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10 Minute Cardio Workout at Home for Women & Men – Workouts to Lose Belly Fat (and all other fat!)

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  1. You're always showing me something new in just about every workout 🙂 thanks again for another great workout coach!

  2. Hi
    I have a question I really want to lose weight and have this perfect body I always wanted but recently I've Been seeing a lot of pictures and videos that show the lose skin you get after a weight loss and I'm really scared to have lose skin after I lose all my weight, can you give me tips or how to avoid them through out the weight loss journey???

  3. I'm enjoying a nice rest now in front of the computer after finishing this workout; thanks again! I am curious now though as to whether it is a male vs. female thing due to our differences in anatomy, or is it just me – I could keep my legs up on the hollow body whatevers, but I could not quite straighten them without it hurting my lower back. So I had to keep a little bend in my knees – sort of in between you two – but I could feel it working my abs, which is the whole point.

  4. thank you for posting new stuff – it's always more entertaining to perform them. do you suggest doing only separately posted workouts or mix them ( I'm doing 90d hero for the 3d time with more weight)?

  5. Loved it! Thank you for theses shorter workouts that I can link together for more if I want to!
    I'd like to know what you and Claudia think about a high fat/low(er) carb–ketogenic eating style. 👍🏽😊☝🏾️

  6. I found your work out routines on YouTube a couple of weeks ago and I already can see incredible results. Thanks so much coach Kozak and Claudia for changing my life

  7. You guys are THE BEST!!! thank you so much for these workouts. I can see my body getting transformed bit by bit, workout after workout xxx

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