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  1. I had 2 pets and one was a fish and we did not have a name for it and second one was a dog and her name was Bianca and they both had passed away

  2. What an amazing organization to support! Thank you for helping out these sweet puppies! Also a great experience for the kids!

  3. Names:
    Lila and Loa
    Brave and Hero
    Brave and Warrior
    Brownie and S’mores
    Rose and Chief (I saw this on another comment because of the kids favourite NFL team)

  4. You should keep one of them. Your kids deserve a pet. It teaches them so many lessons. Isaac is 10 years old and has never owned a pet. You should definitely get one even if it's not those puppies.

  5. well done you go J House good luck thanks if you don't made your now my USA family you can take a big spoon and hit it on the top of the bottle

  6. I’ve been praying for Caleb and I love you helped save the puppies. I’ve been praying for all of you and the people that got injured from the earthquakes. Have an amazing day!

  7. Can I have one just kidding hahahahahahahaha I have adopted a dog he is Jack but he's too old now and hi die 😭😢😢😭😭😭 😭 I love Jack can you have a puppy 😍 name him Jack please OMG I said Jack and the boy 🐕 before I chatted before watching I stop the video

  8. I love this! I'm so happy that they get to try and experience fostering. Having pets are really good for kids, I'll make them be more responsible, empathetic and more 💯 Keep safe and God bless!

  9. Wait so are they keeping puppy’s or not cause I had a mini party cause I thought they are getting a dog but now I’m just confused

  10. I haven’t finished the video yet so I don’t know if u have named them but sugar for the girl and pice for the boy!

  11. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Elise just turned 10 today! Yay! Oh, and I remember that Cptnameless' made a video called Sleeping on the Job. It contains my favorite character sleeping on a conveyor belt. And I won't forget that this video was made since 2018 for her birthday!

  12. I have a 3 month old husky puppy named copper. That my mum and dad brought for my 21st birthday as we lost our old dog zoe 5 years ago she was 12 1/2. I'm still learning the little guys personality.

  13. We had a dog named Baxter but we got rid of him because we found out my brother is allergic to dogs!! And we have 2 cats named max and ruby

  14. Omg lm so happy for u lm greatful that u made a youtube channel l have been bullied all my life because how l look

  15. When l lm sad I pray for god that l don’t get bullied anymore I watch your guises videos every single day it makes me smile so much

  16. My family is fostering 5 kittens because there mom got ran over. One is smaller and blind in one eye. 4 have homes already!

  17. God bless this organisation & God bless you guy’s. These gorgeous fur babies wouldn’t stand a chance if it wasn’t for these people & yourselves! Lots of love. 💕🐶🐶💕

  18. I feel so sorry for you I was hearing that there was a strong earthquake there but I live in America/California so I didn’t feel it but I would love you adopt a puppy but we already have one and my parents won’t let me get another one but thank god you guys are okay and the puppys

  19. Isaac is 11 and I'm 11 but I turned 11 in December. Older is months older than me. The only pets I have gotten to name was my fish and there names were Chip, Nemo, and Dory. I also got to name my turtle and his name was cheesecake but I called him queso-cake because cheese in Spanish is queso.

  20. For the lid on the jar. Turn the jar upside down and with a blunt knife slide it in between the glass part and the lid, pressing the lid out. This pops the seal and is so easy to do. My 80 year old mum with arthritis can do it.

  21. Oh my gosh I remember watching you guys back in 2015 and looking at your videos now the kids have grown up so much! The last time I’ve seen a video was when the new baby was born 😭

  22. I thought it was funny when Jeremy started talking about when you guys raised the chickens because that’s what I was thinking about to

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