s really true anytime
you do any row or pull you’re not pulling back on the hand actually
pulling back on that elbow and that makes sure using the right muscle
groups while you’re pulling and rowing good breathe almost there let’s go ten more seconds
and this one everybody in it together let’s go come up and 5,4,3,2,1 and we’re up a little footwork drill next,I’m gonna go
into a lateral juke i’m placing my foot in the middle
my weight in my hips and and remember replacing that middle foot and I’m just doing a side to side step
and just using a little pump in my elbows so it’s great for a little bit of shoulder
you can really feel it especially from after all
those a planks and pushups and if you don’t want to do the little pump
maybe with you arms down by your side making your own everybody
making it your own here we go,going side to side
breathe keep your posture keep that core nice and tight
and your weight in your hips we don’t want your knees lock out
good you gotta come on let’s go Good job everybody
good job you got it not much left on this one let’s go ten
more seconds on this one get into the workouts try thinking about
what motivates you what brought you here today,focus on it get there let’s go four three two one zero good okay next we’re going to do a bench dip
with a couple different variations so if you have your chair or your couch
carry your bench box whatever using so,
so bringing your bench over with Our fingers facing forward and walk out into your knees or a 90
degree angle and the difference between in our two moves that both’re going to drop
down at our elbows but I’m gonna try my best not to use my legs and I’m going to use my legs as you see
i’m going to just push up the heel and just bring my hips up just a little bit
make sure not to hyperextend your back maybe give a little good glute squeeze
right at the top yes she’s really using her legs to
help her come up while i’m trying to take my legs out
of the movement so you can gauge how much legs help
if you will,you need on this one good you can keep your shoulders back and try to your best to get
those elbows at a 90-degree angle before they come back up
dropping straight down coming up good let’s go ten more seconds
on this one,i know arms are starting to burn i hope you’re feeling it too almost there and 321 nice alright let’s get this bench out of the way,next we
are moving onto and we got to a Lunge or Split Squat split squat,I’m gonna grab my little hand
weights for this one no weight for me feel free i’m going to a stationary
lunge+reach drop my back knee and front knee to a 90 degree angle and then I step out my other leg
and come up but Claudia isn’t going to do the foward
lunge she’s going to perform the same movement but for me split squat position so she just has a staggered stance and we’re
going to split half the time here so this is a 30-second so we’re going to
15 seconds on each side and we’re going to switch right now so reaching out pulling back try your best to drop both of those
knees down to a 90 if you can’t quite get there today and you know what about halfway to
90 that’s ok everybody has to start somewhere right on my new favorite lines is every winner
was once a beginner but it’s so true nobody starts at the top we all have to start down at the bottom
and earn our way up and that’s what you’re doing right now
every rep every step you’re earning your way there let’s go five more seconds
and 4,3,2,1 nice ok we’re going to head to the ground for
the next one Claudia is going to be on her knees
i will be up we’re going to a high plank fly..sorry
reach through+fly+elbow bent I’m in a high plank position
i’m reaching through on my body keep my elbow bent,squeeze in my back as
i fly with alternating left and right arms and as we did on the high plank row earlier we’re trying our best keep our
shoulders Square and upper body parallel to the ground,
good right-to-left,Core States tight
squeeze that back up at the top Good job guys push them through not a lot left you’re
making it through here one by one yep,every repetition you’re in that
much closer to not only being done today
but that much closer to accomplishing your goal,so all on these small steps
they’re going to add up that’s what’s going to be your payoff
that’s what’s going to get you that result no big steps all the littleones put together
right here,you got,keep it up keep it up let’s go 5,4,3.. 2,1 alright so we’re just going to turn over we’re actually staying on the ground for
the next one so we’re gonna do a combo
two moves at once we’re going to line our back,
hands overhead,leg are all straight we’re going to a knee raise+crunch together when your shoulder blades off
the ground,knees into your chest now I’m gonna keep my feet up and I’m gonna rest mine in between so hers is just a little easier so you’re able to rest your legs and
your arms in between reps while I’m going to keep mine up so I can
keep constant tension on my abs and this is just a crunch so just enough
to bring your shoulder blades off the ground yeah,so don’t feel obligated to do a full
sit-up just get the shoulder blades up off the ground knees nicely tucked and
your chest and breathe,do not hold your
breath on this movement you got it come on let’s go not much
left guys let’s go ten more seconds and this one,fight through that little burn you got it you’re better than that burn stronger than that burn 3210 nice okay we got one last one and it’s a
doozy I’m gonna warn you i’m gonna bring my bench over for
the next we’re going to do a modified Burpee So Claudia is here in front either way putting our hands on the bench i’m going to jump back and I’m going to
step back jump forward and then
i’m going to jump up so down,back,here,straight up
you decide of stepping back or jumping back is right for you and I’m reaching up towards the sky
I’m not jumping but if you feel like you want to go a
little in between and you want to add a little hop
go ahead and do so so like we’ve been saying all along important that you make this work out
your own,come on let’s go guys,this is it right here if you’ve been saving it now is the time to put it out there don’t save anything let’s go what do you got what do you got let’s go push it guys I want you to surprise yourself right now achieve more than you thought you were capable of achieving let’s go pick up the pace just a little bit this is it.let’s go for
5..4.. and done great work out there appreciate you guys sticking with it yes all the way to the end good job you like this workout make sure that you give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel you also want to kick up your support for hasfit little bit more we go ahead,
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you in your next workout

