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❤️💓आसानी से बनाइये स्प्रिंग रोल्स घर पे❤️🙂 | Cheese Burst Spring Rolls – Kids Snacks Recipe

Look at this, Spring rolls are so tasty These are crispy and cheese You can serve this as snacks anytime I am Reshu Drolia and you are welcome to my channel Mints Recipes So let’s start, how to make cheese burst spring rolls recipe Let’s make the stuffing mix all well You can substitute any vegetable Stuffing is ready Let’s cut mozzarella cheese also Take mozzarella cheese Cut this Now make strips Like we cut French Fry Mozzarella sticks are ready Making today Cheese burst spring rolls using Switz Spring roll sheets Which is very crispy and kids like it You can take any filling of your chice And homemade snacks are always hygienic Cut this Keep seats always in the deep freeze and take out one hour ahead This is spring rolls sheets Keep them always wrapped in a cloth to keep it moist Take one sheet Apply filling on the side Keep mozzarella sticks on top Fold it Roll it gently Apply Maida paste, How to make maida paste recipe is in description Now fold the sides smoothly Fold it like an envelope Now roll it gently One spring roll is ready Be careful to seal the sides properly Now make others like this These are ready now let’s fry these spring rolls Take some oil in a pan Allow it to hot When hot drop 4 spring rolls in oil You can buy these sheets fro any big stores like Big Basket, Spencers Etc Link is in the description box Spring rolls are fried now and turned into golden brown color Take out on a tissue paper These are very tasty and cheese and made from very few ingredients You can surprise your guest with this. They will love it Do like the video and subscribe my channel for more Indian recipes

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