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šŸ’§WATER PARK AdventurešŸ’¦

– [Elise] This is amazing! – [Jeremy] Do you like it? – [Elise] Yeah. – Here we go! – Woo Hoo! (upbeat dance music) (water splashing) (squealing) (warpy atmospheric music) – Okay, okay, bye. – [Jeremy] What was your
phone call about, buddy? – Me and Sabra. – [Jeremy] You were calling Sabra? – Uh-huh. – Cool. Is this the girl that you
asked to marry you at school? – She said yes. – [Jeremy] Okay. – Dad, not without me! – [Jeremy] You want to come? – I jumped off from the top of that. – [Jeremy] So Caleb, are you going to take the sunglasses off, once you’re inside? – No. – [Jeremy] Just keep ’em on? – Just keep ’em on. – [Jeremy] Alright. So we’re randomly having a cold day today. So we got the jackets on. ♫ C-C-C-C-C-Cold, brrrr. ♫ I wish I had a fur. ♫ I with I was a bear
with furry furry hair. ♫ Because it’s cold ♫ Fur, I wish I had fur ♫ I wish I was a bear
with furry furry hair – Just a classic Barney song. Alright, I’m trying to get
Caleb to finish his cookie before he gets in the car. – Laura gave me hers. – Oh, is that what happened? Poll question, do you eat in your car? Or is that one of the
rules in your family, that you can’t eat, let
us know in the poll. – While Jeremy’s running
errands with the little kids today, I’ve got the big kids
here getting school work done. Elise is getting ready for her very first ever spelling test. How are you feeling? – Kinda scared. – [Kendra] You nervous? – Yeah. I’m kinda nervous that I
won’t get anything right. – [Kendra] Spelling tests are hard. And you’ve got some
big words on your test. And Isaac’s working on math. (piano music) – Nice. Could I have two small unicorn drinks. – {Barista] Unfortunately,
the unicorn has disappeared. We are out for ever. – It’s gone forever? – [Barista] Forever and ever,
the unicorn is discontinued. – Well apparently we missed the
unicorn drink at Starbuck’s. I’m okay with that. (slowed down) It’s gone for ever? Question for you, and you can just let us know in the comments. When there’s a fad that
comes along, do you normally want to try it? Are you curious and interested? Or are you kind of gonna just avoid it because it’s a fad. Like, everyone’s doing this,
so I’m not gonna do it. Did you try the unicorn
drink from Starbuck’s? Let us know in the poll. We missed out. That’s okay. (slowed down) It’s gone forever? – [Kendra] Alright, now’s the real deal. Elise, number seven is hundred. (time-ticking music) What would you do if you had
a hundred dollars, hundred. You have great handwriting. Opposite. Talk and short are opposites. Opposite. That was your first test, how did it go? – Good. – [Kendra] Do you want
to hear how you did? – Yeah. – [Kendra] You got nine out of 10 correct. You only missed one, good job. – Which one was it? – [Kendra] Which one? You missed number six. I’m so proud of Elise. It’s really fun to see the kids studying and working hard and
learning so much at school. I really enjoy teaching them. I didn’t think I was going
to homeschool my kids, when I grew up. Like I didn’t ever plan on doing that. But I absolutely love it. Laura, what are we making for lunch? – Waffles. – [Kendra] Waffles, what kind of waffles? – I don’t know. Can you tell me it? – [Kendra] We’re gonna make egg waffles. – Egg waffles. – [Kendra] I saw it on
Instagram somewhere, and anyway, it looked healthy and fun. So I wanted to try it. So I mixed up some eggs and spinach and there’s a little
bit of turkey and cheese and red pepper, and salt
and pepper in there. So now we’re going to put it in here. – Why do we put it in there now? – [Kendra] Because that’s
where we’re going to cook it. – Why? – [Kendra] It’s going
to turn into a waffle. – [Laura] Don’t burn yourself, Mom. – [Kendra] I’ll be super careful. Alright, let’s see what this does. – Let’s check. – [Kendra] We can’t check it
yet, we just put it in there. Should we check it? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Alright. What do you think? – They’re almost done. – [Kendra] Does it look like waffles? – [Laura] It’s almost done. – [Kendra] I think it
needs a little bit more. Alright, so it’s done. I’m just gonna flip it
over and pull it out. (lively music) (machine groaning) It kinda sounds like it’s gonna explode. Should I be scared right now? What do you guys think of that sound? – I think it’s gonna fart. – [Kendra] It’s gonna fart. – Did the other ones do that? – [Kendra] A little
bit, but not that much. That one must be extra loaded. – [Isaac] I’m about to take my first bite. – [Kendra] What do you think? – This is good. – I’m surprised you
