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집에서 하는 유산소운동 다이어트 [칼소폭]

Hello, everyone. This is Tank and Odri! Today, we’re gonna do ‘calorie burning’ workout, which even beginners can do. From warming up to last stretches, we’ve collected all kinds of workouts that can burn your calories A LOT. So let’s try our best! One, two, three… Fighting! First one is, walking on the spot. For 30 seconds! Lift up your heels, and tread lightly. It’s literally a warming up. This is for warming up your body, so swing your arms like this and warm up your body. Lightly. And next, Hopping on the spot For this one too, lift your heels and run lightly. You can move your arms like this. It’s like a tongue twister. My tongue is not warmed up yet. It’ll be much more effective when you move your arms like this. But if you find this tiresome, just gather your arms like this. First move. Ventral jack. Arms forwards, and put your legs apart at the shoulder width. One. Two. Do this for 30 seconds. Ventral Jack. For this one too, lift your heels and jump lightly. Do this for 30 seconds. She said I was too fast. Faster!! And from here, Active rest. For 15 seconds. Active rest is to end up the last move and prepare the next move. And then, squat. Put your legs apart, little bit wider than your shoulder width. Gather your hands like this, and sit like this. Until your thighs become parallel to the ground. Your back should become natural arch-shaped. Don’t bend too much or straighten it too much. Natural arch-shaped. Naturally. Naturally. And again, active rest. It’s not a break time. You’r still burning your calories. And you should be prepared for the next move. And next, side leg raise. Your elbows and knees are about to meet. And do this sideways. Side exercise. Don’t do it like this. Odri is watching. Lift it to your side, naturally. Someone is murmuring behind me. Active rest. 15 seconds. Next move is slow Burpee test. Okay. Let’s go. One. Two. Three four, five and six. This is one move. Do this for 30 seconds. One, You know this Burpee test, a.k.a. Devil’s workout? This is like a semi version of that. Slow version. It’s still so hard even though we’re doing slow. So exhausted. Again, active rest. Lift your heels and run lightly. You can do this side to side, as if you’re doing boxing. Or you can do it like us. Now, let’s do fly jack. It’s quite easy. Ventral Jack is up and down, and this fly jack is side to side. Looks easy, right? But if you did it for real, I’m already exhausted even though it’s not even half of this workout routine. Do this for 30 seconds. Move your arms side to side, lightly. Active rest. You shouldn’t stop. I said it’s ‘calorie burning workout’. So you’re gonna burn your calories every single seconds. So you must do this active rest too. Next is mountain climber. Quite famous one. From here, Left, Right. Left, right. Left… This is an abdominis workout. It burns massive amount of calories. Great abdominal workout. Left, right. Left, right. Left, right. Left, right. Stand up Do active rest for 15 seconds. Run lightly. If you’re too exhausted, do it slowly. High knee jack. One, two. This is one movement. One, two One, two For 30 seconds. Clap your hands like this. Make sure you don’t bend your back like this. Lift your legs instead. Lift your thighs. Active rest. Get ready for the next movement… We’ll do bicycle crunch. Look forward to it. And then, lie down on the floor. Hands next to the ears, And pull up like this. Twist through your core so the opposite arm comes towards the raised knee. Abdominal workout. Cardio & abdominal exercise. It burns a lot of calories too. Oh, slowly. Stand up and do active rest. For 15 seconds. Next is fast feet. Let’s go! Arms in front, lower your body down into a half squat position Until your belly starts to shake. Left, right. Side to side. Lift your heels. It’s supposed to be like this fast. But it’ll be super hard if you do it fast So just follow our speed. For 30 seconds. Without rest, Active rest. Lightly. Now it’s time for Jumping jack. You know this, right? P.T. Jump. It’s P.T. Jump. For 30 seconds. Whole Body Exercise. Again, active rest for 15 seconds. Next movement is to lift your leg in plank position. Whole body & hip-up exercise. Plank and leg lift. Let’s start from the left. You don’t have to lift it high. Do it until