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👟 RUNNING a Virtual 5k with Pahla B 👟

– Hey Killer Bs, it’s Pahla
B from And on tap today, I have
something completely and utterly different for us. You guys, I know that a lot
of you have been planning on maybe your very first 5K this Spring. And I don’t know if
you’re anything like me, but every Spring race that I have in the next month or two
has been either canceled or postponed. And so today, I wanted to
do a virtual 5K with you. You guys, we are going
outside, or at least I am. (laughs) We’re gonna run 5K. It is about 45 degrees, which
is freezing cold for me, so we’re gonna get started with a warmup. And that means that we are
starting with our Arm Circles and High Knees, just like we
do for all of our workouts. You guys, our warmup is a
little bit different today. It’s mainly focused on
opening up your chest so we can breathe well. But also making sure
that your legs are moving through their full range of motion. That way, we are ready to walk and run, or run, or whatever you’d like to do. Come on through guys. (laughs) I’m filming a video today. (laughs) We are outside doing something
very different you guys. I tell you what, this
is, this is the nature of the world we live in right now. You’re doing everything different. You’re outside of your comfort zone too. And I totally appreciate and understand. Let’s go ahead and do some Arm
Crossers with Booty Kickers. I totally appreciate and
understand how weird this is. And I want you to know that
whether this is your first 5K, or maybe your millionth 5K,
I love running with you. Now, we are gonna be, or I
am gonna be outside today. Which means that I have
my son, on a bicycle, accompanying me, so that he
can film me while I’m running. I want you to know that
if you do get motion sick, this might not be the video for you. Truly, this one’s different, you guys. The world is a different place. Let’s go ahead and do some Leg Swingers. And I know this one’s a little bit tough. We’re swinging back and forth, making sure that your hip is open and
ready for that running motion. I am gonna take a couple
of walking breaks today. But for the most part,
I am gonna be running. I do have my watch on. So we’ll be doing 3.1
miles by my distance. (laughs) Your distance, as they say, may vary. Depending on, I’m gonna
go ahead and switch legs. May vary, depending on
your pace and whether or not you’re running around or in place. Or what you’re doing for your race today. I know lots of my Bs are gonna
be on their mini trampolines. So that’s kind of hard to
judge distance on that too. No matter what you do, my friends, I hope we have a great time today. So are you ready? I’m totally ready. Let’s go! (cheerful music) All right you guys,
are you ready for this? We’re doing something new today. On your marks, get set, and go. (watch beeps) (laughs) Okay, so I don’t know if you
have ever run out in the world with a bicycle entourage,
but I never have before. This is something really
different for all of us. You guys, you know, I
don’t wanna make too much or too little of what is going
on in the world right now with our current health
scare and everything. But this is all different. And the fact is that
one of the best things that you can do for
yourself, is to stay healthy. To stay with as many of
your routines as you can. For me, personally, that means running. Running is, it’s a sanity saver for me. I like to run outside. I do run inside, obviously
with you guys sometimes too. I like to move in lots of different ways. I mean, obviously you guys know. We workout together. I like to do strength training. I like to do cardio. I like to stay active. And I feel, for me
personally, that that is one of the best things that I can do. You know, while we’re
practicing social distancing, while we’re being extra careful right now with everybody’s health. It means that you need to be careful with both your physical
health and frankly, your mental health. Staying active can go a long, long way towards both of those things. So you guys, making sure that
you have caught your breath, that you are breathing rhythmically, and ready for a good day. Hi there. (laughs) Whether you are indoors or outdoors. I know we’re gonna see
quite a few people today. It has been rainy for
the last several days. And it happens to be,
well cold like I said, but also really, really
nicely dry right now. And so I happen to know here on this creek trail near my house that we’re gonna see a lot of
people taking advantage of it. Next couple of days of weather, still looking kind of unsettled. So I know that, especially
here in California, we’ve had such a mild winter. We were so blessed with
such a warm winter. This rain has been super weird. So I know I’m super happy
to get out into it today. You’re doing such an awesome job. Now, when I was planning out my route, I was trying to decide
exactly how far 3.1 miles is. And I think I know, ’cause
I’m pretty sure I know. But also, you’re along
for the adventure today of us figuring out
exactly where we’re going, how far, and what it’s gonna look like. Making sure that you’re
breathing rhythmically. You know, we’re not really
trying to run any kind of a race pace today. Hi there. We’re just out for a good time. But if you want to, you
could totally take today with some intervals. We are just about a third of a mile in. And that means that we’ve been running for about three minutes. Now, if you are used to
running with intervals, you can take walking breaks
