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몬스타엑스, 에버랜드 입장! 5린이 은준이와 환상의 나라로 렛츠기릿! ㅣ MONSTA X’s TWOTUCKBEBE Day Ep.7 (ENG SUB)

[Exciting] [ZIZIGOM screams like a dolphin] [Surprised by kiddie speed] Why are you so slow? [Tardy] TWO-TUCK-BE-BE! MONSTA X’s TWOTUCKBEBE Day! [EP.7 What a Siberian Tiger] [Welcome] [EUNJUN is excited!] [NUNUGOM as well!] – It’s been about 20 years.
– Me too. [How exciting]
Everland in 20 years! Let’s go! Enter in fresh new ways! [Pressured] Hi! [Silly entrance] [Silly second] [Silly third] – EUNJUN, make a V.
– V! [What a cutie] [EUNJUN enters with a V] – Hi!
– Hi! Hi! [Watching his every move] [Let’s have fun] [Packed with people year round] [This place is] [Everland Theme Park] [Let’s have a blast] Fantasy land, Everland! [Too excited]
Everland! When do we see Lio* King? You want to see that first? EUNJUN, do you like ice cream? He wants to see Lio* King first. [A bit disappointed] – Lio* King!
– You want to see that? Lio* King first! [MINGGOM scans around] Lio* King! [Did you say Lio* King?] [Where?]
He’s a friend of Lio* King. No! [Tiger, a friend of Lio* King] [Fun even without Lion* King] Want to jump on three? 1, 2, 3! [EUNJUN aircraft takes off] [Vroom] This is like “The Return of Superman.” [LOL]
Some might think shooting it. [Music playing] Where is this song coming from? From the castle. See that? I want to see the castle. [What to do] I want to see it! [!!!] I want to see it! [Throwing a classic tantrum] [Startled]
I want to enter the castle. – Stand up.
– Can’t we enter the castle? What’s wrong? He wants to enter the castle. That won’t do for me! [What did you say?] – You want to enter the castle?
– I want to! Let’s do that. That’s not a castle, but 8 seconds. How about a 8-second visit? [Let’s shop next time] – Here is a dinosaur.
– EUNJUN, you love dinosaurs! [Hi!] Look at the dinosaur! T-Rex! [That’s scary] [What it’s like for a five-year-old] – Are you scared?
– Yes! [Backing away fast]
He’s scared. [Quick to change his mind] He likes toy dinosaurs. But not when they’re big. [Just like SHOWNU-saurus] [Making the same face] EUNJUN, wait for me here. I want to enjoy a ride! [MINGGOM was a kid for a while] [Approaching] Roar! Roar! [What? / Playing innocent] [Making a quick stop]
– Isn’t this Zootopia? – The zoo! Waah! [EUNJUN flops down] [After walking 20 minutes] [Legs hurt without a stroller] – Your legs hurt?
– Want us to carry you? – I’ll give him a piggyback.
– My legs hurt. Carry me. [Boarding KIHYUN’s back] Alright! Don’t rip his legs apart. [Legs spread] [A beginner mom’s piggyback] He won’t grab on. – Carry him with your arms.
– His legs might rip. [Passing to ZIZIGOM?]
– Want to? – Okay, come here. [Oops-a-daisy]
Let’s go! [Excited hugging his favorite bear] Don’t you sled over there? Wow, that’s really far. [15 more minutes on foot] HYUNGWON, will you be okay? [Oh shoot] That’s a bit… far! When my dad carried me as a kid, his shoulder popped out. [Grunt]
Because it was for too long. MINHYUK can carry him later. Sorry, I’m not that strong. – I saw a zebra here.
– You did? – There is a tiger.
– Where? EUNJUN, there is a tiger. [Is there a real tiger?] [More excited than the kid] [MINGGOM arrives first to see] This way, you can see a tiger. Tiger? That’s a huge tiger! [A tiger view in 20 years]
Out of the way! [EUNJUN finally meets the tiger] [Oh, that animal is…] Isn’t that a Siberian Tiger? Wow! – Smart boy!
– I saw him in my book. You did? Let’s see him closer. I need to pee. – You have to pee?
– Yes. Hey! EUNJUN has to pee! [Hearing the startling news] [Glancing around]
Where is the bathroom? [Don’t wet your pants]
EUNJUN, hang on. Isn’t that a Siberian Tiger? [Checking]
Do you have to pee? – That’s a Siberian Tiger!
– Not pee-pee? False alarm! [The words sound similar] [After the pee-pee incident]
Look at that tiger! [Fascinated] [Awesome-looking tiger]
– Wow, look! – So big. – Say hello to him.
– Hi, tiger! [Hi there] Why won’t the tiger swim? He actually does. But he can’t shower right now. The weather is too cold. [I see] Hang out here with EUNJUN. [MINGGOM runs somewhere else] [What animal captivates him?] [Come here] What is it? [The animal is this big] EUNJUN, there is a big animal. Something big. Where is the big animal? What is that? That’s smooth diving. [Seal friends are swimming]
– Look! – Seals! – They’re looking at the camera.
– Right at us. Can you see what that is? Do they get in the water? Yes, they do. [Amazed]
