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Hey, everyone! I’m Vlad A4, and welcome to the new video. Today will be everything that you so
love. The band— team: Egor and Kobykov. And today with guys we check our luck on this attraction. One of us lies down here. The
unpleasant load will hang over him. Oh, don’t do it! There are roots, there
are roots. Take it away! And here we will tie our
cargo to one of the three hooks. Next, the person who lies
tells a number from one to
three. If he says two, then we
make a blank shot. But if he said number
one, we would cut the rope,
and he would fall on a man. So what, guys? According to our toss, the first
Egor begins. The second is Kobykov. Well, I’m the third. So, lie down. I hate videos where I have to be lucky. So I’m not lucky. Go, go, go. Just go to bed? Yes, look, put your head here. We lay face down because
there is a tree with roots and sand. If it fell down, all face will be in sand. Plus Christmas tree is small. I also want to say that we have
Christmas tree hanging out of season, but it
worthy of applause. Now we’ll tie the rope
because it was at the first
figure. We need to fix it somehow. So what, Egor? Yes, I don’t know what to choose. But, probably, two, two. Two? Yes, two. Two? Ok. Well, I don’t know. So, are you ready? Tell me about the girlfriend. One, two, three. I’m—luck. What do you think about it? Well, it was really dumb. I looked and waited while it
will start to shake from the fact that
you crack-crack. But, no, I was no lucky. This is a simple video, So, Kobykov? I go. The most funny is that it is clearly will fall on someone today. Until it falls, we won’t
remove. I’m ready! We are ready! Egor will hold Cristmas tree so it will fell flat on the face. Also, guys, I want a lot of likes under all our videos. Well, I don’t know how to ask you that’s why, guys, everything is simple. If you like macaroni, put like. Let’s go. So, Vlad, tell the number. I think that they are not just strategists to use the same hook several
times, that’s why I choose number one. One, two… Lucky, lucky! Beautiful! It’s my turn. Let’s go! Yes, Vlad. Let’s do it, Kobykov, get together. There’s so much land on top, and
it is constantly falls a little bit. Guys, I know what Vlad will choose. I know what he will. A distraction for every
member of our team. Ok, Vlad, that’s all, we tied. Let’ choose the number. The second number. Number two, number two. Are you sure? Yes, let’s do it. Let’ s go. One, two, three. You have a mustache. Here, look! It’s the first round. A4 is lying on the ground. Well, what will you say, Vlad? No luck, I can tell you. I thought that exactly on Vlad
this Christmas tree would stop. In general, you what? I say number “two” and everyone… well, I don’t know. I like his mustache.
Yes, beard and mustache. The tree was a tough trick,
very interesting. Well, will plant a Cristmas tree? Well, guys, I’ll wash myself a little. But now we charge our next load and begin. The next lot is a ball of water. Egor has the cap with
such a steeple. And sit still. And so it must fall
on the needle and
spill. So what, Egor? Are you ready? Well, what can I say? Almost. Do you have any logic, tactic? No. No. Just bomb the figure. Three, three. Number three. Yes. Well, then the number three on three. One, two, three. I didn’t think that I’ll be poured. So smoothly. To be honest, I want more to
repeat the round with water. Don’t you think so? It just scattered so spectacularly. They brought the next ball. Generally, Vlad liked this round with ball, that he decided to play him out. It just happened fast. I thought that on the ball with water will be more intrigue. and it immediately
exploded at the first stage. That’s why I suggest repeating
it again – it will be interesting. So what, Kobykov? The rope is tied up. You are so-so strategists and the second got with something unpleasant
to your body. That’s why I choose hook number… three. Oh! What is luck today? The water was cold. Did you put the ice there? Well, and in the next round there will be
the ball with something brown. What? With what, with what? With something brown. You will understand now. In fact we will have the ball with Nutella. We will spread it all over, and
we get a sweet ball. And it will fall on someone’s stomach. Oh Oh Oh. I controlled it. Look, look, generally beautiful. Dripping. Catch, catch Nutella. I catch it. The ball is ready and do you know who lies down? Quicker. In your
hair. Really? On the hair. Not only you touched your
