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10 Things A Mountain Biker Can’t Live Without | MTB Rider Essentials

(letters booming)
(mud swishing) – Welcome back you beautiful people, what is the most essential
things that us mountain bikers cannot live without? Well I’m here to show you which ones are. This is the first one. Whoa. Oh dear look at those sexy ass lines, man. Look at those disc brakes, dude. Crazy, dude! Right, this is an absolute obvious one, and it’s silly. But it is having a bike. If you don’t have a bike, you’re not called a mountain biker. Just like this guy, look at him. Look at him, silly! (man panting) He’s out of breath. Boring. All you need is to stick a
bike in between his legs. If you don’t have a bike, you’re not called a mountain biker. (man screaming) Or you’re not called a biker
at all. (brakes squealing) – [Camera Man] Do you call your bike sexy? – Yeah I do. (dramatic music) Mountain biking wouldn’t
be called mountain biking if it wasn’t for these
beautiful peaks right here. These are very small. But mountains, it’s a key essential thing
that I can’t live without, and I don’t think anyone
else could live without. It definitely wouldn’t
be called mountain biking if there wasn’t any mountains. It’ll just be called biking. Pump me up, dude! Air in my tires, look at that. It looks so damn sad. When you get yourself
a puncture, it’s sad. Treat your bike to some more air because it’s essential thing. You know, you don’t want to
be running on like five psi. I could breath! Unless you have a fat
bike, then you can. (men laughing) I am sticking with the biking
theme now inflated tires. Yes, we essentially do
need air in our tires. Now another one is brakes. Like yes, you could potentially
have brakes on your bike, but they couldn’t be working, so that’s not brakes. I can’t live without
having brakes on my bike. Not like these three idiots
in the woods with no brakes on their bike flying down
the hill and into a corner. Who wants to do that? Not me. Actually, that was me. We need brakes to go down the mountain. ‘Cause if we don’t, heavy consequences is going to be happening. (man screaming) Whoa dude. Hey do you follow @odubs23? (laughing) Oh man, this guy’s so crazy. Brendan is nuts. Sorry. Social media, yes basically I can’t
live without social media. Social media to me, I love it
because I got a lot of friends all around the world that I
like to keep in contact with to see what they’re doing. Plus I like to see all
that good technical stuff that mountain biking has to offer. What tech’s coming out,
different bike, new bike, what crazy jumps Sam Reynolds is hitting. Social media to me, I
can’t really live without, to a point. (upbeat music) This is a silly one we all know. But let me express this a little bit. Without mountain bike trails, out there for us to
ride our mountain bike, I guess we’d just be called roadies. (beeping) Because there’d just be
roads for us out there for us to ride our bikes on. – [Announcer] Abort, abort. – Roadies, without mountain bike trails, we aren’t called mountain bikers. We need to have mountain biking trails. Gravel roads potentially, no tarmac, gravel roads are okay. And then you get hittin’
the old trail, good! I cannot live without snacks, why? Because when I’m out on
the trail riding my bike for a few hours, I’m going to get a little bit parched. But snacks to me, I can’t live without. Sugary goodness, bars, liquid
based with a water bottle. I can’t live without my water bottle. It’s going to fuel my addiction
to stay out on the trail for a lot longer. This next one is a thing I
literally cannot live without on my bike, on my person,
or in my backpack. And it’s a multi-tool. A multi-tool to me is a life saver because if I don’t have this on the trail, and there’s always something
that’s going to feel a little bit weird on your bike. Be it if it’s your levers
or your cockpit setup or your bars are a bit
far back or far forward, or you just need to adjust
your grips a little bit. Anything, anything can
come loose on your bike. I can’t live without one
of these in my pocket. And I try to carry it everywhere I go. Oh yeah! I cannot live without my mates around me because if I was on my
own riding the trail, which sometimes is nice. I like to go out there sometimes
and explore a little bit on my own just to get away from stuff. But having my good friends around me, having my good friends with
me training down the trail is an essential thing that
I cannot live without. It brings memories. It brings fun times. It brings good times. I cannot live without it, and I’m guessing that you can’t either. (brakes squealing) (breathing) (dramatic music) Ah! Well, I’m sorry if you’re under the age, but mountain bikers, and
this is an essential one. I can’t live without after I ride is beer. I can’t live without beer. I like to get off my bike
after a hot day riding on the trail with my
friends on dusty trails with my tool in my pocket,
looking at social media, doing all that goodness,
climbing a mountain, doing all that great stuff,
and just drink a beer. I can’t live without beer. It’s that. Let us know in the comments
down below if you can’t live without beer after a ride. Just saying, it’s great.