your flexibility allows. In 45 degree angle. Like this. Do it like this Whole body & hip up workout. Back side of you thigh. For 30 seconds. Active rest. Are you following me, Odri? Elbow plank. Don’t rest. Bend your arms like this.. Keep your back flat. Contract your abdominals to keep yourself up. Face down. Prevent your booty from sticking up. Picture your body as a long straight board, or plank. It’s much harder than you expected. Active rest. Active rest for 15 seconds. Odri just said active rest is like a breaktime! Lunges! Make sure you don’t bend your back like this. This is not a back workout. Straighten your back. Go down, contracting your thighs. For 30 seconds. Don’t do it like this. Straighten your back as much as you can. And next, Active rest. 15 seconds. Odri said active rest is like a break time. I agree. Break time. An next is skater hops. Like this. Jump lightly. As if you’re skating on the ice…. Okay. I quit. Jump lightly, like this. Great workout. Do it for 30 seconds. Active rest for 15 seconds. Next is… You know why I’m not explaining? Because I’m already exhausted. I’m gonna put another video here. Toe touch kick. You shouldn’t bend your knees too much, Straighten your legs… Lift your legs by using your abdominal and thighs. As if you really touch your toe. For 30 seconds. Active rest. Actually I prepared some explanations, But I can’t… since this is too… I have to rest at some point. Stance jack. One, two, three. Like this. Sorry. Gather your legs… Odri told me to gather my legs as I get down, but I didn’t do so. To be honest. Stance jack. Active rest for 15 seconds. You’re reaching the half point. Almost. Cheer up! And next, Trunk twist. Lock your fingers, and from left Take a breath. 30 seconds. Breathe deeply. You should rest well in this position. Trunk twist, 30 seconds. And for next, Without rest, let’s do the second set. Skip Walking/hopping on the spot Let’s go straight ahead to Ventral jack, you remember? In squat position, 30 seconds! Ventral jack is kinda easy. Lift your heels and jump lightly. Without rest, do active rest. You should’ve gotten sweat all over body by now. And next, squat. Don’t push me so hard. I’ll do it. I’ll do it. Gather your hands like this. For 30 seconds. She started first. Guys, Odri is like this. If you stopped even for a sec, you will find yourself losing your strength and hoping to rest. So it is super important to do it without rest! Done with squats, Active rest. For 15 seconds. You can do it when you’re exhausted. Good words. Raise your arms like this From left, right. Side to side. Use your side to lift your legs. Side leg raise. Side to side. For those who has a lot of fats on sides. Essential! Active rest. Odri is gaining her strength, and I’m losing mine. It’s like that. Slow Burpee test. One, two, three, four One, two, three, four, One, two, three, four One, two, three, four, One, two, three, four One, two, three, four, Active rest for 15 seconds. Next is fly jack. You remember? Arms to the sides. She said she want this kind of explanation. Fly jack! Fighting! For 30 seconds! I think I’m gaining strength after I hit my limit. It’s weird. I made an incantation… and it worked. Do this for 30 seconds. I had no energy at first but now, weirdly…. I think you might feel that right now. Follow us! Active rest. She says it’s Odri’s magic. We talk too much today, right? Here we go! Cheer up, guys! Straight to mountain climber! Face down, and then start with left side. Right. Pull it up with your abdominal. Whole body cardio & abdominal workout. Mountain climber. Don’t fudge, Odri. Pull it tight! I did! Pull it to the chest! Use your abdominal to pull. Active rest for 15 seconds. Next is high knee jack. Lift your knee up. Like this. Clap your hands. I told you not to bend your back like this, right? If you did like that, it becomes less effective, so use your thighs to lift your legs. Like this. You should use your abdominal, too. For 30 seconds. And without break, active rest for 15 seconds. As I told you before, You can do this, side to side. Do what fits you. Next, bicycle crunch. Lie down. Hands next to your ears and twist. Three, slowly. Use your abdominal. Pull up and twist. Cardio & abdominal workout. Don’t use your head and neck. Use your ab and thighs. Pull it up… You’ll get a neck disc if you use