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स्पिनर से 2 जादू सीखो Learn Easy FIDGET SPINNER TRICK

today we will learn magic with spinners let see how it works basically there are 2 tricks lets start guys subscribe our channel & press the bell icon full on fun, entertainment, magic by Dheeraj Shah Magician Whats’up guys how you are all? after long period i am making video for you because my study has started now but i promise i will upload videos regularly on viewers demand to make video on spinner lets just do it then first one easy try it for yourself with your phone camera when you spin it faster it stops.. & then start again.. but in reality its not like that its just because of framebit per second while recording, some bits not recorded thatswhy it looks like there is a gap it is so simple science now the second trick both side blank in centre i have permanent marker mark a cut on both the sides it will not rubbed from both the sides mark is gone from 1 side how it was? comment below if you like it then press like button subscribe for more interesting videos now let see how to do it you have to mark on only 1 side you have to act that you marked both the sides you have to twist the spinner like this how you fell please tell in comment section our channel crossed 1 lac plus subscribers

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  2. Magic mmmagic mmmm
    magic ,haa did you think it is magic ,we know it bro par Bhai isne ettne garmi mea video banaya hai ,So good .

  3. बहुत ही घटिया तेरी वीडियो है वीडियो बनाना छोड़ दे

  4. Abe yrr kise pgl bna rha h second side toh tune dikhai hi nhi uspe marker chalaya hi nhi tha😂😂🤣🤣

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