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Kinds of children in the playground! Uhhh There’s that kind of girl who falls off the toy and does not cry! hi hi hi I’m clumsy Hehehe There are children who have a whole playground just for them! one, two and already [running panting] I’m going to ride that toy [sign up for our channel!] Uhhh There is that kind of child who invites her to walk on the toy, but then she regrets! Mother, look here! You should see this! look Let me see it, do it! OK [breath] Uhhh What speed! did you see? I’m running, I’m falling mom! MOM! mom Hope Nicole wants to come in There is always that child who asks his father to push the swing, but then he is afraid! Dad, push my toy! Is it to push it? yea I’m going to push too strong or weak? Strong! already Ah! For! mom… not! for! And that kind of grandmother who rises in the … it rises in the children’s toys … she shows how to play climb on this rope Mom, Grandma came along crossfit look How do you get off? I’m going down the slide there goes Grandma I go there in front Lulu Now it’s grandma who’s coming down. Mom, look at Grandma. wonder if I can make it? There’s that girl who’s showing off to her mother. and also for Grandma Look, Grandma! did you get it? It’s good to climb the rope. come up for you to see do not fall down Look, Mom. Here’s how I go fast! Ahhh Mom! mom I’m flying! haha ha mom! mom There is that child who calls his father to go on a gira-gira, but then the father … He falls! Come with me on this toy? it’s a child look mom I’m falling mom Help me, help me! Wait, Luiza! I’m falling! There is a child who goes to the playground, goes on all the toys, has a lot of fun, but … But when it’s time to leave, she says it’s still early and she has not joked at all! Luiza, it’s time to go. It’s Raining how boring Could not play anything clean the foot I was getting used to it we came back another day ah let’s go What kind of child are you in the park? Write below in comments! Leave yours liked it now! Sign up for the channel!

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