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1.5 ton water cannon! Throwing GFRIEND into water! [Battle Trip / 2017.08.18]

(What does their second water park look like?) – Is it the second water park? / – Where is it? Yes, it was our second destination. It looks so beautiful. We took a lot of photos there. Water park above the ocean. This place has a healing effect. It looks quiet. This is the place we’ve been waiting for. – Those who like the ocean… / – Exactly. – Would love this place. / – It’s definitely a must-see. – Shall we go in? / – Let’s go. – It’s in a resort. / – Is it a resort? It’s a resort. They have a new type of waterslide here. – What is it? / – 1.5 tons of water used each time? What? You fly into the air. – It’s silver? / – What is that? What is that? Why don’t we first ride it and then introduce it to people? – Okay. / – This place is fun. (The new ride is on one side of the water park) So this is that place where people upload on SNS. So you’re shot into the air. – Yes. / – Simply put… – It’s like a powerful bidet. / – A bidet. – Bang. / – So you go flying. You disappear for a moment. You’ll fly farther if you’re light. (Checking out the ride) Can we survive here? – You fall into a 3m pool. / – Can you see it outside? – Yes. You can see. / – That made it scarier. Can we survive here? They’ll come and rescue us, right? The lifeguards… I don’t know how to swim. A lifeguard is always on standby. It’s amazing that you can see the pool from outside. We came here to introduce this place to everyone. – Here I go. / – See you soon. What do I do? – Do I get rescued right away? / – Yes. She’s afraid of the water. – Can’t you swim? / – It’s scary. No, I can’t swim. – I really want to ride it. / – It’s 3m deep. – It looks so much fun. / – Wow. – Here we go. / – Okay. 3. 2. 1. Fire! (Have you seen SinB?) (Astonished) – Unbelievable. / – Incredible. No way. Fire! (SinB disappears with the enormous amount of water) That looks so much fun. You fall in the water. – I can’t believe it. / – It’s incredible. The water pushes you from behind, right? Exactly. It’s awesome. I can’t see her. (Splash) She went right to the bottom of that 3m pool. I’ve never seen anything like this before. – Is she crying? / – Rather than fun… I think it is quite new. I think it’ll be fun. – What should we do? / – It’s scarier than I thought. It was too fast. I’m shocked. It happened too fast. Everyone… You drink so much water from this. My nose hurts. I recommend this to those who have stuffy noses. My nose got unclogged. I can’t wait to see Yuju. Eunbi. The water pressure is much stronger than I thought. Is it thrilling while you’re flying? I didn’t have time to realize that I’m flying. I just disappeared. You can’t tell when you’re in the air and in water. You looked like a fairy when you fell into the pool. It’d be fun to take pictures from the outside. Wait. Wait. Yuju looks terrified. (Umji can’t laugh comfortably at the moment) There she goes. Here we go. 3, 2, 1. Fire! Fire! She’s tall so it took more time for her to fly. – Your back must feel good. / – Oh, no. It’s like a massage. I drank too much water. Seaweed hair. – Umji is scared of this. / – It suddenly looks scary. Are you ready? Here we go. 3, 2, 1. Fire! (The members are more shocked than Umji) (Fly like the butterflies, Umji goes flying) Umji looks cool. – She can swim. / – She came out by swimming. (They come to watch Umji) We should’ve taken a picture. They photoshopped it. It looks like an aquarium. It happened in a flash. That was fascinating. – I think this is fun. / – Yes. – Because… / – But you should not be afraid. If you can swim, you will be able to… – Enjoy it more. / – You’re right. This is something really new. Usually, you fall down from a high slope. – But you are pushed in this one. / – Right. They’re able to fly like that because they’re slim. – I don’t think I’ll be able to fly. / – Sure, you will. – Will I? / – 3, 2, 1. Kim Sook. Fire! Huh? Why am I still here? (You can’t miss the wave pool in a water park) It’s a water mushroom. 1, 2, 3. (Umji trips and falls) They must not be thirsty because they keep drinking. Right. We drank a lot of water. They’re having fun. It’s just fun to play in the water with your friends. The water park is not that crowded. Wow, seriously… It looks terrifying. It’s almost like jumping from above. The ride that’s 72 degrees? – What is it? / – The ride that’s 72 degrees. That’s awful. Goodness. – I remember it. / – 72 degrees is practically… – I can’t ride that. / – Wouldn’t you float? Check out the speed. It looks so terrifying. Even though it’s 72 degrees… It’ll feel like 90 degrees. – Like a straight drop. / – Straight down. – The speed is… / – It’s the steepest angle. Let’s do it while smiling, not frowning. I’m not sure if we can do it though. Eunkwang should have ridden it. That would’ve been a sight. Please sit down. Cross your arms and legs. It’s scary because there is no safety gear at all. I’m surprised that SinB is quite brave. – SinB isn’t afraid of rides. / – Please. Here we go. – Just like that… / – She’s gone. She’s gone. – She disappeared. / – That’d be so scary. It’s virtually like falling straight down. It’s like you’re falling straight down. (After one scream) (It’s over) When you look at it like this, it doesn’t look that scary. – It took 3 seconds. / – When you fall… Oh, my God. How was it? She couldn’t answer at all. Like a zombie. What are they doing? They’re cute. Umji, when you go down, show me if it’s okay or not. Are you ready? – Here we go. / – Okay. (Screaming) It’s so fast. It ends instantly. Goodness, goodness. So cute. I can hear a puppy somewhere. So cute. Because of the angle, your upper body floats in the air. – When you fall down? / – Yes. – She looks cute. / – I couldn’t open my eyes. You should get