any time you want to. I’m gonna take a walking break at just about the one mile mark. Just to kind of catch my breath. And probably at the two mile mark also. Now, if you’d like to, you
could go a little faster too. That would be all right. (laughs) You know, if you are making
up for a race that you missed, it might be a fun time to really kind of push yourself today. I actually had a race that was scheduled for last weekend as
well as a race scheduled for this upcoming weekend. And neither one of them was
gonna be much of a race. (laughs) For me, personally. I just ran a 50K a couple of weeks ago, on leap day, on the 29th of February. And so I knew that I am
not in any manner ready to be racing a 5K. ‘Cause that’s a really
different kind of distance. The kind of shape that
you’re in to run a 50K, for me personally, a
50K, which is 31 miles, in case you didn’t know that. It is kind of like an
all you can eat buffet with a little bit of
running thrown in there. I mean, it truly is an all day affair. It took me, not quite
seven and a half hours to complete mine. And there’s aid stations
with all kinds of food. Every four or five miles. And so you get to stop. And there’s plenty of walking involved. I mean, especially with
that kind of distance, it’s trail running. And what that means around
here is that we’re up in the foothills on our way
up to the Sierra Nevadas. Which means that there
was all kinds of climbing, all kinds of descending. There was a lot of
terrain, a lot of rocks, a lot of dirt. There was, let’s see, this time there wasn’t any creek crossings or river crossings. I didn’t get especially muddy. Oh no, that’s not true. There was. There was one particularly
large river/creek crossing. You can go a little faster buddy. There you go. Awesome. So my shoes did get
wet and muddy that day. But not too bad. But so, being able to run
kind of slowly all day long is very, very, very
different from being able to run your absolute top speed for, let’s say a half an hour or so. And so, I knew darn well
that last week’s race and this week’s coming race weren’t going to be my top speed by any stretch. They were definitely gonna be closer to 50K speed than 5K speed. And that’s the great thing
about racing different distances at different times. You can get a feel for what
your body is capable of doing. And you can just enjoy yourself sometimes. Honestly, I really enjoy
myself at the longer distances because you get to go so slow. Because you get to eat
while you’re running. (laughs) Because for so much of the day, there’s just really not a lot
of pressure, on me personally. The fast people, yes,
there’s pressure on them to do their best. But for me, it was much more, now we’re crossing a street
here, so I might have to hang on for just a quick second. I guess I’m taking a
walking break anyways. All right. And here we go. (laughs) So that was a nice little walking break. We are just almost a mile in. We’re about 3/4 of a mile in. So that was a nice little
catch of breath right there. Awesome. Here we go. Little bit of downhill. We can really go a little
bit faster through there. (laughs) Not much faster. Just a little. You know, that’s the fun thing
about a distance like this. At three miles, it’s plenty of distance. I mean, especially if
you are new to running, new to 5Ks. There’s plenty of ground
to cover in three miles that you can really
kind of vary your speed, vary your effort, and get a feel for what feels good to you. For me personally, this is,
well, this is a moderate effort that feels like a big effort. (laughs) Partly because I’m talking. And partly because at
this age, I’ve noticed that it really takes
me like a month or two before I am fully 100%
recovered from a 50K effort. You know, I love running long distances, but I’m also finding that
they’re taking a lot more out of me than is fun anymore. And it’s kind of, it’s why
I have at least temporarily, retired from trail racing. This year, in 2020, I’m gonna be doing a lot more road racing. In fact, I’m only doing
road racing this year. Because I wanted to go
with short enough distances that I can really recover
very easily, and I can really, really think about my
training in a different way. I’ve been running ultras for so long now that, well again, I’ve
kind of slowed down. It’s really funny. When you go longer, and I
apologize, lot of road noise here. Because I am on a major street. We’re turning a corner here. Awesome job. We’re just at a mile in. And then we’re gonna turn
off on this path again. Not too long on the road. Awesome. And the fact is, I kind
of want to see what kind of speed I still have in me. It has been two and a
half years since I’ve run on the road in a race at all. That’s our one mile, so I’m gonna take a real quick
little walking break here, catch my breath, woo doggies. (exhales) And show you some of these
beautiful flowers here when we go a little bit further. All of those pretty pink and
purple flowers next to me. Okay, I apologize, this is hard for my son while I’m doing a walking break. (laughs) So we’re gonna go ahead and
run so that he doesn’t fall off the bike. Go ahead buddy. (laughs) I know, it’s even harder to
go slow than it is to go fast. This is what I tell
everybody all the time. It’s significantly harder to move slow. Go ahead, you can go faster. Than it is to move fast. Moving fast just feels
fun and free and easy. Moving slow takes some really core work. (laughs) My son is laughing at me right now. He has plenty of core strength, plenty. (laughs) Oh my gosh, you guys. But so, it’s been about
two and a half years since I’ve done a road race at all. And it’s been, well by
