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10 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout for Home FAST, FUN & NO Equipment

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ (Bob claps)
– You don’t have to– – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – Okay, we’re the most
famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob. – Today again, we are joined by Jordan; I don’t remember her last name. – Tredinnick. – Tredinnick. – Yes. – We’ll have to figure that
out, how that’s spelled, but she again is adding
some youth to our channel. She’s a nutritional health coach, certified personal trainer, and a fitness professional and a lot better looking
than we are, right Bob? – Yeah, this is a big
plus for our channel. All right, so today we’re demonstrate, along with Liz, our camera woman, a 10 minute high intensity
interval training cardio workout for home; it’s fast, it’s fun, there’s no equipment. So let’s get started.
– Wow, Bob. Excellent!
– Oh wait, if you’re new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on stay
healthy fit, pay free and we upload every day. We don’t know what we’re giving away. We’re always giving away something away on social media. Go to our and go to the giveaway section, it’ll have it there or go to the top of Facebook,
it’s pinned there always. – Yeah, I like that.
– All right (claps), let’s go to work! – [Brad] (laughs) What do
you mean, “let’s go to work,” they’re going to work, Bob. – [Bob] Yeah, they’re going to work, we’re just gonna make comments about– – All right, we’ve got
eight exercises today, we’re not repeating. We’re going through 40 seconds of work, 20 seconds rest. That’s it.
– [Brad] We agree. – You tell us when to go. – [Brad] Total length of time is– – It’ll be eight minutes. – [Brad] Eight minutes on the head. Are you ready? – Warm up first. – Oh, we need to warm up. I forgot, yeah, let’s warm up. – [Bob] Oh, they’ve warmed
up already, that’s why– – All right, we’re gonna
do a squat to a hip opener, so feet are hip distance
apart on these squats. Whoops, you have to balance too. – [Brad] So you’re making
a circle with your knee– – Yes, up and out to the side. – [Brad] Oh there you go, sure. – [Bob] As you can see, these
are good full body warm ups. – [Brad] Right. – [Bob] You get all the muscles engaged and you’re starting to get
that heart moving a little bit. – All right, we’re gonna take
those feet a little wider now, a little bit wider than hip distance, we’re gonna go into side lunges. – Good, and you can’t
see it from this angle, but their maintaining
really good back posture, which we really appreciate as therapists. – There you go.
(Bob and Brad mumble) – [Bob] Yeah, it’s good
functional training for the back, actually. – All right, next we’re gonna
do a little run in place and we’re gonna add some
big arm circles forward. – [Bob] Again, you’re getting full body, the heart is starting to pump. – It is.
– [Brad] Work the legs out. I like the circle, you really think about squeezing the shoulder
blades behind your back. – Especially when we’re
in reverse, let’s reverse. – [Bob] We should get Alex out here. – [Brad] Yeah, we should
get Alex out here. – [Bob] Alex is Liz’s husband (laughs). – Let’s add some arm
crosses out in front of you. – [Bob] I don’t see him
lasting five minutes. – (laughs) Probably not. – I get the run to timer by the way, while they’re warming up
I still have that duty. – [Bob] Brad, get out of there! – Are you ready to go?
– Yeah. – You could do a longer warm
up, but I think we’re good. – [Bob] Yeah, you guys are warmed up. – Yes, so– – [Brad] Remember about the breathing, I always like to recommend that. – In through the nose,
out through the mouth. – [Brad] Right, in five,
four, three, two, go! – Squat down, jump up, reach for the sky, we want to think about nice,
soft landing on the toes; toe to heel landing. If this gets to be too intense
and you lose your form, you can squat to a calf raise, still getting that motion, taking the impact out of it. – [Brad] Right, sure, that’s a good idea. – But Liz doesn’t need to do that. – [Brad] I would probably
be doing that by now. 15 seconds to go. – [Bob] At my age, I’d have trouble even getting even a slide of piece of paper
underneath me right now. (everyone laughs) – [Brad] Well Bob, you’d be putting your
hands through the ceiling. (everyone laughs)
– [Bob] That’s true. – [Brad] Three, two, one, and
rest period for 20 seconds. – All right, next up, we’re gonna go jumping jack. You’ll jump down, plank jack, jump back up; we’re gonna keep repeating that. – [Brad] You’ve got eight more seconds. – [Bob] Jordan really
doesn’t get any rest, ’cause she had to demonstrate that. (Liz and Brad laugh)
– No, I don’t (laughs). – [Brad] As an instructor,
you stop talking and– – I am. – [Brad] All right we gotta go. – [Bob] Sorry, go work.
– That I am. I’m used to hiding how tired I really am. – [Bob] (laughs) That is a talent, though. You gotta be in double extra
shape to talk and work out. 23 seconds to go ladies, nice work. You know, I used to teach spinning classes on a bike, the talk through those. But it really keeps you motivated when you’ve got 20 people
looking at you and you’re saying, “I better act like I’m
not tired” (laughs). Eight seconds to go! – [Bob] Well even karate, Brad, right? When you talk– – [Brad] Oh yeah. Of course then I wasn’t participating as I was talking a lot more then. Time! You knew that was time
without even looking. – I did. I could sense it. Next up, we’re gonna go mountain climbers. – [Brad] So this is rest,
she’s demonstrating. – You can either run, or
you can step for the motion. – [Bob] That’ll get your heart rate up. – [Brad] Yeah, these are great
upper body, lower body, core, that puts it all together. – [Bob] Try to keep your back straight. – [Brad] Time! – We want shoulders over the wrists. – [Bob] Excellent. – [Brad] You keep your elbows locked, it looks like it helps there. – You don’t want to hyper