out of the way now. – She is scared. / – Umji shows it’s okay. She says it’s okay. – It ends in an instant. / – Right. – Unfold your legs and cross them. / – I’m scared. – It ends sooner than I thought. / – Yes. It’s too short. Why doesn’t she come down? Is she singing a song or something? I was so scared. – I’ll shout now. / – Okay. – Push me after I shout. / – Okay. (She asks some questions too) – There are people like that. / – You should just push. She’s there for too long. – I’m ready. / – Go? GFRIEND is the best! GFRIEND is the best! Here we go now. She came down smoothly. – They’re working so hard. / – If you ride that… – It’d blow away the heat. / – She came down smoothly. I think her face is funnier than Eunkwang. That face… That was funny. Yuju, it ended in an instant, didn’t it? I almost died. How did you feel while falling? It felt like I was falling while standing. – It was okay, wasn’t it? / – Yes, it was. – It wasn’t bad, right? / – Yes. There is something new over there too. You can enjoy the pool while watching the sea. That sounds romantic. – That looks wonderful. / – That place is… – It’s in the resort. / – I like that pool the best. – What is that? / – The pool looks fun enough. You can see the ocean. The Yeosu sky is different to Gyeongsang-do. You can drink it like this. It’s following me. Yuju, that’s cool… It’s fine. Us together… It looks like this spot is linked to the sea. Really. You need to take pictures and post it on social media. Of course. This is perfect for social media. It feels good without doing anything. – You’re right. / – You’re right. (The most memorable slide is?) To tell you the truth, the most fun for me was the water coaster. It didn’t end so fast so I knew what was going on. The Direct Slide and the Cannonball were so quick. Unless you ride it like 3 times, you won’t feel anything. It was fun because they all had distinct features. The most memorable one was the Direct Slide. I was really scared before I dropped down. But the moment I said what I wanted, I wasn’t afraid. That feeling was meaningful for me. – I really want to ride that. / – That’s moving. The Cannonball was the most memorable for me. Even though I can’t swim, it was the most thrilling for me. I really want to try the Cannonball. Was that more thrilling to you than the Direct Slide? – It was for me. / – The Direct Slide ended too soon. The boundary between ground and water disappeared. – You’re right. / – That was interesting for me. I’m sorry for BTOB… – But this is more fun. / – Water parks are the best. They really packed in the fun. It does look really fun. GFRIEND’s LOL Park Tour! LOL! (In a few minutes, Battle Trip’s legend comes back) (Tremendous popularity) (Lipstick Prince, Seo Eunkwang) (This time, he tries out water sports) (Water-ski) That looks fun. That’s right. You can’t smell chlorine there. – That’s it. / – You want to experience the nature. That really looks fun. – There’s such a place? / – We’re anxious. – Anxious… / – Lipstick again? Can’t leave it out. The water parks are all basically new. – That’s right. / – People only know about Yongin. – That’s right. / – In Gyeongsangnam-do… People might not know about them but the facilities were excellent. – There’s one in Gimhae and Yeosu. / – In Yeosu. They did a good job at finding hidden attractions. – We didn’t know about these places. / – That’s right. If you go with children, they have to take naps. – Resorts are good for that. / – That’s right. There are also a lot of good places to eat. – That’s right. Try out new things. / – Yeosu is great. I’m most curious about the Cannonball. The Cannonball is about experiencing a new world… – Rather than enjoying it. / – It’s an experience. – That’s perfect. / – That’s a good thing. Is it like a giant throwing you? – 1.5 tons of water… / – It feels like a giant bidet. If it’s a bidet, what would that make you? I’m sorry, but a bidet? Does it feel like it’s washing your back? – Kind of. / – Like this… Stop talking about bidets. – The steepest slide… / – 72 degrees. – The Direct Slide, was it? / – Yes. I think that’d be so much fun. – I like rides like that. / – Men like those. – That’s right. / – I like it because it ends… In 3 seconds and the slope is so steep. It was the most thrilling. I think it would feel like this. Families need a pool for the children. – It’s perfectly set up. / – Is it? – Yes. / – It’s a must for families. – They have everything. / – Do they? It’s paradise for us then. – You can go. / – Take Seoeon and Seojun. – I need to go. / – Yes. It’s time to vote. Will you go on the trip planned by LOL Park Tour? Please vote. (A water park trip planned by LOL Park Tour) (What will the judges choose?)

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  1. i was watching soko in slum drunk so stopped to see gfriend here, ended finding soko here too, btob (cause they're follow me always) and found out that the men with glasses is father of seoeon and seojun😮 they are all everywhere

  2. I actually went down one (green slide) just yesterday at six flags hurricane Harbor TWICE and it wasn’t scary at all loll the life guard kind of gve me a look bc i must hve been crazy to go on it twice but i wanted to go on it third time but the GODDAMN stairs tho ( most stairs ive climbed in my entire 19 years ) except i had to go down myself the life guard didnt push me or anything


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  5. just asking, but why is it only these three members not the whole group? Where r the others? Not that am complaining tho😂

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  11. I tried that 72 degrees slide and your butt hurts so much. The water is so strong it will pull your shirt up if you're wearing shorts and a shirt.

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