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🍅LIVE: Celebrate First Day of Spring with CaliKim, CameraGuy & the Garden Community (REPLAY)!

hey everyone and welcome to spring happy
first day of spring we are celebrating all around the world today especially
here in the northern hemisphere where it is the first day of spring during the
southern hemisphere welcome so glad you’re joining us and helping us
celebrate spring here we have people here from all over the world it’s so
exciting and I’m loving having camera guy here he just got home from work a
little while ago and it’s so much fun to have him on and we have Mac right down
here as well now it’s not super spring weather here in Southern California it’s
actually been kind of a chilly day rain today I think it’s about 55 degrees out
which is cold for a Southern California weather wimps so hopefully you guys are
having a little bit warmer weather at least if you’re in a southern gardening
zone so let’s see who’s here from all over the world and boy do we ever have a
fun livestream planned we’ve got some giveaways we’re gonna celebrate together
and I have a special announcement to let you guys know about as well that’s all I
said hi hi Pat hi Pat so how are you doing so we’re gonna I’m gonna go in to
chat and I’m just adjusting my camera here just a little bit going to Chad and
see who all is here game nerd mom hi how are you from Ohio
Kathleen’s chaos hello how are you doing Johnny Maserati love losses here Nisha
from NorCal I know Rita is here from San Diego broaden Broadway Gardner chocolate
chip that must be your favorite kind of cookie right I think maybe her we’re all
eating a few more cookies these days right whoops just to help us deal with
everything that’s going on in the world today Debbie from Maui hi hi how are you
doing from Maui I know camera guy and I have been
enjoying a little bit more ice cream than we should lately I’m getting really
hooked on salted caramel sauce it’s so good you guys would not believe how good
that is if you haven’t tried it yes it’s been a great scream Netflix watching
Formula One that’s such a good shot that is such a good show we’ve been having
fun watching that Cliff is here rain B how are you follow me darling from
Alabama patty from Pennsylvania go PA Jessica from Hot Springs Arkansas
from Texas Florida Nelly kids from Boston Lea schmeyer oh my goodness
people from all over I know we have people here from the UK yep someone here
early in the chat said they were it was the middle of the night there so you
guys I am so excited is that crazy that’s really cool for being here from
for your up that late thank you so much that means a lot to us
it really does thanks for staying up for us and guys we just want to celebrate
together today and what I want to hear from you guys first off just to
celebrate spring we’ve been all looking forward to this for so long
I know there’s a lot going on in the world today but you know what social
distancing doesn’t have to mean Isis social isolation so we’ve really got to
work hard as we talked about on Mondays livestream about staying connected being
a part of the community sharing sharing this community here in other garden
communities with our family and friends and just staying connected so I want to
hear from you guys what are you excited about about spring try and take your
mind off the stress of the world for the next 30 minutes and let’s share what
we’re excited about growing here in the chat so let me hear from you guys what
are you excited about Debbie Sailing it’s it’s a fun way to stay connected
absolutely in piano master Wow I’m gonna see here rod is saying he sowed some
nasturtiums to celebrate the first day of spring rod that’s awesome
you can see the nasturtiums right back behind me right there I’m starting to
grow the rain is really bringing out the colors so let’s hear from you guys what
else are you growing or excited about hello Indonesia Indonesia Jerry happens
to be Indonesian so welcome yes very much Rodya seeds and sanity growing and
cannon green beans for the first time wow that’s amazing I love green beans
they grow so fast super exciting to be having some green beans growing in your
garden man these are flying flying by here guys you’ve seen any Jerry that you
want to call out I can’t read a passive Nelly cans here mama loofah is huge and
already is popping flower beds oh my goodness have you done yours yet no I
haven’t I’ve got to get my planted so thanks for
encouragement I am gonna try and spend tomorrow starting some more seeds and
getting some things planted for the garden hey this is really cool Debbie
out in Maui we did a video with her we showed you her garden go back and find
it but she also has a community garden so Debbie tell us a little bit about
that here in the chat and also did we drive by it and how’s it going there
that’s really cool there’s a lot of community gardeners out there that’s
awesome and a lot more gardeners gardens are popping up community gardens and
gardens in your backyard are popping up now and I really want to encourage you
guys to get out there and grow something even more importantly it more important
now than ever to grow some food in your own backyard we’re going to talk about
that a little bit more a little later in the livestream okay Kristina has a
question about betta from Vegas hi Christina
