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【ファミコン】スーパーマリオ2に隠された異世界のバグ面を紹介します!⑥ / Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Bug stages.

Hello! My name is MEYAPON. This time I will also introduce the bug stages of Super Mario Bros. the Lost Levels that cannot be played normally. Watch a video of its contents. It is a Bill Blaster without a tip. The ground version of the sea stage is rare. The wind is blowing but Mario is not swept away by the wind. It is very rare to warp from a clay pipe to a bug stage. It looks like a trampoline. What is the identity of this blue Cheep Cheep? It was Koopa Troopa! It is a familiar 4-split Buzzy Beetle at the bug stage. Its identity is … This was Koopa Troopa too! How was it? See you next time!

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