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(upbeat music) – Good morning. It’s bright out here,
especially if you just woke up. And we brought our morning snuggles out onto this like balcony
place, it’s gorgeous out. Say good morning, Say good morning, say
I’m gonna eat you guys. (baby sneezes) Oh, sneezes. (upbeat music) There’s yogurt and granola and fruit. Over here, they have french toast, and waffles and pancakes, and blueberries and whipped cream. All right, you gonna get some eggs? Good job, Elise. – [Jeremy] Isn’t that adorable? – Yeah. – Caleb served himself his breakfast. (upbeat music) We’re packed up and
checking out out of our room and headed to the water park for the day. – Okay, come on. – So we decided to pay for a
dining plan while we’re here so that we don’t have to
leave the place at all, and we can just get what we need, and it comes with unlimited beverages, which our kids never get. – Soda comes with it. – [Jeremy] What kind
are you gonna get first? – I want root beer. – Root beer. – Root beer coming up. Here it comes. – What? – [Kendra] That’s probably good, Dad. – [Jeremy] You want root beer too? – [Isaac] I’d like root beer too. – [Kendra] These machines are cool. That’s perfect. (upbeat music) Okay, guys, what do you think? – Yummy. – [Kendra] What’d you get? – I went with strawberry. – [Kendra] Strawberry Fanta. – This was my dream destination. – [Kendra] Why, because
you get unlimited soda? – Yeah. – [Kendra] So really, honestly, this man is happier than all of them. – That’s true. – [Kendra] This makes
it a vacation for him. – [Jeremy] And what kind will Mom go with? – I honestly just really like water. – [Jeremy] There you go. – Janae wants a drink. How’s your baby? – Good, she’s crying right now. – [Kendra] Oh, she’s crying right now? – I’m burping my baby. – [Kendra] Oh, do you have a good baby? – Mmm-hmm, she sleeps in at night. – [Kendra] That is amazing. – Sometimes she cries on her naps. – [Kendra] Aw, that’s so sad. Do you take care of her? – Yes, but she likes when I tickle her. – [Photographer] Smile, one, two, three. – Hi. She’s so happy. (upbeat music) – Yee. (upbeat music) It’s a girl, Mom. – [Jeremy] Do you guys wanna go swimming? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jeremy] Say bye to your new friend. – Bye, see you later. – Look. (upbeat music) – Can we go in, Dad? Can we go in there? (upbeat music) (screaming) (upbeat music) (screaming) (screaming) (upbeat music) – She’s liking the water. (upbeat music) So we come to this amazing
place, and all Laura wants to do is just swim in the pool. (upbeat music) (yelling) (upbeat music) Here you go. What do you say? – Thank you. (upbeat music) – We’re having a bunch of
appetizers by the pool, and the kids claim to not be hungry. I think they’re just playing so hard. Or maybe the kids aren’t hungry because they’ve been drinking their
yummy drinks this whole time. I think they’re filling up on Icees. This unlimited drinks thing
is like a new thing for us. Elise actually told me, she’s like, Mom, I think I wanna just
drink some water now. It’s funny how when you
have too much of something you don’t want it anymore. (upbeat music) (nursery music) – She’s tired. (upbeat music) (laughing) (upbeat music) (laughing) (upbeat music) (dramatic music) – Here we go. Woo-hoo-hoo. Yeah. Woo. All right, we’re gonna go
down the green slide together. – Yeah, I’m excited. – Woo-hoo-hoo, yeah, bud. Oh yeah. Woo-hoo. Whoa. (upbeat music) (screaming) – [Kendra] We successfully tired them out. You getting tired, buddy? – No. – [Kendra] Say goodbye,
we’re heading home. – [Laura] He loves hugs and high-fives. – High fives. (gentle music) – We are watching a
video on the drive home, not because it’s a really long drive home, but because we do not want Caleb and Laura to fall asleep in the car right now. It’s almost bedtime,
and if they fall asleep before we get home, then they’ll
fall asleep before dinner. They might stay up forever tonight, so we’re trying to keep them awake. Parenting tip, don’t let
kids take naps at dinnertime. Well we made it home
right before a storm hit, and now we’re gonna sit
down and eat our dinner. All right, little Miss
Janae is going to join us at the table for the first time. – [Jeremy] She’s so big. – We want you to be with us. (gentle music) Miss Janae. There you go, you can play while we eat. Hi. – [Laura] Good night, J House out. – We have been busy all day getting ready because we are going on
our last summer adventure. So the house is picked
up, the kids are ready, but they don’t know what we’re going to. Are your suitcases packed?

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