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Игровой комплекс – Детский Лабиринт и Надувные Аттракционы

Hi guys today we are going to have fun, and where we are going in the “razor” went How tall are you – 1.11 meters Natula look at there cars there Slide Now I’ll go to the maze Hello, Hello Let’s go to the pool with balls What are the numbers 6, 4, 5, 6 we have already put Yes. Let’s watch and 7 where? Seven What is this machine here? Show Mom I’ll show you Look what there is But they see See more shagayut so Mother mother give me a machine See here gas station Across the bridge, Natasha is on the way hi guys there is a cars Look how cool Wow See dryer And you look like you have at home to wear them need and watch features these are krutyshki too But let’s do it What forms do you know? Natasha collects sorter Such a great toy Cook See A mixer or what This class see who is there Hello what are you doing? wow something delicious? what you cook, Natasha? This yummy I prepare the salad Maybe it’s dinner? No, I cook sweet salad Well Put the gun away Driver Hello Hi

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