Reader Comments

  1. The number one thing we can't live without is biking! If you’re stuck inside due to current events, stay safe and chat to other riders in the comments and our social media!

  2. I don’t have a multi tool
    I don’t have social media
    I don’t have trails
    I don’t have breaks
    I don’t drink beer
    Why? Because I ride BMX

  3. I live in the plains and ride trails… Does that mean I'm a plain trail rider, who loves 🍻 beer? Who doesn't love 🍻 beer?

  4. We aren't fueling ourselves for the day. The idea that we need peri-workout nutrition is ridiculous. Eat real food, not processed junk.

  5. Don't have mountains here in the Netherlands and neither did Seth in Florida. Doesn't stop you from riding hard. And I hate beer.

  6. Here in Wisconsin we don't have mountains… But climbing some of these hills can't imagine climbing something bigger.🙂

  7. When you hear a mountainbiker can’t live without mountains and you live in holland.

  8. You can tell gmbn is starting to run out of ideas. Top things a mountain biker can’t live without: a mountain bike

  9. I agree with all of these except for social media. I like your vids, but definitely don't need (or have) twitbook, instapost or nugs.

  10. You make the world a better place Blake, not just for Mountain Biking. Thank you for every video you do or are part of.

  11. One thing I can't live without is gmbn videos and mountain biking. Blake has to be the most optimistic person out there right now. Thanks for the good vibes… Can't wait to ride my bike again

  12. I was thinking you forgot beer but then yes!!!! After MTB beer is on a par with after concreting beer. Thanks for the laugh mate.

  13. Beer is not essential! What is essential is a proper high five after a nice descent. Or maybe a little slap on the bum XD

  14. I'm one sad, really sad mountain biker. I live in flatlands. Southern part of Slovakia, anything above 3m (10ft) is considered as a hill here. A have to travel 50km (30mi) to have some hills, even more if I want a single track. I'm a mountain biker since i was 15, now 43. I still have Zero mtb friends, riding the unpaved roads in the country in the last 20 years, alone. Who would buy a mountain bike here in the south? Only me. I like beer and I have a multitool, things are good then, i guess. 🙂 I want to believe there is somebody else like me, riding the flatlands, alone. 🙂

  15. Running down the trail 😂😂

    That fatty session with Martyn was great. Need to do another one of those. 🙂

  16. I can't live without mountains too, shame I live in the flatland of the NETHERLANDS aaaarghhh……..

  17. 1:15 is exactly why I like mountain biking! Nobody is worried of upsetting anyone! In typical mountain biking fashion, let's just stick someone in a wheelchair at the end of a wall and let's ride a bike on that wall full pelt towards that person in the wheelchair to see how far we can get without slamming on the brakes! Love it! Exactly why it's become habit to sit down and watch your videos after a long day at work. Keep it up guys!

  18. You saved the best till last…. 🍺🍺🍺🍺🤙🤙🤙 well played!!!!! Stay Safe Everyone 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  19. I had my mountain bike stolen early Feb, and I missed it so much

    Not even kidding, I was running on the trails, exactly as Blake was, just to get some trail time 🙁

  20. Can live without –

    Snacks (eat once a day or at worst a 4 hour window and no added sugar)
    Trails – ok, well not MTB specific but one can find many trails in the forest. They can be quite a tech challenge too, getting round and between rocks and trees.
    Mountains – as long as there are inclines one can get speed on and I am not on a road – I'm happy.
    Friends – riding friends, well fun sometimes but other times – I like to chill on the bike and not be social.
    Beer – After sugaring yourself up on snacks – you then want to dehydrate yourself on beer??? Where's my Vodka?

    Do need –
    Mountain Bike
    Somewhere off road
    Multi Tool
    Brakes or things break when you crash
    Helmet and at least knee pads.

  21. I dont agree with Number 2. I live in Florida a very very flat state and we make it work…. What we do is very much considered Mountain Biking! Love you anyway!

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