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10 Most Haunted Waters of the World

Today’s video was requested by “Strong Boy”. If you have any other topics you’d like to
learn about, subscribe and let us know in the comments section below. Number 10: Devil’s Pool, Australia
The Devil’s Pool, a water formation at the top of Victoria Falls, is a gorgeous spot
to swim at the edge of a massive cascade. It’s also the place where more than 15 men
have perished over the past 60 years. Legend says all the deaths are the direct
consequence of a woman’s broken heart. Oolana was a beautiful woman married to a
tribe elder, who fell in love with a married man who convinced her to escape with him. They were captured, yet the lovers managed
to break free and threw themselves in the Devil’s Pool, where they’re thought to have
met a gruesome end after plummeting down the waterfall. Those visitors brave enough to swim close
to the edge claim they can hear Oolana’s screams, even after all these years. Number 9: Great Salt Lake, Utah
Many years ago, a man by the name of Jean Baptiste began robbing graves around Salt
Lake City, taking the clothes and jewelry of the dead. He was incredibly prolific, opening over 300
graves and turning public opinion against him. They wanted him hanged, but his crimes weren’t
terrible enough to merit this punishment. So justice got creative instead, forcing Jean
to carry his crimes on his forehead. He was marked with the words: “Branded For
Robbing The Dead.”, and his ears were cut off. To add insult to injury, Jean was taken to
an abandoned island in the Great Salt Lake and left there to die alone and miserable. His ghost is said to haunt the Lake, many
decades after his death; a constant reminder of his gruesome punishment. Number 8: Lake Ronkonkoma, New York
New York appears in our list, as well as a dangerous Lady of the Lake. This version, though, is far more deadly than
the Texas legend. Many centuries ago, in the 1600s, a Native
American princess by the name of Tuskawanta and a white man called Hugh Birdsall, fell
madly in love. Her father, though, didn’t approve of their
relationship and separated them for good. The lovers were kept apart by the length of
the Lake, and Tuskawanta tried sending messages to her lover by carving love letters on tree
barks and throwing them into the Lake. She hoped they’d reach Hugh, but she never
heard from him again. Heartbroken, she rowed to the middle of the
Ronkonkoma Lake and killed herself, swearing to drown a man every single year. Through the centuries, many men, women, and
even children have drowned in this ominous location. Visitors can’t swim in the Lake any longer
because of algae bloom, so it seems the Lady of the Lake will have to go without victims
for a while Number 7: Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia
Chuuk Lagoon was the site of a massive battlefield toward the end of World War II, between the
Japanese and American forces, in February 1944. Though it lasted as little as two days, the
Lagoon was still dubbed “the biggest graveyard of ships in the world.” It’s estimated that around 250 Japanese planes
and 50 ships were destroyed in this area, littering the Lagoon’s waters with corpses. For over two decades, this terrible spot was
mostly forgotten by everyone but the natives inhabiting the surroundings. It wasn’t until Jack Cousteau’s 1969 documentary
that people began visiting the Lagoon to scuba dive in its waters, retrieving bodies that
had been long since forgotten. It’s no wonder Chuuk Lagoon’s visitors report
countless sightings of ghosts over the years, given the number of soldiers who perished
in its dark waters. Quiz Question:
Before we move on, answer this quiz question. Why are ghosts most commonly detected at night? Is it because:
A. They’re easier cloaked by the darkness B. They can move around more freely when humans
are asleep C. It’s quieter & therefore easier to scare
people D. Fewer electronic devices are in use Number 6: Okiku’s Well, Japan
Okiku’s well is hidden inside a massive, ancient castle in Japan’s city of Himeji. It’s considered one of the Land of the Rising
Sun’s most haunted bodies of water, even if it’s nowhere near as big as a river or even
a pond. Legend says a young servant girl’s beauty
caught the eye of a samurai, who happened to be married. Not wanting to become his mistress, she refused
his advances. The samurai was furious about the rejection
and threw her into the well, killing her horribly in the process. The girl’s ghost remained on earth, wanting
to take revenge on the cruel samurai. She haunted him every single night until he
went mad with fear. This legend loosely inspired the popular horror
film Ringu, which in turn was remade as the American movie The Ring. You’ll probably never see a well the same
way again. Number 5: Saco River, Maine
