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  1. We love you Erin–your smile lights up the fashion web! Thanks for being such a good girlfriend, and thanks for talking about "the little white dress". Now I need one–I want to be fashion forward, too! …from Grandma Bunny in Phoenix–not the dumbest blond in Arizona.

  2. Erin, you always do a great job. Your content and messages are always inspiring and positive for women. Keep up the good work!!

  3. great video! inspired me to get out my white jeans again! I also picked up the Treasure and Bond wedges – in tan AND the python print! And got the Gibson ivory blazer as well–I find myself wearing blazers instead of cardigans—-I like the more structured look for the office. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  4. This was a great video with great tips! Several of the items are sold out or are available in only one size.

  5. Hi Erin, there's a great rust color trench at Target right now for only $50. It's lined and made well, runs a bit big.

  6. Your videos always brighten my day! This one has excellent tips, thank you. BTW, your hairstyle is very flattering!

  7. Great ideas – thank you! I try to avoid fast fashion trends, but you gave me great ideas for styling classic peices in fresh ways. You look beautiful in all those outfits!

  8. Hi gorgeous!!! Great looks and I love them all !! You wear them beautifully !!! Ooo those sneakers so cute !!!! Basics are good and yes with a twist !! TFS hugs

  9. Love your style, and I love Nordstrom, so you can imagine how happy this video makes me! I live in an area that is between 1.5 – 2.5 hrs (depending on traffic) from Chicago, which makes shopping for current styles difficult. Nordstrom online is my go to for options I cannot find locally, and their return process is so great, very easy and no hassles! 👏🏼👏🏼♥️

  10. Erin is the white blazer a true clean white. I once ordered a white boyfriend blazer you recommended only to return it because it was egg shell white not a true white. Any direction from you on this would be greatly appreciated. GREAT VIDEO!

  11. Love everything with white jeans but I need to get those black button jeans for sure!! You look spectacular in yellow! I will need to try all the yellow too.

  12. Love that white blazer … I ordered it! Perfect fit and SO comfortable. Spring & Summer is hot here but it's always cold in my office so it will be perfect for work! May I ask, should I snip the back pieces that are stitched together? I noticed you did not. I never know! LOL!

  13. Hi .love love love ur video.!!!💖💕😃..u gave me some great "fashion tips" for i just love "FASHION N ALL THE ACCESSORIES" to styling!!! N u looked so good in all of the outfits that u modeled! N ur hair is "ABSOLUTELY" "BEAUTIFUL."! I liked how u had ur hair "STYLED" 💖💖💖.i liked all the shoes handbags the hats n sunglasses n the necklace too.really nice mdse.u modeled!

  14. Can answer a QUESTION?….my mom your purse should match your shoes. I say it doesn't matter. Can you add light ?????

  15. Hello Erin! After watching your video, I realized all my ankle boots were dark brown or black and that that was probably the reason why I never wore them with my transitional spring pieces. So, I purchased a pair of light taupe booties and have already worn them with white jeans and a floral dress as you suggested. I loved both looks. Thank you for the inspiration! PS–I have the exact white knit jacket, it was made by Olivia Moon for Nordstrom. Even the lining is the same. I think they just changed the label.

  16. Hi Erin, question what are the jeans in the second look with the distressing high on the thigh, that you paired with the VB blazer??

  17. Useful video n u luk younger day by day erin.. God bless
    Btw how abt suggesting sm hair styles (spl if the hair r dry n lifeless) for petite boxy figures of your age group

  18. Thank You, beautiful ideas. All of us are not so perfect and slim however. I can't really do a tucked in waist. I'm not huge, but have that middle age belly. I need fashion ideas I can create and look great in.

  19. Love your style me videos! Especially love the packable knit hat you are wearing but what color is it? It looks like a neutral/stone. The only color Nordstrom's has online is a pale pink which I love but may not be as versatile? Your thoughts?

  20. BTW… how tall are you? I'm 5'4" with small shoulders and bust, long torso and average legs. Usually wear size 6-8 misses (petites are too short in arms and stride of pants.)

    Also, I'd love to see a bra & panty tutorial for us smaller breasted ladies who need a little push up. I usually wear bikini panties, but as my bottom is getting flatter, they tend to ride up/bunch on me. I'd love to find matching bras and panties in pale pink, nude, and black. I spent almost an hour at Soma choosing no line panties, only to find they didn't have push up bras to match. I left the store empty handed & frustrated. Any suggestions?

  21. That was a wonderful collection and great suggestions for updating our wardrobes.. I wear glasses and I am always on the lookout for stylish sunglasses that I can wear over my glasses.  Can you include pieces like this in your videos please.  Oh an I absolutely love that little woven hat.  One last thing because I wear glasses are their certain hats that I should stay away from?  Ps, I love the new haircut!

  22. That new Chloe handbag with your white dress is gorgeous!! 💝The white jeans and booties are beautiful!

  23. I LOVE your style and you are absolutely beautiful, but you are down to earth, a very unusual combination. The fashion sense you have is FANTASTIC and I want that leopard skirt. thanks for the tips…Much luv!

  24. I love each one of your ideas Erin. This leopard skirt is a must have for me with the sunglasses yo modeled

  25. Hey from North Carolina!! I am definitely "old school" and just can't get into liking jeans with the shredded holes through them and can never find them to be classy. To each his own, right? Love your videos…keep up the good work!!

  26. Thank-you for your time spent showing us great styles! You do a great job. And you have such a pleasant voice. Thank-you again.

  27. Beautiful. Love all of your outfit ideas. Thank you. I appreciate your generous kind charming friendly persona. Thank you.

  28. Love all the pieces. I love the white dress but can't see myself wearing it to work. That would be the day the printer toner needs to be changed or we go out for pizza.

  29. Petite size. In fashion and clothing, a petite size is a standard clothing size designed to fit women of shorter height than the average, typically 160 cm (5 ft 3 in).Petite size – Wikipedia

  30. So many great looks! Alot of what I would have liked to order is sold out, darnit. That'll teach me not to watch videos and shop immediately. Haha ugh! I hope Nordys restocks!!♥ ps. I am mother of the groom this July. I purchased a yellow Vince Camuto dress. Do you think yellow may be too distracting for a wedding?

  31. Hi Erin !! Your skin has a beautiful tan! I appreciate you so much. Can you do a video on decluttering a small closet while keeping the styled pieces? I have a really small clothes closet and it’s packed! Love you 💕

  32. This is one of the best style videos I’ve ever seen! This is exactly the wardrobe I’m trying to build. Thank you for sharing pieces that aren’t all colorful and unique, and therefore trendy and disposable.

  33. Your fashion sense is right on for someone like me – thank you for all your efforts. I'm over 65, but have recently dropped from size 30+ to a size 10 and really need advise on mid-life fashions. I never miss your web casts. Gayle from Georgian Bay, Canada.

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