extend, in my opinion at least. You want just like, maybe a tiny little soft bend. – [Bob] She’s absolutely right and this is correct in
saying a lot of women have hyper extension in their elbow and some men do too. So you don’t want to be
– Slowing down? – [Bob] Stressing those joints. – [Brad] 10 more seconds
to go ladies, looking good. – [Brad] You’ll have
to remember we just did a video right before this, so these ladies are
doing double time today. And time! Rest, rest, rest.
– All right (mumbles). – [Brad] Take a deep breath.
(Bob mumbles) – [Bob] Brad, they did
a video before this one. – [Brad] Well we watched them. – [Bob] Yeah, I know (laughs). – We’ve got high knees next, pretty self explanatory. We’re just running in place– – [Brad] Like marching? – Yes, with impact though. – [Bob] But running.
– Running. – [Brad] Three, two, one.
– [Bob] And we’re off. – Getting arms involved too, yes. You wouldn’t have to run
with this one either. You take the impact out.
(Bob and Brad mumble) – [Brad] If you’re starting
out and it’s too much, do that modified as needed to
your body and your ability. – Core engaged on this one. – [Brad] Core engaged here, so you tighten up the belly button. Stomach muscles, I meant to say (laughs). – Yes (laughs). – [Brad] Well you never know. – [Bob] Abdominal, core. – [Brad] 13 to go! This is a good time to think
about that breathing, relax. – [Bob] Well done!
– [Brad] Excellent job. Arms are moving, two, one, and rest. 20 seconds rest. – Four exercises left, halfway. – [Brad] Halfway! – So skaters, you’re gonna go ahead
and step to the side. Now, if flexibility allows you to, you can certainly touch the ground; otherwise, staying up nice and tall. Either way, yep. – [Bob] Keeping the back
straight, that looks good. – [Brad] Time! – You want me to face this way too? – [Bob] Yeah, that’s good. – [Brad] This is kind
of like a dance move, I like this. – Good for coordination.
– [Brad] Yep. And balance. – Yes. – [Bob] Liz, you need
to straighten your back a little more (laughs). – [Brad] Now Jordan, do you
ever coordinate your breathing with the movement or do you just kinda– – I do, yes. – [Brad] Bob and I were talking about the other day when we’ll walk or run if you’ll coordinate breathing. – Yes. – [Brad] Okay, so Liz is
gonna show us from the– – [Bob] A frontal view. – [Brad] A different view, yep. the frontal plane; sagittal plane, I guess, maybe. – [Brad] There you go. Time! And let’s rest. Take a deep breath, slow it down. – This next one’s kinda
hard, in my opinion anyways. – [Bob] Oh my gosh, they
wanna hard up to this one? – All right, right side only, first you’re gonna step
back, reverse lunge. Hop up, so we get a little balance again. – [Bob] A little
plyometric kind of a deal. – [Brad] Two, one, go! – [Bob] You’re just doing
one leg to start off with– – Just one leg, we’re
staying on the right side for the full 40 seconds, then we will switch. – [Bob] To the left side, okay. – You can take that hop
out as well at any point. (heavy breathing) – [Bob] Bring in the fans. – [Brad] These are great exercises
for the leg, hip balance, I mean it really includes everything. 17 seconds to go! (heavy breathing) – [Brad] Keep breathing, if you breathe it’s gonna help you balance focus point, pick out one spot to look at. – [Bob] The calories are burning off. – Yes they are.
– [Brad] Five seconds to go. Three, two, and ding.
(timer dings) – Oh yeah. – [Brad] I like the dinger on it, it reminds me of boxing, you know. – It’s just an interval training app, real easy, free app on your phone. – [Brad] Oh, wonderful. – Yep, now we’re gonna go left side. – [Brad] Is this the last one? – No, we have burpees at the end. – [Brad] Oh, burpees at the end. (Bob laughs)
– Three, two, one, let’s go ladies! (heavy breathing) – [Brad] Nice job. – [Bob] So you know, people watching this, give us your comments
below (drowned out by Brad) tell us what you think, you know (laughs). – [Brad] And you know, you can always use the pause button if you
get tired, you rest up, then get back into it. That’s the beauty of YouTube. – [Bob] Now, uh oh. We got a distraction,
(Brad mumbles) Liz’s husband’s coming in. – [Brad] He should be
working with patients, get back to work.
– [Bob] Yeah that’s right, go back to work. – [Brad] (laughs) 10
seconds to go, nice work! (Liz and Jordan laugh) Focus now. Visual, pick out one point to look at, breathe and everything else will follow. Time! (Jordan exhales heavily) Nice job!
– One more to go. – [Bob] If you’re new to this, you can do it for a shorter
period and take a longer rest. – Yes. – [Brad] Use that pause button. – [Bob] Well, don’t even
use the pause, just stop. And then wait until the next exercise. – 20 on, then take the 20 second rest, equal work to rest ratio.
– [Brad] Two, one, go! – All right, burpees.
– [Brad] Last one. – [Bob] These are hard, if you ask me. – [Brad] I really like
working with a timer, because it forces you to stay on track. And if you need the rest time, you can just rest like we mentioned until the next bell goes off. – [Bob] If you ever want time
to last a long time, (laughs). – You can always step through these too, I forgot to mention that. – [Brad] Oh, there you go, good. – It’s better to move than
to completely stop, right? – [Brad] Especially at the
end of the workout like this, when you may be fatigued and you wanna get through
it without stopping. – Yes. – [Brad] Six seconds to go, nice job. Two, one, ding.
(timer dings) Excellent!
– [Bob] All right, Liz! (Brad claps) (high five slaps)
– You know this one? Then you come back this way, yeah! – [Bob] By the way, if
you get the chance to, you wanna check out Liz’s channel. She does a channel with her husband, it’s the Family Product channel. – No, put it down. – [Bob] They have a very nice family, check them out; they’re funny and they go over products that could help you with
your family life stuff. – [Brad] All right,
thanks again Jordan, Liz. Nice work. – [Bob] All right, go cool off, we’ll talk to you later.
(Brad laughs) (end jingle)