can I put tomato plants out yet nights in the 40s um you know what I actually
put one out a couple weeks ago in the tan smart pots right behind me there and
it’s been in the 40s here tuned it’s actually doing pretty good so usually
that’s a little bit cold it probably won’t grow a whole lot yet until the
temperatures warm up just a little bit but go for it and as long as you have
other ones going then just go for it and see what happens okay
just want it so first thing we want to celebrate a little bit Oh
let’s get sorry guys I have so much I want to share today it is just like oh
it’s so crazy um let me get to the first giveaway that we’re gonna do and let me
just tell you how this is going to work the first giveaway we’re doing smart
pots actually jumped in today and generously offered to do a giveaway here
on the live stream so thank you very much smart pots for providing that our
viewers to help us celebrate spring together to help lift our spirits and
just help us and help helped to encourage gardening right now during
this tough time in our world so the first thing we’re giving away is one of
the smart pots long raised beds you can see it right behind me here smart pots
has offered to give away a six foot long raised bed so you can grow some of your
wonderful vegetables in your own garden and smart pots just sent me an email
today and say they want to encourage people all over the world all over all
over the place to replant those Victory Gardens you remember that from well I
don’t know if you know of you remember from World War one in World War two
people planted Victory Gardens as a way to supplement the food that they were
getting from the grocery store when it wasn’t readily available to grow their
own fresh fruits and vegetables and also to help boost their morale boost just
your spirits and just really you know help you get some vegetables growing so
that’s what they’re giving away for our first prize and also to go along with
that I am announcing here two brand new seed collections first one by popular
request is the CaliKim Cucumber Seed Collection so this has five varieties of
cucumbers in it and let me just read to the varieties that are in it and it is
available right now over at or if you win it in the
giveaway all that much better for you it’s got a lemon cucumber white wonder
cucumber point-set cucumber boss Ling pickling and a market more cucumber so
our first winner is going to win the Cucumber Seed Collection and the Smart
Pots six foot long raised bed and here’s how it’s gonna work I’m gonna ask a
question and whoever answers the question first is going to be the winner
whoever answers the question first in the chat is going to be the winner of
the six foot smart pots and the CaliKim Cucumber Seed Collection
must be a U.S.. resident already sorry you guys especially right
now we can only ship this to the US so if you’re a U.S. resident you can answer
this question and all the questions are gonna come from our three or four most
recent videos and Kristi’s gonna help me watch in the chat our moderator it’s
gonna help me watching the chat and Jerry to see who answers the question
who pressure so here we go you guys ready everyone get your hands ready get
your hands ready to chat and us address is only okay so first question what are
the three easy veggies to grow when you can’t get out to the grocery store
okay a question from our most recent video what are the three easy veggies to
grow when you can’t get out to the grocery store so if you know the answer
to that type it in the chat there and we will call the winner Kristi’s gonna
help me here and I think I just found a winner here beans peas and lettuce Nicki
in Osseo in Colorado Nicki I believe that’s really just one’s congratulations
and Kristi let me know if he saw anyone else before her but I believe Nicki is
the winner in the chat this is really hard because things are flying so fast
so yeah we posted a video over the weekend and our three easy veggies to
grow we’re greens which would include lettuce peas and beans those are quick
easy vegetables to grow that you can get a quick crop when you can’t get out to
the grocery store get some planted and congratulations Nicki what you need to
do to claim your prize is email me at [email protected] email me your name and your mailing information and myself and smart pots
will get the prizes sent out to you a Cucumber Seed Collection you get
yourself some cucumbers planted right here and you’re beautiful smart pots
raised bed so congratulations and we’re gonna do another giveaway in just a
moment so stay tuned here guys okay so I just want to do it we’ve got
our celebration here of spring I just want to check in our second kind of see
here is check in and see how everyone is doing I know there’s a lot going on in
the world and I did want to just check in and see how things are going and see
if you guys are keeping your spirits up if your kids are at home with you what’s
your what you’re doing with your kids if they’re driving you crazy yet if you’re
enjoying your family time and what you’re doing to keep yourself busy so
type away in the chat and let’s hear from you
while that’s happening Debbie wrote in Maui that she it’s a new community
garden plot only 20 plots there and she got one of them so she’s really stoked
about that it’s really cool Debbie excited update
