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고양이 워터파크를 오픈했어요!

Huh? (lol) What did you say? Oh my god! Where did you learn that? Face too~ Huh? (Laughing) (Butler appeared with unidentified Amazon box) They came as soon as I brought the box. Huh? (Bought a new toy since the previous one has been broken) Hmm…. I’ll open the other side too. (Surprised) Oh, fell off? Huh… Wait! You… (Laughing) I knew you would like it very much! What… Did you opened it to do grooming to each other? Wow… Don’t hang out with them. (lol) Ta-da! Why don’t we wash it with water? I gotta put treats on it. OK, I’ll do it, Lala. Wait here. Is the water sound too loud? Oh, do you wonder? Oh my… Oh, honey. Are you curious? Ta-da! Mommy helped you come up here~ Look! Kitty. Why? Do I look cool? Lulu: Oh… Lulu: Treats… Put it in here and… batteries should go this way. (Groaning) Yeah! How much do I need to tighten? Number 4. Number 5. (Got easier since it’s her second try) Number 6. Number 8. Number 7. It’s such a nice toy. Number 10. Number 9. I just washed it! Who told you to put your paws in there, kitty? Momo: I have no idea. No idea? (lol) I forgot where I put the manual… I’m in trouble now. Is it right? Would you let me know? I don’t think it’s right… No… Why do you bite, you little punk! (lol) Ta-da! It’s done! OK. Let’s do some test run. Hello? Could you make way for me? Gotta do some test run. Stop! Hold it from your side, doctor Coco. Swimming mat! Doesn’t go well… I’ll do it instead of a pump. Let’s play in the water with mommy! Do you like it? Hey… Don’t try to climb up, kitty. (Laughing) It’s as tall as you! (Laughing) DD! Come and look Churu slide that I built! Ta-da! Ta-da! I made it for you, DD. One, two, PAK! Plop~ Look! Plop! Shoong~ Plop! Wow! Ta-da! I’ll make Chuchu flow through here too. Oh, it’s over there. Is it in my hand? You want it? (lol) OK.I’ll take it out. Oh… Oh… I took it out. You want some only in my hand? Alright. I’ll put it on duck’s head. Churu~ Oh! Wow! It’s Gozila! (Laughing) TT! Ta-da! Do you know… Yeah, Churu slide! Ta-da! Here it is~ Rubbing? (lol) Are you just rubbing? Wanna eat it? No, it’s here. Come this way, sweetie. Here… Is it too high for you? Then… Here? There’s no place to sit… Come here~ Come here, sweetie. Do you like it when I give it to you? OK. Hey, please look at my research outcome, not my face. Here it is. Look! You know, in recreational facilities, we need to have food and beverage, huh? This way. Huh? (lol) What did you say? Oh my god! Where did you learn that? Wow! Coco finally makes sounds! Here. This way. A cute duckling is waiting for you. Ta-da! Oh~ You found it. Did you get it? The whole house smells fishy! (lol) Kitties smell fishy too! No! Lulu: Oh, hi. Hi! It’s ‘Churu slide’. Oh. Lulu: Yeah! Churu! Yes. Other kitties already had Churu here. But I think it would a bit tall for you… How about here? Lulu: Yeah! I think I can reach it… Lulu: Hello? Can you reach it? Here. Lulu: Yeah. My tongue is long so… Oh, Step-by-step lessons are available! I’m sorry but, can you reach here too? Here… Lulu: Sure! I become taller when I see treats! Lulu: I’m tall now. Are you? That’s amazing! One, two, POK! No. It went down. Over here! The big one is flowing down! Why can’t you see? It’s right there! Ta-da! Wow~ (lol) Having fun? Interesting? Take a look. I’ll put some Churu here. Stay here. Can you reach it? Lulu could reach it… Here it is! Let me help you. Here! It’s here. (surprised) (lol) Let me help. Wow! It’s so good! (Laughing) Wow! She got it! Wow! POK! I’ll give you some Churu. Here! No, the other side. Yeah… Here. It’s here. Why? Wow~ Wow~ Welcome to Churu slide! Oh my… (Laughing) No, don’t climb up… Don’t lean on it! Let it go! It’s falling down! Ugh!

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  1. Такие лапушки! Очаровательные котики и котята, пушистики и мимимишные мордочки😺😻❤🐱❤❤💖💗💕🧡👍👍👍👍👍

  2. We el título está en español la chica habla en coreano o yo que se y en los comentarios hablan inglés:v like si hablas español

  3. Sis tolong lah tau dong bukunya lebat2 n gndut2 pake apa aja itu n gmn caranya ku gmeess PGN kucingku Kya kucingmu

  4. They are soo Cute all, Love Lulu most dying from Cutnes overload 😍 want my Kitty to must wait a Half month, then i can have my Kitten ❤️

  5. aku lebih suka sama lulu dan tt soalnya kepala lulu bulat dan telinganya kecil imut kalau tt soalnya meongnya juga lucu sama lulu pokoknya imut deh

  6. Chuchu being the chaotic child she is and attempting to devour the box plus DD being the chaotic child he is and attempting to eat the slide omit the same energy

  7. 여러분 크림히어로즈 구독과 좋아요
    눌러 주시면 감사하겠습니당!!
    악플은 ㄴㄴ

    얼마 안된 구독자라서 좋아요를 마니 못 눌렀어요

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