Reader Comments

  1. it would be helpful in the future to show what not to do – specially for form and posture. People tend to copy gross movements without regard for improper form that can be injurious.

  2. That was great (and it would absolutely kill me!). This is NOT to be done without asking one's doctor unless you know you are in great shape and health, in my own opinion, of course!

  3. OMG! These girls are like an elastic ! Brad, you are going to kill these two gorgeous girls. Stop! With your 3 2 1 and go! 22222 11111 GO and 17 mn. And take a big breath…Guys, thank you for this wonderful video! Thank you, girls !🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. Cardio vids may be my least favorite but it does round out the repertoire you offer–rehab, stretching, strengthening, and the occasional cardio vid. Not to mention vids that relate to mental health in certain capacities. Bob & Brad cover it all! 😎

  5. Cool, add jumping rope for 30 seconds in between each exercise and you’ll have an even better hiit workout. Good Video

  6. Does anyone else want to see a movie where Bob and Brad solve mysteries and fight crime while fixing peoples' aches and pains? I know I do. Best intro on the internet.

  7. I do not think that osteoarthritic knees could do that routine. Is there a routine to get the heart rate up and protect the joints besides swimming and bicycling? Thank you!

  8. Bob and Brad, I am 17 years old and after spending the weekend painting a shed with a roller paint brush. My lower back has started getting this sharp pain in in whenever I sit down or lay on my stomach.

    I'm thinking that it is the Thoracolumbar Fascia that is stressed and in pain. What are you're suggestions on what I can do to relieve the pain that I am having? Thanks.

  9. Hey thanks!! i totally got one of those smiles that hurt. i am a 59 year old out of shape woman. these beautiful women has just motivated me to commit at lease one week to doing this (modified of course) but hey good posture and ill atlease be moving THANKS!!!

  10. Are squats done this way people? And in front of 2 physiotherapists who call themselves THE MOST FAMOUS PHYSIOTHERAPISTS ON INTERNET ??? LOL

  11. Burpees – Back Breakers..But none of the physiotherapists here told people the dangers of burpees for low back…The sad reality is people trust these physiotherapists(Bob and Bred) but sometimes by following these videos you can actually hurt yourself…And when these physiotherapists look at the comment like this, instead of fixing this issue, they don't care.

  12. Nice workout! I would be careful with feet placement…not turned in or out, so the exercise gets the right muscles to fire.

  13. Wow, Great exercising! I need to modify and do less and less time. My balance is questionable just to walk.

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