hair, so you hands which are all in Nutella, you smear your hair. Yeah. Ok, let’s go, boys! I really don’t want it to fall on me. Hope I’ll be lucky. I really want it, really. Are you ready? We are ready. And you? Yes. What number, Vlad? I choose number one. Well, if you choose number one, then won’t wait long. And one, two, three. No, no, no, no, it’s not necessary to lift it. That’s all, stop. He fell all
fair. Look, I’m all in
Nutelle. Well, I fooled him. Do you know, what will be next? Stop. Not it’s heavy artillery. We have the table, but in fact it’s heavy. It just looks very spectacular. The first attempt goes to
Egor. Probably lay your head here. Oh, it’s strange from below, of course! I, of course, understand that it’s heavy, but it doesn’t matter. Have you already tied up there? So, are you ready? Well, in fact no. Well, alright, let’s get started. Number two. So it’s number two, yes? Yes. One, three. We thought that you will say exactly it. But Vlad changed my mind. Cool, Vlad, I always believed in you, bro. Kobykov, jump under the table. A4, you cut it. Oh, it’s so strange. Did you groupe well? Choose the number. Well, where have you tied? I don’t know. Did you switch on logic when you tied it? Of course. How it can be without logic? We are the most logical people on Earth. We tied in the first, then
in the second, in the third, then
again in the first, in the second. Then I don’t understand what did we do? Well, Kobykov, we need to say the number. Are you ready? I can read in the eyes. Number one. Number one? Good. One, two. Where it was? I won’t say. In the third, the third, I tell. Yes, in the third. My turn. Now I won’t be lucky again. Well, I feel. In general, it is not rushing. And fir-tree, and the ball with Nutella and now it will be covered with the table. Ok, come on, you didn’t even cover yourself with Nutella ball. It will cover with the table. Minus T-shirt again. Let’s do it. Are you ready? Are you sure? Now, Vlad, take it, we just tie 800 knots. I should be lucky, please. In fact I’m lucky
person. I have to get lucky. It just was some kind of
stupid coincidence that it
fell on me there. Now I should be lucky— look. I hope it will. Please, please, please. Now I will ask from space. Number two. Three! He still shakes his wand,
there, in general, the muscles are clean
hit. Well, why am I not lucky? Well, in fact I was killed with sandwiches. Purely pam! The next thing- tire. The main, look, Egor, to group correctly. You can catch the wheel with press. Strain and fight it back to bounce right to the heaven. Well, I don’t know, it’s wheel from the
motorcycle, that’s why…. Is there such a wheel from a motorcycle? What
is this motorcycle? It’s Harley. It is also an oak one. I thought it’s from some truck. Big one! So, Egor, take it on press, beat off. On press. Oh, I’m tired. So this time
you cut. You cut. I cut? Yes. I cut. So, where would it be this time? Look, on this? Come on this one. We didn’t hang on this one. Egor, did you understand something? Yes. The wheel. It seems to me, Egor is iron, iron. By weight Egor is the fattest, therefore must beat the wheel
easily. Ok, I choose number one. Come on! Cut it! One! Come on. Two. Three. Yes. Like this! I feel it will reach me and fall. Here Kobyakov is a gentle man.
I think if he fails, it will be a big fail. You choose number, drum
fraction. I hope you are not logical people, that’s why number two. O, it gave fine on buttocks. Ok, because my butt is the most hard place, that’s why it’s flew away normally. Mousetraps. And this cake goes to me. They are charged and ready to shoot in any moment. Don’t do it, bro. We will hang them now
upside down and it will fall on someone and will be cleared. It’s a very tense moment. It’s not clear how it will work. This is one of the most nuclear bombs
today. I’ll probably lie down, so it will
fall on the chest. Well, yes. I will do it like this. Hope I’ll be lucky. Oh Oh Oh. What is the situation, guys? What? It’s spinning. Vlad, are you ready? Yes. What number? The first number. Cut it down? No. One, two, three. I’m stunned, how scary is it. Horror. In short, when everything was falling, it was happening
quickly. And this feeling when you
hear the click and understand
that are you lucky. It’s double pleassure, at all. Egor accidentally died. I beg. No. I’m most afraid of these
pegs. Well, I wanted to choose number three. That’s real, I didn’t want the
second. I thought the
first or the third. You are lucky. You almost guessed. How scary it is, guys. Now I’m really afraid. I’m really afraid of silly mousetraps.