They float without swimming. [Hi EUNJUN & MONSTA X] – You want to see penguins?
– Yes. – Where are the penguins?
– Over here. Do you see the penguins lined up? Why are they lined up? I’m not really sure. – I wonder why.
– To dive into the ocean? [Sweet answers]
Maybe they’re waiting to dive. Why are three penguins over there? [Because we feel like it] [MONSTA are penguin-holics] You want to come down? I want to pee. EUNJUN has to pee for real! [Making a fuss]
– Pee-pee! – This way! – He really has to pee now.
– Bathroom! [Restroom nearby]
– Come here. – You can pee here. [Urgent] [What a relief] There is a snack corner. [Snacks before warming up] Do you want one? Yes, corn! [Cob on a stick] [After enjoying rice crackers] [Popcorn for dessert] [#TWOTUCKGOM_Bears_Munching] [Mindful about TWOTUCKBEBE] – Yum-yum-yum-yum!
– Is it good? You seem to enjoy popcorn. [Super delicious] [Feeling good]
♪ Daddy, give me more, woof-woof ♪ [Mommy bear smiles happily] [Sharing snacks and love] ♪ Woof-woof-woof ♪ [Still on their way to sled] – Yay, we’re finally here!
– Snow Buster! – Do you see the sledding hill?
– That looks fun. – Is this the sledding park?
– Yes! [Sledding down a snowy hill] [Can’t make up my mind] [How exciting] [Here we go sledding!] [Let’s have a good time] The gloves will warm your hands. Does that feel okay? [Securing the cute bear-hat]
– Hold still. – Hat on! [Thank you, bears]
Good boy! Want to ride alone or together? [Thinking hard] [It’s scary alone]
Together! [Okie / Coochie-coo]
He said together. [EUNJUN’s pick among them] I wanna ride with Mimigom (?). You like NUNUGOM? I wanna ride with Mimigom (?). [Envious]
You like NUNUGOM? [Hehe] I like you, EUNJUN. [Holding hands]
– You ride with me. – Together. [Let me see here] [Arrrrgh]
That look scary. EUNJUN might get scared. [OMG]
Are you scared, EUNJUN? [Nervous]
EUNJUN! Sir! Bro! EUNJUN is nervous. Want to see who is the fastest? – No.
– No? Are you scared? [Bromance]
I want to ride together! That’s good. [Super-bear, keep me safe] [Don’t worry, baby bear] [Reassured with NUNUGOM]
Let’s go down fast. – You want to sled down fast?
– Yes. Carry me! – Huh? Carry you?
– Carry me! [Light as a feather] Are we doing that? Yeah, we’re going to sled down. I want to ride now! [Wiping eye booger]
Together with NUNUGOM. Let’s ride together. – Let’s get ready now.
– We’re next. Let’s go, EUNJUN! Here we go, this way! [Heave-ho] [Sledding together as promised] This looks scary for kids. – You think so?
– Yeah. – EUNJUN, you can do this!
– Way to go! – EUNJUN, are you ready?
– Yes. – You can do this!
– Let’s go! Let’s go, EUNJUN! [Lane 1 HAMGOM / Lane 2 MINGGOM] [Lane 3 NUNUGOM & TWOTUCKBEBE
Lane 4 DANYGOM] [3, 2, 1] [START] [Sledding down] [Let’s get it] [Super nervous] Isn’t it too fast for EUNJUN? [Come on, super-bear] [DANYGOM is having fun] [First place]
This is faster than I thought! [Surprised by kiddie speed] Why are you so slow? [HAMGOM 100km/h vs. MINGGOM 5km/h] Why is this going so slow? [MINGGOM is taking all day] It keeps spinning around. [KIHYUN (28) / Sensitive to speed]
Is it supposed to be this fast? [Who wins the sledding race?] [3rd / Obviously last / 2nd / 1st] [Tardy] [EUNJUN makes it down 2nd place!] [Wow] – Fun!
– Did you have fun? Did you enjoy the ride? – It was fun!
– Right? Let’s go. [Coochie-coo]
I loved it! [Total satisfaction]
– It was fun. – Yeah, it was! Wasn’t it faster than you thought? I was scared on my way down! EUNJUN, did you have fun? – I want to ride again.
– Yeah? [This kid now loves sledding]
– Fun, right? – Want to ride again? It was fun in a long time. It’s been about 20 years! [Asking time and again]
Was it fun? [Sledding-holic]
– I want to again! – Yeah? [Let’s enjoy the ride]
You ready? Put your feet up. Let’s go down! [This is exciting] [Just what he loves]
This is fun! Wow! This is fun! [ZIZIGOM screams like a dolphin] [Today is a ball of fun] [Having fun riding in 20 years] [Taking NUNU-flight to Antarctica] [Today becomes a precious memory] [Safely down in super-bear’s arms] Was that fun? Want to ride again? [They kept sledding for a while] [Together with TWOTUCKGOM] [EUNJUN’s first sledding ride] [With TWOTUCKGOM]
I loved it! (x2) [#First sledding #Successful
#Super-bear rocks] [Tasty extra footage] [Rice crackers] [I want some] [Should I give or not] [DANYGOM is the best] [Give me another piece] [Acting cute] [I finally get some love] ♪ Daddy, give me more, dadada ♪ [MONSTA X’s TWOTUCKBEBE Day
Watch episode 8 on Tuesday!]