congratulations Debbie I can’t wait for you to get your garden planted and grow
all kinds of vegetables hi Irene okay let’s see Lucienne homeschooling and
drinking lots of wine that’s great hopefully you’re able to get stocked up
on that before the grocery store got too crowded so way to go
Tom Martin isolated here with the bride well it wouldn’t be too bad to be under
lockdown or isolation if you just got married that might be kind of fun
so have fun Tom okay let’s see um gardening and scrapbooking here
scrapbooking with Betty I’m gardening a Becky sorry I’m gardening and
scrapbooking on my spare time you know what that’s a great thing to do and it’s
something that a lot of us don’t often have time for so take advantage of the
extra time that you have crazy-cool was playing with his guinea pig hey crazy
cool how you doing I know crazy cool planets um I know he told me he
harvested maybe some lettuce and fed it to his guinea pig and his guinea pig
really liked it so that’s really that’s pretty cool growing food for a guinea
pig to rain be a good night thanks for dropping in thanks brain bee see you
later so nice of you to be here and nisha workouts and cooking a lot wow
Anisha good for you for working out a lot I need to do that a little bit more
too so that’s one way to handle the stress way to go
Cynthia working hard on my indoor seeds seen you over there Jerry that you can
read okay Denise playing with board games with the kids and cleaning Wow
Rheda gardening and advancing my nursing degree and working in a hospital Rita I
was actually thinking of you today just knowing that all the nurses are there on
the front lines and I was wondering just how things are going for you and I bet
things are getting pretty darn hectic so thank you so much for your service we
really appreciate it we will definitely you’ll definitely be
in our thoughts and prayers in the days ahead
okay paddy is pandemic planting way to go patty it’s good I love that clever
good ami Maldonado your videos have been so helpful I’m from Sacramento moved to
Tennessee two years ago and you’ve gotten so many helpful hints in
gardening that’s applicable even here that’s great I’m so glad that the videos
have been helpful after Esther’s cleaning planting seeds cleaned out
asparagus bed yeah we get it perfect time to do all that job great time and
Carla and RN and encouraging friends and family to get out and exercise couraging
to eat well during this time absolutely really important just keep your health
up keep your exercising up and get out and garden helps keep your spirits up as
well Santana romance’ this chat is way faster
than Monday’s totally it’s flying man I can’t even keep up it’s really flying
okay let’s see we read a couple more Ashley starting to plant seeds like corn
carrots onions and many more I think a lot of us are are really starting to get
out there and plant and realizing that we should have some fresh food going and
it’s gonna lift our spirits and feed us at the same time mr. Gore M go blue any
tips on how to get my teenage son excited to garden and sow seeds well we
have the same problem here 18-year old son is not too excited about getting out
in the garden so I don’t know I think it’s kind of a teenage thing to I don’t
know what do you think have any ideas there’s a few of them out there I think
yeah we’d love to hear from them yeah if you have any tips out there let us know
about how to get teenagers involved hi Gina
thanks for saying hi great spring cleaning all kinds of things going on
here so glad you guys seemed to be keeping your spirits up and staying
connected that is absolutely wonderful okay we are gonna do another giveaway we
actually have three giveaways we’ve done the first congratulations Nikki wasn’t
it Nikki for winning that one the second one again minute right here Jack Wilson
is saying he’s 15 and a gardener loves it right oh yeah awesome job maybe you
have some tips for getting teenagers involved Domon okay so second giveaway
got a show here with my little move my camera is gonna be see that purple smart
that’s right back there that is called the smart pots big bag raised bed it has
13 square feet of growing space it’s the one I showed in the video over the
weekend where we planted beans in it this is a beautiful color guys it’s got
a lot of growing space it’s perfect to expand your growing space or to put on
your balcony or patio so you guys are gonna love that
and yes purple is an amazing color and I have something else to go with it a
second brand-new CaliKim Seed Collection anybody want any guesses what
it what it is something that might go with purple so this has also been
requested for a long long time and it’s the CaliKim Melon Seed Collection
alright guys so this has five varieties of melons three varieties of watermelon
two varieties of cantaloupe and let me read to you can you hold that Jerry I
love this graphic this is probably my favorite all-time favorite label here on
all of my seed collections don’t you just want to take a little bite of that
melon they just look so incredibly luscious and I cannot wait to grow these
melons in my own backyard we have two large size melons in the seed collection
the Charleston gray and the Charleston or the Jubilee watermelon a compact
variety of melon called sugar baby which I know a lot of you have grown