the time I actually get to do another 5K, it’s been three years since I have raced a 5K. And I’ve changed a lot
since then, let’s be honest. I was well, geez, three years ago? I was 47 years old. I was young. I had a lot of spring in my step. Now, now things are kind of different. And the way that I’m looking at this year of running and racing is that I get to challenge my 50 year old body. I get to challenge a different kind of person than I was three years ago. I often joke about when
you enter a new age group, that you get to set all new PRs. And that’s pretty much
how I feel this year. Is that anything I do,
it’s just gonna feel, if not like a PR, a personal record, it’s gonna feel like a personal victory. Oh my gosh, it is raining. (laughing) We’re crossing the street again, but looks like there’s no cars, so we’re gonna be able to go. And now’s where I’m gonna
start kind of looking at my watch a little bit to make sure that I know where our turn around is. We’re gonna turn around at 1.55 miles. Or two and a half kilometers, if that’s how you’re doing things. So that when we get
back to where we started that we’ll be right there at 3.1 miles. You’re doing such a good job. Making sure, if you’ve got
water or something to drink, take water breaks, take walking breaks. You know, the great thing
about a virtual race is that you’re really not racing anybody. (laughs) I mean, I guess I’m kind of racing my son on the bike, but he’s
definitely gonna win. Because he has to keep
the camera in front of me, but also, he’s on a bike. Awesome job. (faint music playing) (laughs) I don’t know if you can hear that. Probably not. I know that my microphone
is actually pretty good about keeping the sound really close, but there’s a couple of kids in a kayak on the creek next to me
listening to music really loud. And it’s kind of funny
because this creek is actually normally quite small,
but it’s been raining, like I mentioned. And so it’s really wide
and really deep right now. Like you could actually put a kayak in it. It’s kind of cool. So you guys, how are you feeling? We’re almost half way. We’re at 1.3 miles. Now’s a good time to kind of assess. What are you feeling
like for the second half. Now especially if this
is a racing situation, now is the time when you might be thinking
kind of strategically. You know, who’s in front
of me, who can I pass, how am I feeling, do I need
to take a walking break, do I need to stop at the water station. Generally speaking, at a 5K,
you’re probably gonna have an aid station at the
halfway point, more or less. Some 5Ks will have an
aid station every mile, which is really nice. Especially like when I
first started racing, it was especially nice to take
those little walking breaks. If you are brand new to
running or walking and running, it’s totally okay to take as many walking breaks as you need. You know what, virtual race,
real race, no matter what. The only person you’re
ever racing is yourself. The only person you have
anything to prove anything to is yourself. Again, I don’t know if you can hear it, but there’s a bunch of
geese about to land. (laughs) This is why I love living
here close to the creek. We have all kinds of
waterfowl, all kinds of nature right here in the middle of the city. We see beavers sometimes, we see muskrats. (laughs) We see my son weaving all over the road and trying to knock me off the road. I mean, it’s just wild out here you guys. Okay, we are at 1.51, so
we are gonna turn around. Buddy, let’s make a left
turn and get on the sidewalk and make just a big rectangle here, do you know what I’m saying? Awesome, okay. I wasn’t sure where we
were gonna turn around, so I wasn’t sure this was
gonna be a possibility. But this is a really nice way
that we don’t have to stop right in the middle of the road. All right. All right you guys. Water station if you need one. Or, I mean, it’s the back half. We’re heading in. How do you feel? You feel like you got a
little bit more in the tank? You wanna race the back half? I know, me either. (laughs) So much of running or walking
a 5K is simply the joy of getting it done. It doesn’t matter if it’s
your first or your millionth, or your first one in a new age group. They’re all special. Every single finish line
has something for you in the way of feeling accomplished. Honestly. I mean, I run three
miles pretty regularly. It’s a pretty easy distance
for me, relatively speaking. But today, doing something
really different. Being way outside my comfort
zone, talking to my phone in public. It feels like it’s gonna be a victory. It feels like something different
in this different world. We can go a little bit faster. There we go. Awesome. Sometimes, it feels real nice to just kind of let your legs fly. And see what they got. And then sometimes, you know,
sometimes you pay for that. (laughs) I’ve had more than one
race where I felt amazing at the beginning and then
really struggled at the end. That’s probably one of the
biggest, trickiest things that I’ve had to learn
over 14 years of running. Is honestly just how
to pace myself at all. It never ceases to amaze me
when I’ll come home from a run and I’ll upload the data from my Garmin, or not a Garmin anymore, it’s a Suunto. But Garmin is one of
those things like Kleenex, like almost everybody has a Garmin watch, so you just kind of say Garmin,
even if you don’t have one. And no matter how amazingly
even I felt the entire time I was running. There is always just this
huge variation in my pace. And I live some place pretty flat. So it’s not like I’m
running hills or anything. Hi there. It’s really just my effort. My ability to pace myself. And sometimes that’s pretty tough. (coughs) Excuse me. I was looking at my watch. We’re at 1.8. So probably right after
