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We’re trying to see if we can fit this in the car! Oh my goodness! It’s not going to fit! The tail is sticking out! How are we going to do that? So we can’t bring it…. Cause we’re going to put three kids in the back plus you and me…. I don’t know how we’re going to get there…. Everyone it is We are The Davises! We are the Davises! Her and I and a couple of those guys over there! Plus one…..We have a guest today! Everybody’s hanging out on a trampoline! You can see we have Tyler, Kayla and and Kendall all playing! Couldn’t ask for a better day! It is just perfect blue skies and they have everything! You guys have any games that you’ve played out there? We played! Play tag! Just kidding! Pre-tag….. Bar-tour? Bounce balance! Have you played bounce tours? No, no! And whoever stop bouncing first loses! Get to touch each other! Good! That seems like marching! (Chuckles) Marching! That’s what they called it when we were kids! I know! You guys have ever heard of that term? It’s something that they use to do at concerts. We don’t know if they still do because we haven’t been to one in quite a while….. All the concerts we go to now they make you sit down in a chair…..Like they never did that…. (Chuckles) And yeah we sit in rockers, rockers! Right yeah we go in rockers…..And we listen to music with a horn…..eerh….eerh ….what are you singing eerh…eerh! But anyways my thing is where they get in a pit and everybody starts bouncing off each other…It’s like oh! Oh! Oh! And yeah! It’s like crazy….So that’s a bit ….That’s what these guys look like now! I keep losing! So do you guys want to go to the water park and get some dinner? Yeah! Alright good! It’s unanimous! We’re going to the water park and we’re gonna go get some food ! Oh! Let’s go! Oh my goodness! I don’t know if it’s going to fit there! Look how big that is! Why didn’t they come with legs so we could just ride it there! (Chuckles) I don’t know let’s see….. We’re trying to see if we can fit this in the car Oh my goodness! It’s not going to fit…… (Chuckles) The tail is sticking out! How are we going to do that? Tell them that we can’t bring it…. Cause we’re going to put three kids in the back plus you and me…. I don’t know how we’re gonna get there…… Let’s see……. I wonder if we turned it around…….I don’t know…… That’s funny! Hey it’s going to fit I think! Yeah but none of the kids are! Let’s see…..Oh they’ll be fine! This is perfect! Okay perfect! We did it! The question of the day is… is the pool area gonna let us bring it in because it’s so big and they’re really strict here you guys…. I don’t know I think they’re gonna probably tell us no way! Probably they’ll go what! Ah! Really! What! Yeah I’ll distract them and then you run! Yeah I’ll just run and jump in there! What are you going to do? Alright so everybody’s in the car……. Do you smell something funny? Smells like…….Yeah……Like unicorn something…..(Chuckles) It smells like unicorn butt! (Chuckles) Oh wow! (Chuckles) So we’ve got Tyler here! Surp! Kaila! And Kendall squished all the way round here Come around here. Hello…..Here’s Kendall….Okay so here we go!! Fingers crossed everyone that they’re going to let us bring it in……I’ve a feeling they’re gonna say no way Jose but we’ll see….. I want to see them try to stop me! (Chuckles) Hey! Here we go! Hello! How are you? Good…. How are you? Yeah ….As far as the big float….. Yes…… just make sure it’s not near anyone else….. Or better if it’s crowded don’t put it in there then Yeah if it becomes an issue don’t put it in there……Thank you so much…… Alright…. I think we’re just trying to get a picture with it….Okay….Thank you! Alright! They’re letting us bring it in! We gets to bring it in!!! He just say if anybody gets in the way we just push them out of the way right? Yeah and he said if people are in the way just get rid of them…. Right that… that’s what I heard…. As long as we don’t bother anybody with it I guess we’re cool….So we’ve just got to be respectful of other people space! Yes! There’s nobody here so the important pool is all for us! Yeah! We taking the lazy river? No! Yeah! Let’s step it in the lazy river yeah! So that we can step into that too for a swim…. Yeah sure! Tyler! Tyler! Tyler did it! Tyler! Got whistle blowing… You’re gonna kick yourself….. you’re gonna say no way! But we’ve got permission.. Yeah….. We’ve got permission….. Uh-oh! yeah! Alright! We’ve already fallen off…. We’re breaking all the rules!! Song: Lightning strikes by my window…..It is my chest dried in the morning like a warning …..Could’ve slept here for days….. I felt your heart beat…. felt your mouth real but it’s not real!! Oh close to see the sun But clouds got in the way!! No floats allowed…… Alright…… What you said? No floats allowed! Okay…..They didn’t say that up at the front….. We can’t play on it! Do you guys want to order dinner? Yes! Okay let’s get to a snack bar…. Song: We’re close to see the sun but clouds got in our way and so living in a So it’s dinner time……..So we’ve got our pizza over here……We’re just going over to the over to the cabanas to have our dinner ….The pools closing so we’re just going to eat some pizza…..And then when we’re done with that we’ll go back home and do some trampoline fun and who knows what!! Trampoline fun yay! I’m too big for the trampoline now……all I can do is watch….. (Chuckles) Yeah daddy’s too big…. Yeah I wasn’t big enough to build it….. I wasn’t too big to build it but I’m too big to play on it……What’s the……what are you gonna do? I don’t know…. That’s the best beach pizza I’ve ever seen….. I want that piece! Excuse me……excuse me! Yes…… Can I have a donut? No you’ve to go to the front door…… (Chuckles) Where you gonna go? No drop this right down…… (Chuckles) Oh no! Hello….(Door Knocks) Hello…… I need a donut….. Okay here……. That is a leaf! I want a donut! No donut! Okay fine you can have a bigger donut! A bigger leaf! Two leaves! Alright leaf donut! Oh I lost it! Okay thank you… thank you …… And you’ve got to climb up the step! I basically get…… You need to give us money….. I asked for a donut and I get nothing….. But you need to give us money…… Okay……right here money, money, money…. Oh but that’s the donut…… No that’s the money! No it’s the donut! That’s the money! (Chuckles) Hey….hey! I’m here now! We’re losing lights so we’re heading home….. I’ve got a dead unicorn in my hand Oh! He deflated him! Yes sadly….. How did you guys end up with blue lips? We had a sour pop…. Sour pops? Nice! And luckily…… I have the tools to bring him back to life if we ever need to…. But right now I’m just going to leave him dead….Yeah…. Unicorn for another day!
It’s time to go home…..Let’s go! What are we doing Kaila? We’re going to go get movie snacks! Yummy! Yes! It’s movie time at home! My feet really hurt! So we’re going into Publix and the kids are gonna pick out yummy treats and we’re gonna bring them home….. and they could go kick it on the couch! Yummy! So we can each pick a treat and share it? Sure! Yes! So we can pick out one candy! Use the chip first! Yes! Alright so it sounds like we’re going to go down to chip aisle here….Okay so you guys lead the way Everyone’s picked out their yummy- nummies and we are heading out! We’re back home! And the kids…..You guys try and see them! It’s too dark! It’s a PJ trampoline party so the kids are jumping on this trampoline! It’s making me bounce around here and they’re doing it in the dark! In our PJ’s…..In your PJ’s on the trampoline in the dark…… Well at least there’s nettings so I don’t have to worry about them falling out ….But we did want to say goodnight to you guys so they can keep playing…..Yeah so we hope you guys enjoyed this vlog…….Tyler keep……okay so we hope you guys enjoyed this vlog…..Like, subscribe….. share it with your friends and family. And until next time. Bye!!

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