took your sunglasses off for eating lunch. There we go. – [Kendra] So what did you think of it? – You can tell that it’s healthier. Like it’s not cooked
with a bunch of butter and fried goodness. But I liked it. It was really good. Salsa on it was a good flavor for it. So Laura’s telling stories over here. – When I was a mom, I baked olives, cheese baker. – [Jeremy] Back when you were a mom? – Then my brother ran into the oven, and he burnt himself and cut himself. – [Jeremy] Which brother? – That was my son. – [Jeremy] Oh, it was your son. What’s his name? – Alex. – [Jeremy] Alex. – So I actually really like this. It’s really good. The only problem is because
it looks like a waffle, now I’m just craving real waffles, with syrup and buttery
warm goodness everywhere, with strawberries on
top and whipped cream. Yeah, this isn’t as good as that. (lively suspenseful music) – [Jeremy] Yeah, Cub! (underwater bubbling) (tropical upbeat music) – So the house is really quiet right now. Laura is sleeping and so is Janae. Janae’s all snuggled up with me. Isn’t she sweet? Anyway, I was just visiting
with my mom on the phone talking about plans for our
upcoming family reunion. It’s only about a month
away and I’m so excited. I can believe summer is that soon. But it’s going to be great
to see my whole family and to be at the cabin. And my mom was talking to
me about some of the details and it’s gonna be awesome. So, who’s excited for summer? Who is having a family
reunion this summer? Where are you going? What are you doing? Let us know. I’m excited. It’s going to be a great summer. Hey Miss Janae. What do you think? Should we have pizza for dinner? (atmospheric music) – Alright, let’s do it. (yelling) (upbeat music) (yelling) – [Elise] This is amazing. – Here we go! – I want to do it again. – So I just found this on my bed, and it is a special journal
that is Isaac’s journal. And it’s one that he and Jeremy and I pass back and forth to each other. So I’ll write a note to Isaac
and I’ll leave it on his bed, and then Isaac writes a note back to me, or his dad, and leaves it on our bed, and then Jeremy will write back to Isaac. And so, it’s just our
chance to talk about things that are important to us, and to, I don’t know, it’s
just a special letter writing, we let him know ho much we appreciate him, and yeah, so I just found it on the bed with a little note from Isaac to me. Telling me thank you for some things, and asking me some questions. So I just wrote back to him
and I’m putting it on his bed. – [Jeremy] Here it comes. (majestic music) (tropical upbeat music) – Woo hoo! (squealing) (operatic music) (water splashing) – [Jeremy] Okay guys, what
was your favorite part? – I liked going down
the slides with Isaac. – I liked going down the
big slide with Elise. – I liked going down the big
slide with Isaac and Elise. – [Jeremy] You didn’t go on the big slide. (laughing) Trickster. So they have a family bathroom here, where we’re ready to go. Okay, you guys want to go get pizza? – Oh yeah, baby. (twangy upbeat music) – [Jeremy] You tired,
after all that swimming? Laura, why are you
putting soap on your face? – Because I’m shaving. – You’re shaving? Just like Daddy? Gotta get that beard
and mustache all shaved. So this reminds me of when
I was about Laura’s age, I went in and grabbed my dad’s razor, and cut my lips really
bad trying to shave, to be just like him. – Well we ate a ton of
pizza and now we are tired, and we are just going to relax as a family and watch a movie. And I’m just feeling really grateful at the end of the day today. I’m remembering back to other
years and different seasons of our life, when Jeremy worked a more traditional job schedule. Now, since he works from home, we have a ton of flexibility. And so he was able to be with the kids and play with them today. And now, he’s going to watch
a little bit of the movie with us, and then he’s going to disappear into his basement office,
and work work work. And I know that he gets
less sleep this way, but it’s so nice that
while our kids are young, he’s able to be a part
of our lives so much. I’m just feeling really grateful for that. So Jeremy when you see this clip, and you’re editing this, we love you and we’re grateful for you, and all your hard work for our family. – [Character On TV] That
was just an accident. – [Character On TV]
There are no accidents. – Goodnight, J-House out. Bye family. – [Jeremy] You are strong. – [Jeremy] You made a baby? – And I may have cried a little. – [Jeremy] She’s been asking
for her squeeze medicine.

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