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  1. Shownu is oozing with the husband aura and it hurts to know only one girl would be lucky to marry him. Whoever you are, Shownu's future wife, you're so damn lucky

    Really i love this version of twotuckgom, really fun and precious. Eunjun is so cute like a little bear! oh, so cute-.

  3. Oh My, this episode took so much cuteness!! Poor my heart 😻😻. Even Eunjun know who the one can make him feel save, it's my bear Nunu. You really have appa aura I think. This eps makes me imagine if someday I married with Nunu and have a kid, maybe it will be like this when we go to amusement park together kkk

  4. 내가 Kihyun에서 보는 것은 그가 내 아이들의 아버지가 될 경우 좋은 아버지가 될 것입니다.

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  6. Lindos de mi corazón.
    Shownu 🐻 Wonho 🐰 Kihyun 🐹 minhyuk 🐶 Hyungwon 🐢 Joohoney 🐝 IM 🐺

  7. Kihyun's over here looking like a real dad

    I just though of this, have u ever thought of what its going to be like when monsta x gets older, marries and has kids? They r going to be so cutee

  8. Fudge. This episode is super cute !!!!!!! Meanwhile, Minhyuk, as usual, is another kid whom the rest of the boys had to take care of haha

  9. They are giving the best happy memories to eunjun… Plus looking at them having a grear bond no wonder they will gonna be a good father in the future.

  10. Hi to all the monbebes!!!
    I know this is not related to the video but just wanted to ask some side b tracks by monsta x to listen to!! I’m new to the group and fandom and wanted to listen to more of their songs!!
    Thank you for taking the time to read this!!😊😊

  11. I know its to early to say this but i want to see monsta x in the return of superman someday huhu

    Eunjun why so cute !!

  12. At 8:09, IM is feeding Kyhyun since his arms and hands were busy holding the baby. Just love when the boys feed each other but even more so cause it's the baby of the group

  13. 9:14 Ahhhh!!! Quería ir con shownu!! ES LO MAS TIERNO!!! ME MUERO DE AMOR CON ESTOS CAP!!! GRACIAS MONSTAX!!😍💖💖

  14. They're all just so cute! Kihyun being the caring sweetheart that he is, Hyungwonnie and Changkyunie being sweet with Eunjun, Minhyuk being super playful, and Shownu being calm and strong, giving comfort. Shownu's giggle after Eunjun said "wow" at the end of the sled ride makes me so soft!
    Alsp Shownu really rocks backpacks…

  15. Shownu’s wife gonna see him and their kid being mad cute eveyday 😂why there’s only one Shownu in this world i’m frustrating

  16. Monbebe broke the Guinness record in the largest number of "uuuwwuuu" on Youtube. Thank you Twotuckgom. Eunjun we STAN ❤

  17. 5:14 omg they freak out with that false alarm especially Hyungwon and Changkyun telling Eunjun to hang on and not wetting his pants that was soo real

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