your neck when you do the abdominal workout. Active rest. Next is, fast feet, for 30 seconds. You know this one, right? Feet apart and arms in front, Lower your body down, do this for 30 seconds. Well, it’s more effective if you do this faster. But if we did this fast, we’ll be knocked out… So let’s do slowly. Lift your heels, and bend your knees. Because if not, you’ll get too much weight on your knees. Like this. And next. I was almost fainted. For a second. I was okay when I was at the halfway, but now… Now, Devil’s workout! Jumping jack! Use your arms wide. Bend your knees a bit. Jump lightly. For 30 seconds. Lightly. Lightly. She’s like a trainer. She tole me to stretch my arms. And next is Plank & leg lift. In straight plank position, You can lift your hips in this position. And from there, lift your left foot. For plank, you should lower your hips down normally, But since this is a hip-up workout, lift your hips. Lift your legs, one by one. For 30 seconds. And without break, Never rest. If you rest, you’ll be knocked down. Odri, are you following me? You can see her, right? We’re doing great. Elbow plank. Face down, and with your elbows… Keep your back flat. And stay. Use your core muscles – abdominal, hips, thighs and back. And face down. I can’t speak any more. And hold. Tightened your stomach. Tip from Odri, who’ve done plank for 4 year. Hop lightly. For 15 seconds. Run lightly. If you shake your arms like this, it’ll be more effective but it’s hard. Lunge jack. One, two. Make sure you don’t bend your back. You know lunge, right? Lower body until right thigh is parallel to floor and right shin is vertical. Thigh & hip workout. And again, active rest. Since I’m heavier than Odri, I feel more exhausted. And next, skater hops. Like this. Hop lightly. Lightly. Lightly. Active rest. For 15 seconds. And from here, toe touch kick. Tap your toes with your hands. Straighten your knees as much as you can. Don’t do it like this. Straighten it. Use your abdominal and front thigh. Front thigh. Active rest. She makes me down. And from here, without rest, stance jack! Like this. For 30 seconds. Great, so great. We’re almost there. Those who’re heavy like me, you’re doing great guys. Cheer up! And next, Trunk twist. Lock your fingers, and then turn left, middle, right. Left, It’s not your head turning. You should twist your trunk. Your trunk. Trunk. So that’s it for the ‘calorie burning workout’ for today, But we should do some stretches before wrapping up. So the next one is Hands on the floor, You know this position, right? Pull up to the ceiling. Relax your chest, abdominal, back and waist. For 10 seconds. Slowly. Do it like this You can do this, but it’s not planned, actually. Let’s move on. From here, pull your thigh and legs to the chest. Head on the floor. Feel this side of hip and thigh stretch. Let’s do the other side. Stretch your hips and thighs. Did you feel them relaxed? For next, sit still From here, Right hand to left and pull. Relax your left shoulder. Flat back. Tilt your head to the right. Stretch this side of your neck. And opposite side… Place your left hand on the top of your head Relax your right shoulder And apply gentle pressure with your hand. Next, Let’s do this slowly. We’re done with burning calories. Hold your left elbow with your right hand Don’t move your trunk And stretch your shoulder . Shoulder and arm stretching. Pull your elbow toward your opposite shoulder. Don’t move your trunk like this. Do this for 10 seconds. Are we done? Let’s do the other side. Hold your elbow. Sit tall, Stretch your shoulders and arms. Pull it slowly. But don’t hurt yourself. Just lightly. It’s stretching. Done? So this is the last one. Stand tall Legs apart, and with your two hands, push it like this. For 10 seconds. And the other side… Stretch your inner & outer thigh. Done. Breathe deep. Just like we started our workout with warming up, Cool-down is also very important. I believe you cooled down your body with these stretchings. Well done today! We’re done with today’s! If you have questions or if you need motivation, please leave a comment. We’ll reply to those comments as much as we can. If this video helps you, please like and subscribe! Let’s wrap this up. Keep up with your diet! One, two, three Fighting!

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