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  1. One more day of workout with you guys! Thanks and I have one question: If Im doning the 30 days abs packs, hero 90 days intesity and the warrior 90 workout u think that is so much for my body? I feel really good doing it, but I have no idea if maybe that will be bad for my training.

  2. Your comparison of easier-to-more difficult modes is really useful; I can choose the right one for me in each exercise. I'm overweigh and I used to just follow gym routines with assisted equipment so I have a decent strengh while using isolated muscles, but with your workouts I've found out that my equilibrium and motricity was AWFUL, so with these more complete programs I have noticed a massive enhancement in balance and movement control. Now I don't spend money on crowded gyms and I'm happier with results. You guys are pros, I love your enthusiasm. I always recommend your channel to my relatives who seek professional and convenient training. I'm sure some day you will reach tons of people. Keep up the good work, congrats!

  3. I never really post comments but i have to for this one. I've been following you guys since the beginning and HASfit is prolly one of the channel i always go back to when i feel like crap. When all of your videos mentioned "Beginner" they truly are for beginners. And that's what i like about HASfit, always true to your words. Videos from other channels with "Beginner" mentioned, are actually tough for me to do. So keep it up. Especially those words of encouragement in between sets of exercises. I'M GENUINELY SO PROUD OF WHERE U GUYS ARE AT!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow! I'm so glad I found your channel. I used to workout to P90x with my husband every morning before I got cancer 3 years ago. I'm cancer-free and I have tried to get back into working out several times but ended up injuring myself because my body is so beat up from the chemo and surgeries. I don't want to give up in trying to get into shape and these short easy workouts are great for someone like me who can only do short workouts. Thank you so much for creating these! You guys are awesome.

  5. I'm at the end of week 2 of my beginner training – though I used to be fitter in my 20's I've been sedentary for years (I'm 38). I really enjoy the hasfit workouts but this HIIT one was not my favorite. I preferred the weight training exercises more, which are longer and not easy but I get less out of breath. I heard from a friend who started lifting weights that aerobic exercises were less effective than weight training in terms of fitness and weight loss. Is this true? Anyhow, I'm sticking to the 30 day beginner training schedule. I already feel much better. Thanks for your program!

  6. great video,i am 35 lb over weight, age 54.question haven't done any exercise for the last 4 years.i did for 3 weeks your workout for older person the low impact workout.i enjoy it very much, feel much better. one question is it ok to start with this 3 times a week, thanks for your help.

  7. thanks hasfit,im trying to lose about 55lbs,im loving your workouts,not too hard,but i like kettlebells,your 30 minute kettlebell workout is a killer,haha.That one isn;t easy

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  9. Wow – thanks for putting this together. This is exactly what I needed. 237 lbs, 43 years old. Needed a beginner routine like this with just the right amount of butt kicking. Just did it for the first time…..something I am going to keep on using. Again, thanks HASfit!!!!

  10. I LOVE your videos! I work out quite frequently at home, but oftentimes spend forever trying to figure out what to do. So, I ended up wasting a ton of money on a personal trainer. I've done T25, P90X, and a lot of other workouts just to name a few. The majority of them I DREADED doing because it was just too much sometimes. But, your videos are JUST my speed. They NEVER fail to give me a great workout and you have videos of different lengths that help cater to my unpredictable schedule. PLEASE keep up the great work! Your videos are EXACTLY what I needed!

  11. Thank you so much for this! It's actually for REAL beginners, like me, who are in horrible shape. Other beginners workout are impossible and make me feel horrible about myself, but this one, I was able to go through. The modified (easier) version saved me, and I felt better about myself. Also the positive comments about how everyone started at the bottom really helped me to not be mad at myself for being so out of shape. So thank you, I'll be sure to follow your videos!

  12. Just recently started doing this back to back with the beginner strengh training, and lost 3lbs in two weeks doesnt seem alot but im 6ft3" and weigh 191lbs so trying to burn slowly, these are the only exercises where i'm feeling a burn and sweating, so great job.

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