we cross the street again, we’ll be just about two miles. And I’ll take another
quick little walking break, catch our breath, pretend
like there’s an aid station. If only my son had brought
me something to drink, right? (laughs) It’s okay. I can handle it. There’s enough rain. If I wanted to I could
just tilt my head up and open my mouth. You guys, what a beautiful day to run. You know, I know sometimes,
sometimes I hear you guys. Now, to be fair, I know lots of you live in significantly colder,
wetter, snowier, icier climates. Most of you do. But, sometimes I’ll hear
you guys say something like, “Oh, I went for a run with you today, “’cause it was raining outside.” And I want you to know,
you are very sweet. But you are not made of sugar. You will not melt in the rain. It is totally okay to go
for a run in rainy weather. I think we can cross. Looks like no cars. Awesome. Woo, lot’s of cars coming though. So that was good timing. Awesome. I actually really enjoy
running in the rain. Partly because, okay partly
because I just feel like, like I’m doing something
other people won’t do. (laughs) You know? Like I just said, I get a lot of comments from people who are like,
“Well, I didn’t wanna run “in the rain.” But partly, again, I live in California, our rain, you know, it’s 45 degrees. It’s cold for me, I’ve got my gloves on. But I’m also wearing
a tank top and shorts. It’s very pleasant out here. It’s not a freezing rain like
I know lots of you experience. All right, we are just about at two miles. When my watch beeps here at two, gonna take a little quick walking break. Not very long though. ‘Cause I know how tough that is. Just a quick one. Woo. Couple of steps, catch my breath. Now here’s the thing. When you take a walking break,
it’s not a stopping break. It really is a chance
to catch your breath, but keep moving forward. And this one’s gonna be real quick. When we cross that crack right there, we’re gonna get right up. I know, you can’t see the
crack, but here we go, we’re running again. (laughs) Because you guys, even if you
are having a real hard time. Here’s the great thing
about being two miles into a three mile run, you
are way over halfway done, you’ve only, yes it’s air
quotes, got a mile left. You can manage one more mile. You’ve already done the hard part. You got past that turn around, you got past the halfway point. Now, we’re just heading
for the finish line. And that’s the best part. Make sure that you’re still breathing. There we go. We’re gonna pick it up a
little bit when we’re out on the main street so we don’t
have too much road noise. Because it is a major,
major street in my town and I know how loud it is. So we wanna get past that
as quickly as we can. What a good job you’re doing. I feel so lucky that I live someplace that I have a trail like
this so close where, yeah, I do have to cross that one street. But honestly, most times of
the day, it’s not super busy. And I can get in a 5K anytime I want to. Awesome, yep. Here’s our little speed interval. Trying to reduce that road noise. Woo! Awesome. All right. Now for me, because I do
run here pretty frequently, this feels like coming home. This feels (coughs) excuse me, like the part
of the trip that I know we can pick this up. ‘Cause we’re heading in. Do you feel it? Do you feel that excitement? When you get to a certain
point in any race, honestly, no matter how
much you have struggled, no matter how many years
you have been racing, there’s always a point when
you start to feel like, “Oh, I am pretty close to the end.” “I am gonna finish this thing. “I am gonna make this happen.” And it has a whole different
energy than everything else. The start of the race, you know
you got lots of excitement, and nine times out of 10, you’ll go out of the gate way too fast. We all do that, it’s okay. It’s a learned skill to not
go way too fast at the start. But then somewhere around the
middle, you start to think, “Oh, I’m only halfway done.” And it starts to get a little
bit rough around the edges. And then, right around 2/3, this is my own personal
little rule of thumb. Right around 2/3 is where I
almost always start to kind of mentally struggle. Because you’re past halfway. You know you’ve gone a long
way, but you still kind of have a ways to go. And that’s where you
just have to grit it out. If running has taught me
anything, it has taught me this. Sometimes, you just have to keep going. It doesn’t have to look pretty. It doesn’t have to look strong, it doesn’t have to feel good, you just have to keep going. Woo, and there we go. Nice, just that one car. And here we are across the
street for the last time. Awesome job you guys. Awesome job. Here we go. A little bit of down hill,
start to feel strong. Woo wee. Making sure you’re still breathing, checking in with your body. We’re past the 2/3. We’re about that point where you can start feeling really good about the effort that you’ve put in. You know, here on our
virtual race, I will tell you that you can already hear the finish line. (laughs) Even though you probably can’t. But I can start cheering for you. This is not something that everybody does. Having the courage to sign up for a 5K, whether you run it in a big crowd, or all by yourself in your living room, it’s a big deal. It is something to be
super, super proud of. I remember the first time I ran in a race. I made my husband come with
me because I was so afraid to do it alone. I knew I could finish. I felt pretty good about finishing. But I really didn’t know, I didn’t know what it was gonna be like. I didn’t know what the
