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(Have~ you~ subbed~ to~ me~?) (If you haven’t~ click on it down there~) (YangPang YouTube) (This video is sponsored by Ocean World) You’re like our porter.
We’re all carrying at least one bag each. It’s not cold. It’s 33°C today. (91°F) (Perfect weather for the waterpark) What we’re filming today…
Many people will visit Ocean World, right? So we’ve prepared tips for those
who want to check out Ocean World. You just have to take the exact course
that I’ll be taking. You’ll be able to get on the slides
before they get crowded with people. Geumzi keeps getting scared. (Pale) What’s this? What’s this one called?
(Super Boomerango) (Hardcore from the get-go) Wait! (Wait, it’s not that bad) No! (Swoosh) (Crazy hair) (Scared straight) (Straightened hair) (Monster Blaster) I’m all wet! (Geumzi’s outroar) Unni, are you crazy?
(Geumzi’s outroar) I think it’s going to drop off. (Spot on ^-^) (Two sisters that are out of it) You look drenched, Dad. (Heading to the next slide) We just went on the Monster Blaster
and the Super Boomerango. And we’re on the move.
To the Double Spin. Ah, there are 2 sphinxes
because it’s Double Spin. (Accidentally figured it out) (Double Spin) Here we go. Don’t let go of the handles. Bye bye. Why am I going backwards? (Hey!) (SPLASH) (Scared laughter) (Bewildered) Dad! Dad, what are you doing? (Screaming) All I can hear is everyone’s screaming. (Double Tornado) How do I put my feet up? You have to sit the other way. (Intellectually challenged) Mama! (Mama!!!) There’s a steep drop! (Sudden drop) (QUACK) (There’s that crazy hair again) Another drop!!! Waah. (Getting plenty of moisture) (Dad going to the restroom) Did you pee your pants, Dad?
Was it too scary? Dad peed his pants. (Cairo Racing) (Geumzi) (Musa=Dad’s nickname) (YangPang) (LOL) (Like seaweed that’s come to life) Is it 10:30? It only took us an hour
to go on all the rides. You need to come in the morning. You must get here early.
(The early bird gets the good rides) (Super Extreme River) YP: I won’t tell you.
Staff: There’s a height limit. Excuse me? Staff: You need to be over 130cm.
YP: I’m over 130cm. I’m over 130cm tall. As if I’m too short.
(YP is 155.4cm, had to add this so she wouldn’t smack us) (Huh?) (A big wave) Unni, I’m scared! Wait for me! Dad, come here. (Hey, it’s YangPang) Go over there. I’m scared.
Guys, I’m scared. Here it comes! Here it comes!! (Send help) Unni, where are you?
Are you a salmon? Are you a salmon, unni?
(Going against the current) (Where are you going?) Are you a salmon, unni?
(Where are you going?) (There’s something fun here) (Save the salmon) (Salmon’s so excited) (Spewing) (Mellowed out) (Surprise) (Gurgle) (WAAAAHHHH) (Save our OrangPangTan) (Water shower) (Phone out of order) Whose shoe is this? Whose is this? Mom: I’m not going there, let go. YP: Just stick with me.
Mom: I’m not going there. Let go! YP: Here it comes.
Mom: Let go! (SPLASH!) (Nyahaha) Geumzi’s having a blast! (So much fun) (I’m dying here) Let’s go into the warm pool for a bit. So warm. (Gurgle) (Hehe) (HEAVY METAL) (Wave Bridge) (Nervous) Here comes YangPang! (Wow, it’s YangPang!) I’m so scared. (Stumble) (Come at us, OrangPangTan) Why are they doing that? Please go easy on us. Please take it easy. (Let’s do this) (Pursed concentration lips) (Hang in there, Yang Family) (PaPang is out) (Another elimination) (Stay on to the end, YP&GZ) (Slip) (I can’t lose like this) (Save me) (Flop) All that’s left is… (GEUM JONG KOOK) (I ate all that chicken breast for this day) (Stumble) (Out) (So close…) (Grab) (Zip) (Geumzi harvested) Dad, me too! (Zip) (YangPang harvested) PUNCH (Racing ahead) (YangPang can walk on water?) I’m walking on water right now. (Invisible Bridge) (Hehehehe) [LOL] (Ow…) Dummy. Dummy! (I’ll show you how it’s done) [OMG, almost had a heart attack] (Another dummy) (Embarrassed) [Seriously, lol this family] (Discussing something) (Not up for it) 1, 2, 3. Until we get it. 1, 2… (So happy) (Camping Cabana) Let’s take a look inside. Wow! They even have a TV. Hey, check this out. Mom: Wow, this is nice. Eunzi, make this your home. I don’t think so. PUNCH It’s not over yet. (Giant Waterplex) (So powerful) (Here we go) (I’m scared) Here it comes… (So cool) (Really powerful) (Dizzy) (Surfing Mound) The scariest thing for me is the wave pool. My feet don’t reach the bottom. My feet don’t reach. (Scared $h!#less) (SAVE ME!!!) (Screaming) (Slowly backing up) (Splash Splash) (Dizzy Dizzy) (It’s not over yet) You hold her. (MAMA!) (Crash) (Phone died again) The water turned the camera off. (An even bigger wave this time) No. (Gurgle gurgle) (Lost phone) Guys! GUYS! Guys… (Giggle) (Dad KOed) Unni, let’s go. I tell you the scariest, funnest, most thrilling slide
in all of Ocean World. That blue one. (AKA Super Boomerango) That one’s insane. As soon as you get here,
line up for that blue one. (Giant Waterplex in Slide) Let’s ride that one first
(Giant Waterplex in Slide) That’s a scary angle. That scared me. (Side effects of being surprised) (Disappearing into the darkness) (Shivering in fear) Here I go, guys. (Your face is way scarier) (RIP YangPang?) Waaaahhhh Are you alright? Give me my shoes. (Let’s go home now) Once you’re done in the water park… My hair’s still wet right now.
So I’m heading to dry it. (Really?) (Where will you go to dry your hair?) (Sky Swing) Sky Swing. (A new way to naturally dry your hair) Everyone, listen up. I’ll give you a great tip
for visiting Ocean World this year. You can visit for free! There’s a hashtag mission.
Take a photo of your visit to Ocean World, with the hashtags #SummerMission #OceanWorld,
and upload them on Instagram… Until August 25th, five people will be chosen per week
at and they will win free tickets to Ocean World! They also have a dance mission.
Record a cover dance video of the Ocean Dance, and upload onto SNS and confirm
at, for your chance to be one of five weekly winners
to win free tickets to Ocean World. Winners could also win an iPhone X… Extra small… An iPhone extra small… It’s XS! – X Small…
– XS… An iPhone XS, Nintendo Switch
and other prizes. So please take part! (We hope you have a great summer!) [Check description for competition details~~~]

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