absolutely delicious and a banana melon which is a cantaloupe it’s kind of a
medium-sized cantaloupe that looks you know like a large banana hey Billy
welcome to the channel let’s keep going and also a Rocky Ford melon which is a
delicious kind of classic variety of cantaloupe so this is gonna be exciting
guys you get to not only win the watermelon seed collection but that
beautiful purple smart pot so you guys ready for the question welcome Sylvia
get your fingers ready in the chat and remember it’s for us residents only so
all you US residents get ready here good luck
second question and this was from a couple videos back
what are there’s three of them what are the three new colors of smart pots three
new colors they come out next next year not this year but we showed them we did
show them in our video with Joel I think was two or three weeks ago the
drip irrigation container setup video and if you know the official names for
them that’s what I’m looking for not the colors but the official names this is
gonna be a tough one or you asked for the colors first so what is her I’m
sorry the three new colors okay the three I guess that one sorry I was
looking for the official colors but will do oh my gosh now there’s so much flying
back and forth how am I gonna pick here all right I said that I said the three
new colors so we’ll do so we’ll do that let me scroll back and see who the first
three first person was who answered hang on guys is gonna be fun there are so
many chats flying by I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to to get it um I think I
hold on a second sorry guys it’s gonna take a second here cuz there’s so so
many okay I think I think our winner is I think Nicole wait no no I must go back
the correct answer sorry guys the correct answer is blue purple and orange
I think it’s Nicole Christy can you help me out and see if there’s anyone that
answered before Nicole hurry blue purple orange jury do you see anybody oh I’m
not looking okay Nicole I think it’s you next come back sorry Nicole hurry I’m
sorry from saying your name incorrectly is our winner of orange purple and blue
are the brand-new colors of smart pots are coming out with them next year a 10
or 15 gallon or maybe 15 or 20 gallon size they’re gonna be absolutely
beautiful and it’s gonna be really fun to have
that splash of color in your garden I’m also gonna be planning some planning in
some myself here pretty soon so watch for that video so it’s um
congratulations to call alright Chrissy says it is written as it is Nicole
alright good it’s the cold it’s Nicole but officially Nicole so the winner of
the watermelon and the purple smart pots and again to call email me your contact
information to [email protected] and please email me that as soon as you can so we can get that sent out to
you Nisha this is fun isn’t it it is fun
staying inside absolutely you gotta get outside these days okay so before we
move on to our third giveaway and it’s gonna be a good one
towards the end I wanted to kind of follow up on our live stream from Monday
does anybody remember the challenge that I gave you on Monday’s live stream we
talked about all kinds of things staying connected helping people out with our
Gardens does anybody remember the challenge and if so who took me up on
the challenge and was able to share that with someone else so let me here in the
chat type in the challenge if you remember Allah is high Liz is on garden
with a friend okay that’s one of them wasn’t the particular one I’m talking
about okay I’m gonna share it I don’t see
anybody typing it in which yeah a lot of you are typing in our chatting help a
friend get started okay rod rod is almost there that’s going to be the
positive force and to be a force of peace in a world of panic that was my
challenge to you guys is to find a way that you can share that with someone we
have that ability to not be paralyzed better by our fear but really to be a
force of peace and hope and be encouraging to our friends when a lot of
people are panicking and fearful in this difficult time and I want to hear from
you guys if anyone else was able to do that and share that with their friends
so let’s hear in the chat patty teach someone to grow absolutely
share plants with friends yes those are all things that we talked about gifts um
harvest away and those are all things that can encourage our friends and share
a peace and hope with them in this difficult time hey Rachel Gil typed a
really cool message she said I just planted my seats today you have helped
me with growing my garden thank you that’s really cool thank you so much
Rachel share with your neighbors share harvest yes so find a way that you can
whoops see you later Lauren thanks for stopping
in garden with your friend and bring them to live streams absolutely share
food right share your your fresh produce
Patricia awesome respite from a day at the clinic yeah but it was crazy from
you out there too and gameblast said yes I gave some transplants rod
just watch Star Wars Episode nine Sharon Hyde from Orlando okay
share plants with friends I actually had the chance to give one of my friends
today a one of the CaliKim Smart Pots and some lettuce
seeds she was interested in getting getting a little lettuce garden started
so I was able to give her that with some herb seeds and she was really excited to
get that planted and so hopefully you guys were able to share those kinds of
