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الصف الثامن |المنهاج الأردني | الوحدة الخامسة

Module 5 page 49 exercise 1 And who’s this on the trampoline? Why is he upside-down? Why is there a ball? That’s my brother Hakim playing bossaball. It’s a sport invented in Spain. It’s like volleyball on a
trampoline, with parts of football and gymnastics. You can use any part of your body: Hakim is upside-down so
he can kick it over the net! How many people do you need? You need three to five players on each team. Hakim is playing with his friends; he says it’s fun. Do you play bossaball? Never! I like watching it, though. But I prefer skating and playing tennis. They’re less difficult. My brother Jamal is trying to convince Dad to let him go ice diving in Antarctica. Look! These are the brochures he brought. It looks very dangerous! That’s exactly what Dad said! He said: “Wait until you are old enough. Then, you can go. You are too young to go ice diving now!” I don’t think he’s very happy about it. No, he isn’t! So now Jamal wants to go rally
driving instead …

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