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100% THRIFTED spring try-on haul! *floral warning*

– If you guys have been keeping
up with my channel recently then you will know that
I just purged my closet. I did a massive closet purge where I got rid of,
again, like additionally, more than once. Like half of my wardrobe. I’ve just been feeling really bogged down by all the items in my closet. I’ve held onto things for
sentimental reasons, whatever. You can see it in that video. I’ve been gettin’ rid of a lotta clothes. Donating stuff, selling stuff and with all of that, I have been wanting to make room for new,
amazing pieces in my wardrobe and as you guys know, I am always trying to be more sustainable in my fashion journey. I’m always trying to
reduce my carbon footprint and so I am actually working
with thredUP in today’s video to do a fun little spring try on haul. If you haven’t heard of them before, thredUP is the world’s
largest online consignment and thrift store with your
favorite brands up to 90% off. I use it all the time,
I absolutely love it. It’s really easy. It’s convenient, I can
just use it from my home. I literally don’t have to leave my house. Ideal situation. I love shopping second hand because you can give clothing new life and then you also don’t
have to spend as much money because shopping sustainably for those sustainable brands can be really, really expensive. thredUP has a customizable
shopping experience so it can make it really
easy and convenient as well. You can separate things by
different color, size, brand. The search tool is amazing
and what’s even better is thredUP is offering my
viewers a special discount so if you click the link in
the description box below and use the code CARRIE at checkout, you can get 30% off your first order and best of all they offer free shipping on qualified order and they
have easy returns as well. So, okay, here’s what
we’re here for right? I actually have quite a few
of these boxes right here. I had a lot of springy theme in mind when I was placing my
order for these items so we’re gonna see what they look like on. Without further ado, let’s open these up and see what the heck I ordered. So this first item I’ve
been really interested in kind of expanding my style a little bit and if you guys remember a few years ago, couple years ago, I used to
be really into dad shirts. I was obsessed with them and then I kind of like got over them and now recently I’ve
been getting back into it so I picked up this really, really soft kind of lineny material dad shirt from American Eagle. I ordered it in a size large and I thought this tucked into
some really cute mom jeans with a belt would be
such an adorable look. It’s really simple but
I’ve been trying to, if you guys have been
keeping up with my videos, build up my collection of like staples in my wardrobe because I am very drawn to accent pieces, funky colors, prints, things like that but I’ve
been trying to get a lot more of my stapes second hand
which can be hard to do so like every time I see one, I snag it. The estimated retail price
for this bad boy was $35. I got it for 19.99 so a
pretty significant discount and actually another
thing that I really love about this shirt that I wanted to mention is that, number one,
American Eagle’s quality is pretty hard to beat but also I love that on the sleeves of this
dad shirt, they roll up a bit and I just think it adds
a little extra something to the shirt. It doesn’t just seem like
you raided your dad’s closet and are wearing one of his tops and this one is really, really soft so I love this one. Next up this is probably. I think it definitely is my favorite item of the entire thing. I picked up this amazing
spring floral dress from American Eagle. As you guys know, American Eagle is one of my favorite brands in the entire world. And this one is brand new with tags so it’s never been worn before. It’s just so cute. I’m picturing this with
some kind of cute scrunchie in my hair or a headband
or something like that and then maybe some white sneakers. I just think this is such a look. Like, this is definitely
me in the springtime, this is my vibe. I just love it. I love the buttons down the front and it does have kind of one
of those like square necklines which are really, really popular right now so I’m very, very thrilled
to have found this. And like I mentioned, it
is brand new with tags so originally this dress was
49.95 and I got it for $24 and 70 cents so that’s over half off. And like going to a thrift
store and thrifting, if you dig, you can find really
amazing pieces like this. I mean, brand new like that’s crazy. I’m probably the most
excited about this one. It’s so good. I love the way it fits on me. I love how versatile it is so yeah, very excited about that one. Moving on. Feel like I picked out this next item because of a thrifting
video that I filmed recently where I tried on a black dress and I didn’t end up picking it up because I said that it
wasn’t really my style and I wasn’t really sure
if I was in love with it and then so many of you guys were like what are you talking about? That dress was so cute
on you, you’re crazy and so I was like, okay,
maybe be on the hunt for another one. I ended up finding this
one by the brand Tobi. If you guys remember them, I was obsessed with Tobi
back in like 2013-ish. And I didn’t even know
they carried an extra large but they do so I picked
up this little dress in an XL and it’s just kind of like a cute little off
the shoulder type of moment, like circle skater dress
I guess you could call it. Just very basic but something
that you can really dress up so like you can put a
little white belt over it and wear it with some white boots. So many different things
that you could do with this. It’s again a nice staple
to have in your wardrobe. It’s a nice stretchy
material which I love. Like, I love wearing a
dress that I can just, feel like I’m wearing leggings but like in clothing
form if that makes sense. You get what I’m saying though right? The estimated retail price
for this dress was $95 and are you ready for this? Like, seriously, brace yourselves. I got it for $21 and 60 cents. I genuinely don’t think
anything gets me more excited than saving money so the fact
that I saved so much on this is just very good my friends. Next up, we’ve got another blouse which I have sort of mentioned before but I’ve been trying to
pick up a few more blouses. Like I have a lot of tank tops like this and I have band tees
and a lot of tee shirts but I don’t have a lot of cute tops like flowy tops that
I can wear with jeans. And so I picked up this one which is also from American Eagle. It’s a size large. It’s just got the cutest
little tie in the front. I love, obviously, this
is my color palette, if you couldn’t tell. I love the flowy sleeves. I love the way it ties in the front. It’s just gonna be so
flattering and so beautiful. You can wear it with high waisted jeans. You could wear it with a maxi skirt. Like, there are lots of different ways to wear something like this and I’ve actually been