things with your friends as well okay started a seedling this is from
Brittany started a few seedlings for a friend who’s going through a tough time
that’s great Brittany cool so inspiring Mike I shared some of my lettuce and
Tiny Tim Tomatoes through a hard time with a nearby family that’s great to you
guys that can get people excited about it and really help someone out share
your seeds from Nisha Jennifer deliver lettuce to my senior
aged father and mother-in-law that’s wonderful
Sharon’s started planning rainbow chard that’s awesome Arita I love this calmed
a lady in Costco who is near tears with fear Rao Rita that is really neat thank
you so much mr. crazy cool help my brother and now he’s growing I also gave
him some extra seats that I had that’s awesome and I know crazy cool I think
you’re a teenager too crazy cool I know you’re a young person so I really
appreciate the fact that you are sharing and sparing others to grow your own food
as well that’s really cool okay Nisha shared some mint with my
neighbors I made chutney so you can use it in any wraps
Anisha I think I would love to try some of your chutney too because I’m sure it
is super super good that was really nice Ashley I helped one of my friends start
planting seeds in the garden today that’s an awesome
cliff organizing a project to trim fruit trees for an elderly neighbor that’s
wonderful you guys this is just so cool you guys are out there really helping
people encouraging people using your skills and your your gardens to really
help people through this difficult time that is so
inspiring and encouraging cheering yep that’s what it’s all about
okay so we’re gonna now talk about our third giveaway and then we’ll go back in
the chat and answer some more questions and finish off our livestream after that
so third giveaway this is for oh here we go
okay organic garden for everyone my new book and this will not only give you the
skills that you need to help grow your own vegetables in this particular
giveaway all kinds of pictures how to step by step instructions but you’re
also going to get some what are you laughing at I have the book okay Santa
Ana Road Wildman has the book if you win it guess what you have a new copy for
someone else but you also gonna win some seeds here you’re gonna win both brand
new seed collections both the wat the melon seed collection and the cucumber
seed collection but wait there’s more camera guy got a hold that Jackie says
she loves her book oh that’s great thank you so much Jackie okay one more thing
here guys what you’re gonna win is a CaliKim custom five-gallon smart pots
that you can plant some of your cucumbers and some of your smaller
melons head alright guys so we’ve got the book we’ve got the two brand new
seed collections the cucumber and melon and we’ve got the CaliKim 5-gallon
smart pots so are you guys ready this again is for us residents only and let
me find the question here I had to think hard about these questions okay question
here we go okay hopefully you guys watched the video last night that we
posted because this is from that video okay what ingredients were in the salad
dressing in last night’s video okay we harvested out here camera guy and I we
went inside and made a garden fresh salad and ate it and I want to hear what
the ingredients are what’s the drumroll please
okay oh I hear Cynthia Cynthia has a right here oh not quite oh yeah yeah
here we go Cynthia you got it oil lemon and pepper all right there we
go you got a Cynthia congratulations you
are the winner simple salad dressing you don’t need much it just flavors your
salad gives you that nice light healthy taste simply congratulations
I know it’s flying by that was just so much fun to harvest that sound last
night wasn’t it was so fresh Lucy and Cynthia I’m so excited for you to email
me your name and address Cali Kim at Cali kim garden home comm yeah I will
mail them right out to you alright guys congratulations I’m really excited for
you guys who won to get your smart pots your seeds and if you want to grab the
seed collections you can go over to my website oh and I totally forgot to tell
you I can’t believe I forgot um remember we’re doing a sale we talked about on
Monday I actually am extending the sale and offering a deeper discount I really
just feel like I want you guys to get going for as inexpensive as possible so
it’s gonna be instead of a 15% discount it’s now a 20% discount on everything on
my website with the code grow go over to pick up
some seed collections get some things growing and someone just asked how long
is shipping okay I normally try and ship within 24 hours but we’ve had so many
orders this week because so many of you want to get growing that I’d say 24 to
48 hours you should get your packages within three to five days from the time
you order so I really try and get them out too fast you can get them planted and
get going Amy will you be doing another giveaway soon um I’m not sure but we
always like to throw things in so I’m sure we’ll we’ll throw some in at some
point in time okay are we supposed to wait for the drumroll okay we’ll be
doing Morris will be doing more drum rolls too all right let’s fly through
the chat here answer some more questions Hannah Hannah wrote about an extended
sale on the seeds yes that sale is going to go through Monday so grab your seeds