crowd was gonna be like. I didn’t know what it was gonna feel like to run three miles in a racing situation. It was scary. It was super scary. And I was a lot younger. Like, yeah, I was in my 30s. I was a lot younger. And now, after all these years. I mean, now I know what it feels like. And I still get kind of nervous. I still get very excited at finish lines. I still feel amazing
every time I go for a run. Whether I’m really
racing or virtual racing. It’s always an accomplishment you guys. And then, because of that,
I have something for you. When you finish today,
I want you to make sure that you open up the description
box down below this video. I have a certificate
of completion for you. ‘Cause I know, I know that especially if this was your first 5K, hi there. That this was not what you planned. This was not what you
thought it was gonna be like. You had it in your mind
that you were gonna go out in the world and run with
probably a couple hundred of your closest running friends, people you’ve never met before. But you thought that you
were gonna run a race out in the world. And I want you to still
feel that accomplishment. I want you to still feel like
you took part in something with your friends, with
me, your best friend. So, if you would like to,
you can go to my website, like I said, there’s a link
in the description box below, and you can print out your
certificate of completion. Because today was a really big day for us. Okay, we are at 2.71. That means that we have just
over a quarter mile left. And I will tell you a
funny story actually, about being a quarter
mile from the finish line. There was a race I was running
quite a few years ago now, where I was really
putting in my best effort. I mean I was running hard. And I had been kind of
chasing down this girl who looked like she was younger than me. And we were, we’d been kind
of going back and forth, but mostly, she was in front of me. And I really wanted to beat her. Like, I don’t know if you
get competitive, but I do. I just really wanted to beat this girl. And we were about a quarter
mile from the finish line. I could see the finish line,
it was around the corner. So I could actually
see the finishing arch. And all of a sudden, this girl that I’d been chasing the whole race pulls over the side of the road and throws up. She had been putting in so much effort that that was too much
right there at the end. Hi there, coming around on your left. No worries, hello! – [Women] Hello. – Such friendly people on our race course. But so, needless to say, I passed her. As I passed her I said, “Are you okay?” She was puking, she didn’t answer me. And I thought, well, sweet, I beat her. (laughs) Well, that was short lived. I did pass her while she was throwing up. And I did feel really good
about myself for a couple of seconds. And then she rallied, she passed me right in the finishing chute. I mean, I was at 3.05,
and she passed me back. And then she, you know, she passes me. She’s right in front of me
at the finish line of course. She throws up again after
she passes the finish line. And then, so I come
across the finish line. And she turns around and she’s
like, “Thank you so much, “I spent the whole race racing you, “I just wanted to beat you.” (laughs) And it was so funny, ’cause I of course, had spent the whole
race trying to beat her. Turns out, she was like
15 years younger than me. She was just a little
thing in her early 20s. And it was so funny, especially because even though we had run basically the exact same time, she got I think either first or second place in her age group. And me, even though I was
older, got fourth place in my age group. Which is pretty common for me. I almost always get fourth place. You guys, we are at 2.97. That means we have 1/10th of a mile to go. And that means no matter where you are. Your living room, a race, it means we’re picking up the speed. This is how we finish strong. This is how we try not to let
the bike get away from us. But man, we give it our best effort. Last tenth of a mile. That’s only, I can’t
do the math, a minute? Less than a minute. It’s a good amount of
time to really sprint and really feel your best. 3.04. Breathing. Doing your best. Awesome job. Hi there. Good job. Holding that effort. You can hear the finish line. You can see your family and friends. Everybody’s cheering for you. 3.08, almost there. We might have to go up
on the street buddy. It’s all right. Sometimes this happens. Your watch might go long,
your watch might go short. You never know. 3.1! Woo! Yes! Awesome, awesome job. (watch beeps) Oh my gosh. Put on that medal. Yes. (laughs) My friends, I am so, so, so proud of you. What an effort today. According to my watch, we ran, oopsies, I didn’t stop it. Okay, now I’m stopping it. So now it’s got me standing
here for a couple of seconds. We ran 3.1 miles in 32
minutes and 25 seconds. That is awesome. I hope that was a PR for you. I hope, I always hope that
you had such a good time with our workout today. Now, here on screen I’m
definitely absolutely gonna have a nice cool
down stretch for you. Make sure that your glasses
aren’t fogging up like mine are. That you cool down, that you get yourself something to drink, that you pat yourself on
the back and make sure, I will have it here on screen also. I think, I hope, the link for you to download your
certificate of completion. Super, super proud of you. Thank you so much for
running with me today. Make sure you click that
subscribe button before you go and I’ll see you in the next video.