wanting one for a while because I’ve noticed that the
trend of wearing something that just ties in the middle like this has become really popular this year. The estimated retail price
for this one was $40. I picked it up for $16 and 90 cents. Like, you just really can’t
beat a deal like that. Even just with the denim shorts
that I’m wearing right now this would be such a cute summer look. You know, I used to
really fear tops like this because I thought that they would show the unflattering parts of my stomach or that I didn’t have the body type to wear something like this and now I’m like oh hell no. I’m gonna wear whatever I want, goodbye. I’m really, really excited to rock this in the spring and summer months and I know it might seem
crazy that I’m talking about spring clothing but
it’s legitimately 80 degrees in LA today so I mean. Spring is here whether we want it or not. Next up I decided to try something that you guys know I have a very much love-hate relationship with and that is white jeans. You guys, I am so desperate
to find a pair of white jeans that work so I was scouring thredUP to try and find the
perfect pair and I did find this pair from Old Navy. They are a mid rise. Who’s shocked, I know I am. Flare ankle style of white jeans and so I got really
excited when I saw these because they’re different
than any other jeans, obviously, that I have. But they’re also just not like a typical like I tried on some mom
jeans in a previous video and they just weren’t the one, you know? So I thought that these
would be really fun and also it says on here that they have a Stay-White Technology that helps repel stains and spills so that pants stay white
no matter how messy the day gets ’cause that’s always my fear. I’m a messy, messy, messy gal. I wear half of my meal on
my outfit at all times. I don’t know how I feel
about the mid rise, 100%. But I’m really trying
because so many of you guys are so sweet and are so complimentary when I wear mid rise jeans and you say they look really good so I’m givin’ ’em a whirl. And the estimated retail
price for these jeans was $35 which honestly it’s probably a lot more but I managed to get these
for $15 and 60 cents. I’m shook. So yeah will I end up being converted and be part of the white
jeans club, cult, if you will? I don’t know. Stay tuned, follow me on Instagram but I’m really, really
liking these so far. Next up we’ve got another really cute top from American Eagle. It’s one of my favorite brands
in the entire world obviously as we all know. And again as I mentioned,
I’ve been really looking for a lot more blouses. This one is like a super flowy one so you can get away with it in the summertime in LA. Especially like in the evening for like maybe a rooftop date. There’s this really amazing
rooftop movie club in LA that you can go to. They give you bean bags, headphones to listen to your movie. They play it on a projection screen. You can have like wine and snacks. It’s really ideal. So something like this would be perfect ’cause then I could just throw
like a leather jacket over it and be really cute but also really comfy. I love the little tie in the front. That’s one of my favorite details that could ever be on a shirt. Like, I just think it’s so
flattering and adorable. I got this in a size extra large so it would be a little
bit more loose and flowy. I can go back and forth in American Eagle between large and extra large in tops. The estimated retail
price for this was $40 and I got it for 13.60. So really, really good deal. And yeah, just a simple blouse
to have in your wardrobe. Can’t say enough good things about it. Moving on. This next one I picked out
because I miss Hawaii so much. I wanna go to Hawaii
so badly and now lately with all of the kind of
Coronavirus craziness, I don’t know if that’s
gonna happen any time soon but I will bring Hawaii
to me in the meantime and I picked up this dress
from Urban Outfitters. It’s this really gorgeous. I mean, it looks like I got it in Hawaii. And I thought it would be
so, so cute for summertime. So it’s a one shoulder. I’ve been loving the one
shoulder trend right now. In fact, I’ve never stopped
loving the one shoulder trend. Even back in like the early
2000s when I was in my prime, in case you were wondering, yes, I was in high school in the early 2000s and it was incredible. I loved a one shoulder moment. I still love it now. This one is also new with tags which is incredible and it’s this really
pretty like orange tone. I did order it in an extra large. I’m really curious to see how this is gonna fit
because Urban Outfitters is kind of sketchy with their sizing but it looks really, really cute and I just love how loose and flowy it is. It’s kind of asymmetrical
and it was originally, according to the tag, $79. Somebody bought this for 80 bucks. I got this for $11 and 20 cents. What? I got a new with tags dress for $11 and it was originally $80. Like I’m just done. Like, that’s it. And then last but not least, we do, speaking of the off the
shoulder or one shoulder thing. I wanted to finish it off with like a really cute
little spring flowy top, again, another one shoulder moment. This is in a size large. It’s from American Eagle. I thought this pink was so cute. It’s kind of floral but it’s
also kind of like leopard print but it’s definitely floral and I just love the flowyness of it. I think this with like
I have on right now, just some cute little denim shorts would be so adorable
or like a denim skirt. The estimated retail
price for this was $35. I got it for $15 and 20 cents. Really freaking screaming deal. Like, look how cute that shirt is. That is so cute with
what I have on right now like I’m ready to go. Put me out there, it’s
spring, let’s do this. And that’s everything I got. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. This little try on. I love doing these kind of throwback old school try on hauls. They’re just so much fun for me to do. I wanna say a big thank
you again to thredUP for sponsoring this video. Make sure you check out the link in the description box below and enter the coupon
code CARRIE at checkout to get 30% off your
first order from thredUP. If you have any input
on ideas around styling these pieces with other
things in my wardrobe or how you would wear them,
definitely let me know in the comments below. I actually love getting
input from you guys. You guys are great stylists, honestly. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and
turn on my post notifications so you can be notified every
time I post a new video. It really helps me out. I love you guys so, so much and I will see you in my next video, bye. (upbeat music)

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  10. yess one shoulder moments! I was in 8th grade in 2002 and got in trouble for "violating the dress code" by wearing a one shoulder shirt to school, even though I had a zip-up hoodie over it. it was hot pink and black striped. i was very punk rock.

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