and get to growing guys see if there’s any more questions here in the chat trying to see somewhere questions to see
any there Jerry grow is the code yes the code is grow Santa Ana rode wild men
back to work on Monday I’m sure you’re enjoying your few days off here Amy
really fun you’re three little girl little ones are watching with me it’s
like playing a live online game really nice thank you okay yes lose the code is
grow over at Kelly Kim garden home calm how long concedes keep they can usually
keep up to a couple of years you do want to store them out of direct sunlight you
don’t want them to be too cold or too hot I just keep them in a cabinet in my
dining room and they usually will last up to two to three years sometimes after
three years or so the germination rate does kind of go down but yeah they can
last for several years okay mister crazy cool how you doing I was wondering what
is the best time to start peppers you want to start about eight weeks or so
before your last frost date and get them going inside and then you can get them
planted once your soil warms up a little bit usually about two to three weeks
after your last frost date okay Sharon thank you so much you and camera guy
inspire me wow that’s neat very sweet glad to hear it see you later
Nellie Koons thank you so much for joining us hope to see you all again we
will be live-streamed on Monday to Nelly so I hope we can see you then too okay
Brittany a few of my tomato seedling plants are looking weak how to help them
okay Brittany you might want to add number one just make sure that they’re
you know fairly close to those grow lights about two to three inches away
and then you might want to give them a little dose of some liquid fertilizer
make sure you do it out about half strength give them a little boost and
keep them going and also make sure they’re growing in a nice warm spot in
your house probably somewhere that’s around 65 to 75 degrees and that’ll
really help them out to Jakarta Indonesia had to sign off so we’ll see
you next time thanks for being here see you later thanks for joining us
okay bye mister crazy-cool enjoy your dinner okay
see Priscilla thank you for your videos Kim I’m growing my first garden this
year tried to start last year but boxer puppy got into it and then had a baby
wow you got a lot going on so this year is going to be my year I totally I’m
right behind you there Priscilla this is going to be your year fingers crossed
and I can’t wait to hear about all your beautiful harvests Lucien had a question
I think it’s coming up let’s see yes if all my plants haven’t germinated yet if
you have can I remove the heat mat and put the lights on timer um you know what
I would wait a little bit until your warm weather plants have all germinated
you couldn’t even leave your heat mat you leave your seedling that’s on top of
your heat mat for a week or two just to get them going nice and strong now we
did have we did have some really warm weather and my plants on my heat mat got
a little overheated so kind of keep an eye on the weather
and see what it’s like make sure your plants are still growing if you notice
that there’s stopped growing and definitely take them off the heat mat
but it should be good for a while okay could you explain this is from Mattias
could you explain acclimating plants to the Sun yes we’re actually going to be
doing a video on that hopefully this weekend you want to acclimate them
slowly to the outdoors so what I like to do is take them outside for an hour so
the first day and then bring them back inside put them under grow lights and
then gradually increase their time outdoors in the Sun until they’re
outside 24/7 then they’re ready to put outside now keep in mind though if
you’re gonna have frost or anything like that you want to keep it on your plants
and then bring them in if the weather is gonna be too severe for them but
watch our video this weekend and it should give you some more details on
that okay hope King I keep getting root rot with my tomatoes what do I do I grow
them in pots you may be giving them a little bit too much water hope so I
would just maybe left so you can check the moisture of your pot with your
finger if you put your finger down in your pot and it feels dry then you’ll
need to water it if it’s moist then you don’t need to water and yeah just keep
an eye on it Ashley it was so cool how you are
enjoying the videos and getting great advice so glad to hear it
it really inspires us to keep filming and keep making videos thank you okay
we’re gonna take one or two more questions and then sign off for the
evening Jeannie I’m waiting for my seats to come in the mail my first attempt at
an apartment garden wow I’m really glad you’re growing in an apartment we’re
actually gonna be doing a small space series coming up so happy planting is
gonna be really fun to grow your own food in your apartment okay did you
Irene did you get any okra on your plant yes I did I got several okras on my
plant last year and I have to be honest though okra is not my favorite vegetable
it’s a beautiful plant it’s absolutely gorgeous but I tried it several
different ways and it’s okay but it’s not my favorite but hey yeah it’s very
easy to grow so go for it okay Nicole my favorite thing about spring is looking
for anything that has started to germinate it’s like a scavenger hunt I