I’ve never tried. This video seems to be simple, but
it is so interesting to
participate, you can’t imagine. I hope you feel it through the camera. Is everything ready? So what, Egor? Are you ready? No, no, no. I need to get ready. I’m man, I’m man. Who is man? Number three. Yes. Right? Let’s do it. It’s not fair. Yes, damn. It’s not fair. Did he return? I accidentally because of the reflex. So, watch replay, watch replay. What is it, Egor? I don’t know how it happened. I swear the reflex
just worked. Look, I, of course, was afraid and jerked, but mousetrap hit me in the cubit. Yes, we watched the record. It
flew into the hand, a little here. Yes, I was afraid a little. But, in principle, mousetraps
fell, therefore we need to
apologize to the audience. I apologize to the audience to be so blunted. Excuse me. That’s all, I apology. In short, let’s go further. Now, guys, let’s go, I’ll show you something. Now there is the bucket we will fill with different stuff. Ans the first ingredient- ice. More. Heavy. Damn, I start? Yes, let’s do it. I tried so hard to make more ice there. Did I put more ice on my own? Hook number three. Hook number three, yes? Lucky, lucky, lucky. Let’s not pull the rubber. Go and tie one more time. So what? I said that I’m not afraid of ice, but I recollect that there is a lot of it. Roughly speaking, as if
a bucket of stones will crumble on you. It’s the same. Number? One. Well, Kobykov, don’t panic. In short, he cuts it so that
it becomes scary. I’m a lucky kid today. I’m ready. One. Belissimo. Kobykov! Are you ready? Yes. Number? Number two. Damn. One I choose the first. It’s ok! Oh, it’s good, fresh! I’m shocked! So, one really flew into my forehead. If we have slow motion shooting you will see. It’s also very very cold. Each drop really freezes us. We hace coal. In short, guys
advised me to remove sneakers,
because I won’t wash them. But I listened them. So, Egor, it’s responsible and interesting
moment. Now the one who gets enough coal, will be a real miner. Let’s go. We are ready, Egor. So what? We are ready to start. I want to see how it will look like. But, most likely, I’ll see in the
video when Egor will be all
the black. So I will go behind the screen and
will cut it. Ok, I choose number two. A, that’s all? So, again. Two. I got away with it. Damn, I believed that it won’t reach me. I know what A4 will have, don’t worry. So how is it? Take off your gucci slippers. Look, come on. I’m ready. Come on. So you are sure for 100% that you are lucky. Yes. Will do like this. Well, I should be lucky, otherwise it’s not fair. It is unfair to constantly be
dirty. So, are you ready? Yes. You are ready. The first. There were a lot of dust – I wanted to breeze. Are you really outweighed on the first? Yes, I outweighed on the first. Good job. He left after 11 grade and immediately
got into the mine. Good salary. The most popular mine in our country. Well, it’s is condensed milk. Sticky bullshit that will be
difficult to wash off. This is immediately minus
cloth. Right go to the shower,
get home. So… But do you know what makes me happy? What’s in front of you guys, and I
just shot back. It will be funny if in the end you’ll be all in it. It seems to me, it will be like this. Condensed milk with coal. Condensed milk with coal – normal topic. The next is Egor. I really want. Here I want to cut the rope and run up to see how slowly it will drip. So, seat down. I want to douse the face, but it will douse Vlad Kobykov, it seems to me. Look into my eyes. Which number? It’s alright. Right in the face. I, if anything, will try to open my mouth
to catch it all. If I can drink it all, it will be the best. We are ready. Ok, tell me the number. Look, how many coal in the hair. Black dandruff. Black dandruff. Black star dandruff. So, I’m ready. The first, the first. Great! You took it as a chief… How am I out of luck? I don’t know how can you wipe yourself off. Fuh, she stinks with milk. It’ll get in your eye now.
Caution! Caution! Oh. So, guys, I don’t know what to do. He, of course, can’t
go out on the lawn and, in general,
go here. Let us say goodbye. Hope you liked this video. Put like. We
tried hard.

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