Maine is the home state of renowned horror novelist Stephen King, so it’s no wonder it’s
also home to one of the world’s most haunted rivers. The cursing of these waters dates back to
1675 when three white men abandoned their ship and boarded a small rowing boat. Being drunk and foolish, or perhaps even plain
cruel, they noticed a native American woman with her baby son riding a canoe. They stole the baby from his mother’s arms
and threw it in the water, believing he’d be able to swim. Though the woman jumped into the river to
save her son, the baby ended up dying a week later as a consequence of the sailor’s horrible
actions. The dead boy’s father, chief of the local
tribe, cursed the river in retaliation, beaconing water spirits to steal the lives of three
white men every year. Number 4: White Rock Lake, Texas
The White Rock Lake became a tourist attraction back in 1911, an idyllic location for people
to hike, enjoy a picnic by the water, go fishing, or even host an event in the park surrounding
it. Though it’s a beautiful place, visitors should
be cautious not to run into the Lady of the Lake. She’s said to be a young woman who was either
involved in a fatal accident, a murder victim, or who took her own life. The Lady sometimes appears clad in a nightgown,
though she’s also been seen wearing a wedding dress. She always asks for a ride near the White
Rock Lake, soaking wet and looking sad and desperate. This ghost sobs silently during the ride,
usually sitting on the backseat of those foolish enough to offer her a ride. By the time the driver arrives at the destination
she asked to be taken to, the young woman is nowhere to be seen, having disappeared
into thin air. So far, it seems the Lady isn’t dangerous,
just plain creepy… but would you really want to risk it? Number 3: Blackwater River, Florida
Florida might be the sunshine state, but there’s nothing bright and shiny about the Blackwater
River. Even its name’s ominous! Residents in the area warn visitors to think
twice before dipping into its dark waters. They’ve regularly noticed a pale woman with
long black hair lurking around the riverside. The woman smells of rotting flesh and will
try to drown unsuspecting victims, dragging them toward the depths of the river with evil
intentions. Locals have tried to explain the reason behind
this ghost’s cruel ways. Apparently, the state park the river runs
through was the location of a brutal ritual, which resulted in the death of a young woman
dressed in a white gown. If you ever choose to visit the Blackwater
River and notice a pale-looking young lady clad all in white, don’t get in the water
or look her in the eyes. Just run the other way, and you should be
safe. So why are ghosts most commonly detected at
night? If you guessed D, you’re right! Since fewer electronic devices are in use
in the middle of the night, it’s easier for EMF meters to pick up on fluctuations in electromagnetic
fields. Number 2: Queen Mary Hotel’s Swimming Pool,
California Once an ocean liner, it was transformed into
a hotel back in the 60s, the Queen Mary might be among the most haunted inns in America. Its First Class Swimming Pool may very well
be completely ghosted-infected. It’s said that two women drowned in the pool
while the ship was still sailing across the North Atlantic between 1930 and 1960. Most guests seem to agree there are a couple
of frequent spirits roaming the poolside: An older woman and a kid named Jackie. Jackie loves to play hide and seek with the
guests, but only at night. Some people even claim they’ve noticed wet
footprints appearing out of nowhere at the edge of the pool! Number 1: Hessian Lake, New York It’s no wonder Hessian Lake is thought to
be haunted. It might look like a beautiful body of water
resting at the base of a grand mountain, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye. During the revolutionary war, this was the
site of a great battle, where British and German armies joined efforts to defeat the
American revolutionaries. Hessian was the name given to the soldiers
who aided the British forces in their war against the new nation. Over 250 Hessians died during this battle,
and their bloody bodies rolled onto the lake, tainting its water red. This led the area to be dubbed the “Bloody
Lake.” Another curious detail about the Hessian Lake
is that it’s located not far from the town of Sleepy Hollow, where the author Washington
Irving wrote the horror story centered around Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. People who frequent the lake claim they’ve
often seen Hessian soldiers walking around the shore in the dead of night, sometimes
missing several limbs and staring at them with glowing red eyes. Thanks for watching! Would you rather encounter a ghost while canoeing
in the middle of a lake at night or wake up next to a tarantula crawling on your bed?

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