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    I wondered if you have a video on how to get back into running and ramping up without hurting myself? I feel badly knowing what I once could do and cant do now 😣

  5. I'm not a runner but it's nice to see green trees and lawns. Still cold, windy and snowy up here so I'll just walk with you (inside)

  6. Oh Pahla, I LOVED IT!!!! I ran the whole time with you inside my home around my kitchen and dining room. It was still dark outside when I began, in the 30's here in SD and raining. As the day goes on, I may try to sneak out and do it with you outside. Our weather is calling for snow….deep sigh. I am so ready for Spring. On my step counter, I clocked in at only 2 miles, so I am not sure if my pace was much slower or my counter was off or both. But, I am satisfied and feeling very pleased with myself. Thank you for such a neat idea. It was like running with my really awesome friend outside and around the world. Hugs of appreciation. Joy
    PS: Your son did a great job of bike riding and camera work. Thank him for us too.

  7. I'm so deeply grateful you are on here for us! End of the month I get a retirement check and I will contribute $ to your channel! Take care sweet Pahla B!

  8. Hi Paula I love this I was able to ride my stationary bike while you ran and the area made it seem like I was riding out side thank you

  9. What a great idea! I've been skiing 5 days a week for the past few months and only working out sporadically. All local ski hills are closed (still lots of snow here but no skiing allowed) so I'm re-igniting my workout regimen. This was a great way to get my muscles moving after a hard cardio/weight workout yesterday. Can't wait to run with you again. Thanks!

  10. Ohmygoodness! Thank you Paula from your neighborhood! What a small world. Thank you for all that you do. Following your workouts has helped me loose the baby weight and strengthen myself to where I truly need to be. Maybe one of these days I’ll have to try this trail with my littles!

  11. Hi Pahla! I've just finished this funny and challenging 5k running at home. I usually go outside for a 7k walk, but nowadays in Italy we cannot go out that freely. So I decided to run with you in your lovely town today and I'm really happy now!

  12. Who knew that I could run a 5k. Truthfully didnt want to even try, but that self-talk podcast won me over. My mama always said dont tell me what you're gonna do, show me what you've done! Thank you Pahla! loved that this was real, innovative and inspiring. These days we DO have to think outside the box and YOU are quite creative. Gonna try…oops, DO this one again! What a good son to assist his mama!

  13. Oh Pahla! That was Super Great! I couldn't stop smiling when I finished! A great sense of accomplishment! I am so glad that you have done another running video. I love your women of a certain age videos and I am certainly of a certain age (66yrs), but I started exercising with you with your running videos. I have done other 5k's with you but this was the Real Deal! Youtube is a fab source of exercise in this current climate. I scream at the TV "do Youtube videos" when they say people should exercise
    while socially restricted. Nice to see the area near you. Your son did a terrific job with the filming. Now I shall go print my Certificate! Haha! Thank you! Helen.

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