just love it yeah it’s really fun to get outside
especially after a rain like we’ve had this week I wanted to show you guys
what’s in front of us here it’s really greening up the nasturtiums are starting
to trail down the hill here and it is really fun to come outside and just see
what’s grown day after day I knew I have some poppies coming up at the very top
of the hill and the flowers are gonna be in full bloom in a couple of weeks once
we get some sunshine we actually have had a lot of really cold weather here
cold for us anyway so we’re looking forward to hopefully it
warming up real soon you can see Mack back there he’s checking out all the
birds flying around okay guys this has been a ton of fun thank you so much for
joining us here tonight to celebrate spring with us and if you were a winner
of one of the giveaways make sure you email me and we’ll get you those prizes
sit right out so it’s been a lot of fun spending the first evening of spring
here with you all thanks for taking the time out of your evening to join us and
it’s yeah it’s finally spring winter felt so long this year
yes aggress alright guys don’t forget to join us on Mondays livestream at noon
pacific time share it with your friends so we
can all enjoy and be part of this garden community and stay connected it seems
like a lot of people are liking this live stream at this time too I wonder if
maybe this summer we should have these just for that little outside fire chat
yeah what do you guys think about that let us know that be found have evening
live streams everyone energy here I’m you know that’s pretty cool plus it is
it nice to have camera guy on the video I think it’s wonderful to have him here
I love it I’m not doing much that’s okay you’re the Vanna White your
moral support fireside livestreams okay a lot of
people are saying yes Christine okay surprised by this yeah I really thought
people would be into their you know evening routines and stuff like that
look at that well right now – a lot of people are home so maybe it would be a
good time to start trying to maybe a once I’m returning I see that we got Oh
easier to tuning after work that’s awesome Jessica happy hour MA Debbie
yeah happy their favorite beverage alright guys stay safe stay healthy yes
you guys are the best we love seeing you on Monday he just
said it but I said it too alright guys see you later celebrate
somewhere tonight bye bye

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  2. I had to zoom away just as you were doing the 3rd giveaway. I got an important phone call. I'll have to watch the replay to catch the rest of your video.

  3. I just started watching it now as I’m on my balcony tending to my plants. I reached out to you last year when I was starting to garden for the first time ever and I too am in SoCal, in the South Bay in San Diego to be specific and it’s chilly! I’m nervous that my veggies are going to not be able to tolerate it especially since I just planted a few new ones not expecting the cold weather. Anyway, I guess I’ll have to wait until Monday to ask my questions regarding my balcony garden that is in need of organization help as I don’t have a clue how to use the space I have available efficiently. I wish I could show a photo of what I’m talking about or if anyone is in San Diego who would like to help me out I’d appreciate it! Thanks Kim for hosting this discussion as it’s always nice to know other women in San Diego…hope to connect in person with any if you’re willing. Happy Spring everyone! Stay happy and healthy, everyone…and smile! It not only can make you feel better, but it can have such a positive impact on another person and you may never know that it did! 😁Peace be with you all!

  4. You guys are amazing!!! Such a jumping live stream! Just finished watching the replay because I was to busy in the chat during the actually live stream, Hahaha, soooo much fun!!! Thank you both so much. You both give so much and always worry so much about all of us. You both are an inspirational example of what to strive for… not only in the garden but in life as well. Jerry, it’s always really nice to see you both… you add a bunch my friend. Anyways, lots of love you two and thanks for a really fun stream!

  5. I'm starting my first small garden from seeds but I have a dog that likes to dig out my pots any recommended ways to keep her away, she's a big husky? I was thinking of hanging (vertical garden type) over my brick yard wall… any suggestions on that too? Im thinking rectangular planters? What would work best to get good fruits, vegetables herbs?

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  10. So greatful for these videos! This is my first spring when I'm growing peppers, tomatoes, herbs and later on I'm going to put some squash. I started my seeds indoors about two weeks ago, and now I found out that I was supposed to take the heat mat off after they germinated. Now I'm worried that they are going to be leggy! I know I can plant tomatoes deeper, but what about peppers? I'm going to plant these outside on my balcony in June, I wasn't planning on transplanting them before that, but I don't know if they are going to survive that long. I also don't think I have time to plant new peppers, maybe I would have time for tomatoes. Can someone help me? 🙁

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