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花の唄 (Hana no Uta) end of spring ver. / Aimer [English subtitle]

Those days were like dreams Now you’ve gone Left me with a coward smile and those gentle nails Just like those boring petals Let me forget the pain Gently, behind your back Cried and smiled I was filled with such a strange kindness, Made me recalling those never returning days Holding back my breath inside the miniature garden Seasons have forgotten to pass They were inside the peaceful time as if in the bottom of ocean Freezing petals Scattering and blooming in the night How painful, Just like the white snow All the deep sorrow that befell upon you, I just want to drive them all away I believe, I can’t forgive every single creatures who have hurt you I want to back to those gentle days so much that my tears are falling Petals of flowers that we looked together have withered and fallen Moon was hiding behind the clouds You lost your way Those eyes were about to burst into tears If you try to combine those two parts I believe, a gentle thing will be born even from a jagged heart You’ve never forgiven every single creatures who have hurt me That’s all enough for me I clang hard onto your hands that you’ve reached out just for a joke Finally, a warm ray of hope has lit up upon this world I gave up Freezing petals Cutting off through the night I gather every plucked lights into a bouquet Just like a happiness I just want to scatter them all Right above you You’ve promised me, right? That you’ll get angry if I do something bad That’s why, I believe that you’ll find me once again I don’t need to be in a lonely place anymore, right? Petals of flowers I looked up all alone by myself have withered and fallen

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